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how to make everyone love you

today is my birthday!

May 8th 2005 4:13 pm
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today I turned 7 and I am just thrilled about it. I got extra attention, extra treats, extra cuddling, and an extra walk to the park. If you see me on my birthday and you do not give me a lot of attention and treats, well, you may feel my wrath!
Actaully, I am nothing to fear really in the wrath department. I may just go and sulk if you choose to ignore me and that is about it. So much for my wrath.
Happy Birthday to me!
Hey, who do you have to sniff to get picked dog of the day or week around here?


Check me out--I am in a new book!!!

January 12th 2005 2:47 pm
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Yes, that is right. I am featured in FIVE photographs in this new book entitled, Frenchie Kisses that is out now. I am in two photos all by myself. Two are with my Uncle Charlie. And one is with the rest of the NYC dog pack.


I am what I am

December 30th 2004 1:51 pm
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So my tongue sticks out? I am just made that way. I can't help it. Does everyone have to bring it up all of the time? Sure, many folks think it's cute and that's fine. Cute comments I can live with. But, I do notice some pointing and laughing and that...well, that hurts. i am sensitive. Please keep this in mind.
oh yeah, happy new year and peace on earth and all of that jazz.


Yes, I make some weird sounds, but give me a break!

December 4th 2004 11:01 am
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Why do some dogs (and people) think I am growling or acting mean when I am not? Okay so I ahve a pushed in noise and I make some odd sounds...that is jsut the way I am made. I mean no harm to anyone! Every now and then, some strange dog gives me a nip because they are threatned by my snarflings. And some people say, "Hey! Is that dog growling at me??" What? Are you quite mad? I live to be petted and adored by all. I love to play with most dogs.
So, judge me not by my unusual sounds, but by the kindness of my heart. I am a nice guy, for heaven's sakes.


how to make everyone love you

September 27th 2004 10:35 am
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I have a cute, but mournful expression and people are always trying to cheer me up. In the winter, if I look cold, women will pick me up and cuddle me and even tuck me inside of their coats. In the summer, if I look hot, people offer me water, treats, and ice. All I have to do is give 'em the soulful look with the big brown eyes and even the toughest New Yorker melts like buttah!
Great racket, huh?

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