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Today I am Two

September 2nd 2007 12:19 pm
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Well time sure does fly, it seem just the other day I was a wee pup going wee everywhere. Now I am a big boy at 2 years old. Its tough to believe.

Today for my Birthday Mom let me do something I never ever get to do, I got to sleep in! She didn't get me up until 10am!!! It was the bestest birthday gift a mom could give to me, as I am NOT a morning-dog and hate getting up early.

Woofs then she gave me some egg for breakfast, YUM! and when she made her salad for work, I got some tomatoes, cucumbers and cheese!! Triple YUM!

Now I get to be spoiled by daddy all night while Mom is at work... Wonder what naughty stuff I can do while she is gone???


Surgery on 5/14/07

May 13th 2007 7:05 am
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I am going to the vet tomorrow, having my anal glands removed. Mommy and the Vet talked about it a lot, and I am having to go weekly to the vet to get them expressed (they are tricky ones). This is uncomfortable for me, and in the long run very costly for my family, so the best option for me is to have them removed. Wish me luck and pray that I am home soon on Tuesday!! (The Vet says I HAVE to stay overnight)


Jingle Balls, A Howliday song by me, Mommy and Daddy

December 8th 2006 5:14 pm
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Dashing through the snow
With one leash tangled up,
Over the fields we go,
Knees cracking all the way;
Tags on collars ring,
making squirts left and right,
What fun it is to reach and scoop
A squishy poop tonight
Jingle balls, jingle balls,
jingle all the way!
O what fun it is to run
with one-leash tangled up

A day or two ago,
I thought I'd take a walk,
And soon Miss Texas Belle
Was trotting by my side;
The hound was lean and lank;
Misfortune seemed our lot;
We got into a drated mess,
And we, we got Dog-caught.
Jingle Balls, Jingle Balls,
Jingle all the way!
What fun it is to run
with one-leash tangled up.

A day or two ago,
the story I must tell
I went out on the snow
And on my back I fell;
A dog was running by
with one-leash tangled up,
He licked me as there
I sprawling lie,
But quickly ran away.
Jingle Balls, Jingle Balls,
Jingle all the way!
What fun it is to run
with one-leash tangled up.

Now the ground is white
Go it while you're young,
Take the dogs tonight
And sing this leashing song;
Just get a dog-who is a stray
two-forty as his speed
Hitch him to an leash
And crack! you'll take the lead.
Jingle Balls, Jingle Balls,
Jingle all the way!
What fun it is to run
with one-leash tangled up.


Oh My DOG! Daddy turned into a SQUEAKY TOY!

November 19th 2006 7:33 am
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So last night we were all hanging out while Mommy and Daddy were watching TV. I was tearing away at a Squeaky Snake when Mommy asked Daddy to check it, to make sure I wasn't eating parts. Daddy took it from me to my dismay. He checked it and showed Mommy where a part was almost chewed off. Alas, the snake toy is no more. But after Daddy put it in a safe place where we could not get it, something AMAZING happened. He turned into a Squeaky Daddy! It was shocking at first, to hear such squeaks coming out of our Daddy. Then I thought to myself, hold on Jelly Bean, you just got handed the BIGGEST SQUEAKY TOY in the WORLD! I chased him, jumping on his legs and he squeaked! It was so totally pawsome! Penny and Newtie joined in the fun too! Rilie looked on baffled from Mommy's lap in the recliner chair... Then, as suddenly as it had started, it stopped! WHAT, WHERE! Who TOOK MY SQUEAKY!!!!!!!!! Reward offered: my KONG and Galileo bone to the pup who ensures the safe return of the gigantic squeak toy I had....

*Note from Mommy*
Daddy found the little part of the squeaker in the snake, it had dislogged from the bulb. He put it in his teeth and made the weenies day! Readers use caution, very small part is a choking hazard!! DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!
Only one squeak toy was killed in the making of this story


Rare Parrot-Dog takes First Prize

October 28th 2006 7:13 pm
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Tonight I went to Petco, in Leominster Ma. Mommy had spent half the night last night sewing and gluing a totally pawsome parrot costume for me! I have to say, it was worth struggling it on and off 15 times to get it just right. Because I won first place! It was not as cool as Newties win, because the prize was a ribbon and a frisbe, I am a dachshund for dogs sake! The frisbe is almost as big as I am! Oh well, at least we got to hang with Beau and Diesel and their families! They all came over for pizza after.


The NPC September Barney Award!

October 2nd 2006 6:01 pm
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OMD! I won the NPC September Barney Award!

This was my winning naughty entry!

"Well, its been a while since my last naughty, and I thought it was time to come up with one. I have been so good since we moved to our new house. Anyhowl, I jumped up on the new king size bed with my black sticky kong, and settled in for a chew..Mommy and Daddy said NO WAY, and they took the kong away, along with picking up all the toys in the room, so I could not fetch something else to chew in the bed...BIG MISTAKE! At 5:30am this morning, Mommy woke to the alarm clock, and snuggled with Penny to enjoy the snooze button, then she heard it...the sick "snick-snick-snick" of the bedsheet being chewed! JELLY! She yelled, waking Daddy (who usually doesn't get up until 6), as she reached under the comforter to search for me. She found me at about her ankles, and about a weeiner dog leangth away. She grabbed my muzzle to stop the chewing...then told Daddy to turn on the light. As he did she flipped the comforter back, (sighing in relief that it was not the comforter I was chewing) and found me, or at least the top half of me, sticking out of the weeiner dog sized hole I had chewed in the top sheet, I was stuck at my chest! She was soo mad that I had completely ruined the sheet (they are not cheap you know!) but also found humor that I had gotten stuck, so she sent Daddy for the camera! (Pictures to be posted late this evening) When she finally released me, I bolted to the dog room for the piddle pads, I had to GO! So in conclusion, I showed Mommy that sometimes, I just gotta chew! (So leave me some toys woman!) "

Here is the link for the history of the Barney Award


I went to the vet today...

September 21st 2006 6:13 pm
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I went to the vet today, got poked and prodded, my rabies shot, weighed, can you believe, 10.1 lbs! I lost a whole tenth of a pound somewhere! DOG! We also talked about my late night sheet-snacking. The vet said a small amount of Tums (1/4 tablet) would be OK, if it truly prevents me from snacking on the bedsheets. She said to try for a week to see if I stop chewing. I hope I do because I hate seeing mommy mad at me!
She says those sheets are expensive!


Tommorow is my Woof-Day!

September 1st 2006 6:09 am
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Hey pups, tommorow is my Woof-Day! I turn 1 year old!! I saw all the pawsome things Rilie got on her Woof-Day, I wonder what I am going to get!! Mommy says we are going to a cookout at my grampies house after she gets out of work tommorow!! I hope I get some yummy treats! Maybe we can also have a pawrty at the Moosehead later, I would love to share some cake and a dogaritia with Minnie!


Obedience training complete!

August 23rd 2006 6:14 am
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Me and my furless sister graduate Level 2 obedience tonight, we got to learn a lot of things but we are both glad its over. (Penny and Mommy are graduating too).

We got each pup in the class a little stuffed squeeky lamb, I hope they like them! Daddy and furless brother are coming, along with Newt, to watcha nd take photos! I will post some if they come out good.


Today is human sister's birthday!

June 9th 2006 9:43 am
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Today is my human sister's birthday, mommy said lots of kids are coming over later for a pawrty! A Pizza Pawrty!! Can you say PIZZA BONES!!!!!! And CAKE!!!!! nevermind all the kisses from all the kids!! I will be in heaven!!

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