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The spoiled life of Skyanne Paige

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Rainbow bridge

May 5th 2015 5:13 pm
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Today i helped my sweet baby girl make her journey to the rainbow bridge..Miss her sooo much..I miss the things that used to annoy me like her barking every time someone came home..oh how i wish to hear her bark again..I miss her following me every where i i look behind me and she is not there..I see her empty bed where she used to lay,next to me and i lay down and she lick every inch of my arm till it was soaked in her slobber.I will never forget all the memorys we share..i still laugh about her eating the apple pies that was for easter..skyanne has done alot of naughty things in her 13 years..that what made her so special to me..she was soo silly and so hyper..she made me laugh daily at everything she would do..RIP sweetie..I love you more then you will ever no..and you be a good girl and one day we will be reunited and have our cuddles again..LOVE YOU!



My Birthday

March 31st 2015 11:05 am
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I want to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday..I am the big 13 now..I don't walk around as good as I used to anymore..My poor old legs are just wearing out and I fall a lot,mommy been helping me get back up when I have trouble and helping me up the stairs if I need help..I just got on pain pills so that is helping some..Plus I have cushings disease and congestive heart failure..I don't no bout this getting old stuff..I not so sure I like it very much..I just wanna be able to run and swim again and play..I gotta go now.. I need to rest my tired old legs..



my bithday!

March 28th 2014 11:36 am
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Oh my goodness its my birthday and ill bark if I want too000 bark if I want tooo..ohhh yayyyyy!!!!..and plus no one can yell at me for barking a lot cause im allowed to on my birthday! so I thought id give it it try..BOL..but mommy said SKYANNE! shhhhhhhh..BOL!...Anyways! I havig lot of fun today..I gots to go to the doggie store and pick out a new toy and guess what else!! I got 2 birthday cooikies!!! boy was it yummy! my sisters tinker and izzy was trying to get them..i said NOOO them are mine im not sharing my cookies!I will talk to you all later! I gotta go see what else I can get into since it my birthday and I can do what I want! Right? plus im 12 and elderly..who would yell at an elderly lady!...BOL..



Surgery and a hurted knee

January 23rd 2014 2:14 am
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So I am getting real scared cause I have to have surgery on Monday to remove my cyst on my back.I don't like going to that vet lady,,she calls me killer..BOL..I mean geesh you almost try to bite her 1 time and she never forgets it..BOL..
Last week I went to the vet lady cause I was limping on my leg for 2 days.So the vet lady says I injured my knee..I tore the legiments in my knee.The surgery for that is real expensive and the vet said with my age she would just recommend not having the surgery and just taking pills that will help just ease the pain since im only limping my knee moves side to side,im not whinning in pain or anything and I get around just fine..It kinda sad but the vet said that a lot of money to spend when I probally will only live about a year with my age and having cushings disease,and im doing just fine anyways with the knee it don't hurt real bad..mommy thinks if it hurt to bad id be whining and not walking on it,but I still love to run and play in the snow..Mommy noticed I been slowing down a lot in the past month though,i was always a hyper girl,well not so much anymore,I just like to lay down and chew on my bone next to my mom and dad..Well I better get going and get that bone before my sister finds where I hid it..see ya !



The dogter visit

January 7th 2014 12:05 pm
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So yesterday I went to the dogter to have my big bump looked at..The dogter lady gave mommy 2 kinds of pills I havte to take..I love taking my pils cause I get them wrapped in cheese and it soo yummy!The dogter said after my pills are gone mom and dad gotta schedule a date to have surgery! I haveta have the big bump removed cause it keeps growing and getting really big ..The dogter said I should be ok cause I wont have to be under to long..cause of my age and having cushings she don't want me under very getting really tired these day I better get getting really sleepy..time for a nappy poo..



my big bump

January 5th 2014 3:26 pm
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So mommy was outside and was petting me while I was trying to go bye bye with mommy..Mommy told me I have to go back inside I can't go cause this place they going to don't allow dog to come inside..I think that's so rude too! I should be able to go into anyplace! well ok im getting off on a tangent here..but anyways when mommy petted and and noticed blood all over by my big bump..My bump had mom gave me a bath and was able to see the ouchie place a lil better..its all red and there still a bump there but not real big like it was before it popped..any ways mommy said I havta go to the dogter tomorrow..I don't like it there..that dogter makes me wear a muzzle..I mean geesh you try to bite the dogter 1 time and she never forgets it..BOL well I better get getting real tired these no fun getting old



My big Bump

December 31st 2013 11:37 am
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Hi pals,I hope everyone had a nice Christmas,I gots a new big bone and a smaller bone and a new sweater! Hope everyone has a Very Happy New Year too!..

Well last week I went to the vet and she looked at my big bump.She said it was a cyst and it was full of fluid.The vet stuck a needle into it and drained it.She said it probally come back and it did..It not as big and it was yet..The vet also told my mom and dad bad news..With my age and my cushings I might not make it another year..:(
I am doing fine for now,I am gonna show her that she is WRONG! but anyways so im gonna make this the best year ever!

Well I better go..I ned to go play with my bone




September 18th 2013 11:53 am
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Hi pals,I no I havnt wrote here for awhile.I have been really busy.Back in may of 2013 I was diagnosed with Cushings diasease.Mom and dad was concerned about my heavly breathing and drinking extra lot of water...So far I am doing really well considering my age and the disease.i had lottsa fun this summer going camping and got to do lots of swimming,I doi get tired out a lot faster since as mom calls me elderly puppy..BOL..So mom just lets me jump in the lake to fetch my ball about 5-7 times then im to tired to do it again so I havta go rest for awhile.Well I better go and get that rest for maybe mom will see I have enough energy to play ball later..


my ouchie

March 24th 2009 12:32 pm
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Hi,I havn't wrote in here for awhile..I been really that mom not working for now i have more time for my mom to help me..

I tell you i had a rough life this past few weeks..first of all my skin sister was mad and picked up a chair and threw it and it landed on my head..Then I had a seizure and been getting sick and vommiting..Mom and dad took me to that place i don't like called the VET..They looked me all over and told mom i need to have testing done but it gonna be lots of money..I told mommy thats ok i dont want it done anyways..Since mom got laid off from her job now and dad too they told me we can't do the testing right now..I thought whew that was a close one..I not like that vet lady..

On the brighter side,my woofday is saturday! WOOHOO i love being a birthday girl!!! I am gonna be 7 years old..Mommy asked me where all the years went she remembers when i was just a little pup you could just hold in your hand..Now i am a big girl 86 pounds heeheehee.. Well i better go and write mom a list of all the new toys and treats i want for my birthday..I hope i can find a big piece of paper BOL...Talk to you all later...
oh P.S Please say a prayer in honor of my friend duncan's family.Duncan will be sadly missed..We love you duncan!! My brother scruffy will show you around!!....



hi pals..I got a secret for something yummy!

December 23rd 2008 9:15 am
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hi all and Merry Christmas! I gotta tell all you pups something i tried thats yummy,but dont tell your mommy and daddy cause it might get you in trouble.BOL.....Well last week daddy and non fured sister made a ginger bread house and left it on the dresser in mom and dads room to dry.Well i saw the chance to knock it off when no one was in there and watching me...So i knocked it off the dresser and me and my sister tinker ate it all gone..boy was it good too!!! Then yesterday no one was in the kitchen so i smelled something good so i knocked it off the counter and ate it..I dont no what it was but it sure tasted yummy... after i ate it mommy said..Did you eat this greese that was in this dish? So i guess it was hamburger greese!Geesh i cleaned up the mess.I mopped the floor all up and i licked it all clean too..and i even washed the dish for mommy..So whats the problem!Mommy said that hamburger greese was very bad for me...But i couldn't help it it was sooo yummy!! you doggies outta try it sometime but dont blame me when you get in trouble i dont wanna be in more trouble..I gotta be good today cause santa paws coming tommorow night!!

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