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Dakota Linus

Three Toes Old .... Three Toes Old

February 22nd 2007 5:16 am
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Today I be three toes old.

Needless to say I will be adding lots to this entry throughout the day and week.

First I want to give a big Waggin' Tail to NeferKitty. She helped me get my balloon bubbles cursor to work right. Waggin' and Waggin' and Waggin'...

And for a big woppin' Woo Hoo - Daddy, Cesar Millan 's right hand dog, came to my pawty and even signed my guestbook. Oooo ... if I was a girl I would faint BOL!


Oh My Woofness ..!

September 3rd 2006 12:00 pm
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... Oh My Woofness ... Oh My Woofness ..!

Jumpin' Tail Wagin'!

I am Dogster Of The Day!

Needless to say, this week will be a busy one. I will certainly get to all of your pawmails, rosettes, and friend requests.

I have cheesecake for all. I Love cheese. There is plenty to go around for all. Come on in and bring all the family - dogs and cats alike. Welcome to you all.

We also have Ice Cream. Complements of Diggy , Simba, Meiko and Baby. Thank you to four of my new Dogster furiends. Ice cream for all.

Other new furiends I have made on this special day are. Honey, Koko, Toffee, Dallas & Sassy Girl, Ralph & Queen Kiara & Cyrus the Great, Barkley & Beanie, Petunia Grace, Master Reichen, Tessa & Honey & Regis, Tinker Belle & Paisley Paws & Roxxie Foxx, Pierre & Roxy & Figgy, Daisy & Ruby & Pal, Chloe, Chance & Declan MacKenzie, Tuxedo & Jake, Ambey & Lilly, A Dora Belle & Li Fu, Jackson & Fannie & Bennie, Caffrey, Lucky & Butch, Dexter, Hendrix, and Flashy.

Special Pmail:
I recieved special pmails from my BestDog Quincy, Laughlin , Willie, Toby , Maggie May, Annie , Bella, Gabby "Daisy" Cederholm, Lily, Rio Catalina & Blossom, Balder Amicus, and Dooly - - - and my special catster furiends Meekah, and Princess Pooter.

Special Rosettes:
Due to the unexpected shocking death of our cat sister Echo, finishing this this part of this diary entry has taken a back seat. Please be patient and do come back later to visit.

I Love You All
12:00 noon est


Dakota Two Toes!

February 22nd 2006 11:45 pm
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I am two toes today. Happy Birthday To Me.

I chase cats, bark at school bus, squeek my onion, nip on my frisbee, chew my dead cow (big giant bone I got from Santa Paws), bite cat head, and suck on my blankey until I go to nap.

Mom baked spice pupcakes and whipped up buttercream frosting, put a candle on two of them and sang Happy Birthday Dakota. Then mom take pictures of me. I so happy. I got moist kibble for gift, and earlier mom got me dogster plus. I then ate my lamb & rice Alpo prime cuts, and mom helped me eat my pupcakes so I not be a sick doggie.

I am very thankful for my Pup Pals. Cookie Bear, my Girl Dog. Quincy, my Best Dog. And two real good pals, Cosmo and Raynie.

Quincy write and sing me birthday poem....
Happy Two Toes to You,
Happy Two Toes to You,
Happy Two Toes Dear Dakota,
Happy Two Toes to You!!!

....thank you muchly, Quincy.

It is sad to end the perfect day, but alas midnight EST is coming. To close this perfect day I get a very special gift from my cat sister, Echo. A birthday hug. Aww, I get wet in my eyes. As mom and I are tired and ready for bed now, we will post this heartwarming photo on my page tomorrow.

Good night to all.

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