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Jesse's Journal:

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In Memory of Jesse:

February 17th 2009 7:41 am
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I thought this tough guy would live forever. Sadly, with the help of Dr, Kraus and me at his side, Jesse passed peacefully this morning. I'm really going to miss this stinky, mean, weird, little, old man. He was the strangest, saddest, funniest dog I've ever met -- and I was lucky to get to spend the last five years with him.


Pet Overpopulation: It's All About the Math

June 24th 2006 5:26 pm
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Are you part of the solution or adding to the problem?

Last year, 2.7 million dogs were eauthanized because there are more dogs in the world than there are people to give them homes. This figure should not be acceptable to any member of the human race. Please make sure that your actions are not inadvertently adding to the number of homeless pets. These animals are destined to be killed simply because there is no where for them to go. Act responsibly.

Understand that any offspring from your dog will fall into one of two catagories; 1.) They, themselves, will eventually be euthanized or 2.) They will be taking a home away from another dog who will be killed due to the pre-existing (and growing) number of homeless pets. It’s all about the math -- and last year alone, that total added up to 2.7 million unfortunate dogs being euthanized.

Every dog that is adopted opens a vacancy in a shelter or rescue group for another animal to come in and be saved. The adoption of one dog actually helps to save two lives. Dogs wind up homeless through no fault of their own. Somewhere along the way, it was a human who let them down. Will you be the human to step in, save them and let them know they count? Can you keep them temporarily or financially support them until they find their forever home?

Buying a dog from a pet store encourages the breeding of more puppies coming into a world already overcrowded with homeless pets. Very likely, your dollars are going to financially support the continued abuse and neglect of the dogs used as breeding stock. These breeder dogs are sentenced to a miserable exsistance (churning out countless liters of pups for human profit) in one of the many deplorable puppy mills scattered across this nation. Do you really want your hard earned dollars lining the pockets of people who make their living by breeding future unwanted pets? Are you willing to be the financial backer for the ongoing neglect and abuse of these breeder dogs terminally stuck in puppy mill hell? Do not buy dogs from pet stores. Period.

The same is true of family breeders. While the conditions of a home environment are plush compared to that of a puppy mill -- family, home or back yard breeders are also contributing to the pet overpopulation problem in a similar way. Again, just based on math alone, these pups will fall into one of the two categories listed above. Why? Because there are more dogs than there are people to give them homes.

Do not support businesses who profit from the sale of puppies and kittens. Most of the major pet store chains no longer sell dogs and cats. Instead, they invite rescue groups into their stores to assist the plight of homeless pets. This type of responsible action deserves to be rewarded and these are the businessses that deserve our financial support. Any money spent with a business who chooses to sell puppies and kittens is money going to help perpetuate the existence of puppy mills and backyard breeders -- and consequently, the inevitable euthanization of future pets.

Understand that getting a pet is a lifelong commitment and it is your resposibility to provide them with humane care for their ENTIRE life. Not just as long as they amuse you or your circumstances allow it. Not just as long as they are well-behaved or their health is good and vet costs low. Every dog that is euthanized or lands in a shelter is there because some human didn’t act responsibly. They didn't make a lifelong commitment to their pet. Any dog you put back into the system is taking a home away from another animal.

These groups are usually not-for-profit, volunteer-run, organizations and they are overwhelmed by the sheer number of pets in need of help. Their resources are limited. Please help them help these dogs who have fallen on hard times at the hand of man. You can foster a dog in your home until they are able to be adopted. You can donate your time, talents or services to the cause. You can help defray operational costs by donating money, pet supplies, cleaning supplies or office supplies. Call a group in your area and ask them for a copy of their wish list. They can provide you a list of the things they need and let you know how you can be of greatest assistance. Please, please do something.

Share your thoughts on breeding facilities, animal neglect and abuse and the insufficient penalties for offenders with your elected public officials. After all, they work for you. And be vocal with your family, coworkers and friends about the items mentioned above. Often times, people are not acting out of cruelty, rather ignorance. Plant a seed and change the way the people in your life view pets and pet ownership. It's all about the math. Be a part of the solution.

Little Jesse -- The Land of the Misfit Dogs


Dog Rescue Picnic:

June 11th 2006 4:05 pm
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Yesterday I attended the alumni picnic for my rescue group. There were sure a lot of dogs there and boy was it ever hot out! I got to see quite a few of my old foster siblings and they are all doing great. DJ, Buster Brown, Daddy Patch, Harley, Madie, Charlie and Frankie were all there.

Dad got bit several times by a little dog named Curious George. He's a 4 lb. Chihuahua with only one eye and a cranky disposition -- cute little guy. Dad loves us cranky dogs and he really wanted to hold him -- so it was his own dang fault he got bit. He said it didn't hurt that bad -- but then he's use to me and Otto. He knows George was just scared. We liked George a lot.

I got to hang out with a cute little ex-puppy mill momma that was just my size and coloring only she is a long hair Chi. Her name is Greta -- after Greta Garbo. She is a looker and very nice. (She is up for adoption.) I also got to see my sister Snappy's little girl, Tinkerbell. She looks so much like her momma. (We all really miss Snappy.)

I was a pretty good boy and had a lot of fun hanging out with the old gang and making new friends -- but I was really glad to get home and nap on my pillow in the air conditioning. Being that nice takes a lot out of me.

-- Little Jesse


For Dad With Love:

May 25th 2006 4:16 pm
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I surprised Dad this morning by greeting him at the backdoor with a baby bird in my mouth. Dad asked me to "drop it" and I did just as I was told. Then I puffed my chest out and pranced inside feeling like I was the king of the world. I hope Dad liked his gift -- it came from the heart.

-- Little Jesse


French Tips Please:

May 22nd 2006 4:50 pm
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On Saturday, I tagged along with Ticker and Otto for their vet appointment to get my nails trimmed. I was good. No fuss, no muss, no drama. No snapping, snarling, squirmming or squeeling. I just casually got my nails trimmed, said "thank you very much," and I was done and ready to go home. How calm, cool and collected am I?

Thank you, Dr. Kraus. I will be looking forward to seeing you for my next appointment.

– Little Jesse


Still Making Progress:

May 13th 2006 9:00 pm
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I still bite Dad every night before bed. And I bite him when he tries to clean my feet or eyes with paper towels. (For some reason, I hate paper towels touching me.) But, I am also continuing to make very good progress. Very good. Just recently I decided that I trust Dad enough that I will belly-up for him and let him rub my tummy and massage my head. He cradles me in his arms on my back and I stare into his eyes and give him kisses while he gives me attention. This is a really big deal for this little dog who they use to call "Hand Shark." I've come a long way, baby.

I am also better with other people. Still not great, (I may bite) but I'm much more trusting and getting better. I am so proud of myself I can hardly stand it.

– Little Jesse


My Trip to Grandma's: Good, Good and Good

May 6th 2006 11:29 am
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I was so good at Grandma's. You would all be proud of just how good I was. There were a lot of dogs there and a lot of people, so I tried to stay out of the way and just be good. And I did a good job of that. The only time I acted up was when I had to get my feet wiped coming in from outside. It rained the first couple days of our trip and we didn't want to muddy up Grandma's new carpet. But as we found out, I don't like getting my feet wiped. Actually, what I really don't like is paper towels. So every time we would come in from outside, Dad would clean my feet with paper towels and I would try to bite him. I even succeeded a couple of times. But he cleaned my feet anyways. That Dad -- he is even more stubborn than I am.

I got to go with Dad, Grandma, my aunt and cousin Hugo to visit the cemeteries. They are like big parks with lots of grass and rocks and plants. That was fun – especially since all the other dogs had to stay home. I like it when I get singled out to do fun things. Dad says it is because I am his good boy. I never thought anyone would refer to me as being good. I truly have come a long, long way. Good for me. I'm proud of my little self and the progress I've made.

– Little Jesse

PS: We're back home now and last night, I got to go with Dad and my friend Jim to an art opening. How uptown and fancy is that? Imagine that. Me, Little Jesse, at an art opening. Good thing I had just had my bath so I smelled all proper and stuff. It was good and I was good: good, good and good!


My Sister Snappy: Dearly Loved – Deeply Missed

January 5th 2006 7:05 pm
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I lost my sister Snappy to cancer on January 3, 2006. We go back a long way and were very close. She was a spunky girl and I'm very sad miss her very much. A memorial fund has been established in her honor through the rescue group that saved her – with the proceeds going to help other dogs, like Snappy, find health and happiness. If you would like to help save another little soul, like my sister, get the help they so richly deserve – please send a small donation to:

LL Dog Rescue | The Snappy Memorial Fund | PO Box 8545 | Shawnee Mission, KS | 66208

LLDR is a 501 (c)(3), non-profit, volunteer, dog rescue organization licensed in the states of Kansas and Missouri. Your donation is tax-deductible and would be greatly appreciated. Your contribution would mean a lot to me and my family and it is for the best cause... helping out dogs in need.

– Little Jesse, formerly known as "hand shark"
"CURRENT Dogster dogs helping out FUTURE Dogster dogs"

PS: To leave a message for us or for more information, visit Snappy and Ojo's Dogster forum page.


A New Year's Resolution: SUPPORT RESCUE

January 1st 2006 12:52 am
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This is the time of year that people make their new year's resolutions. I have one I would like you to please consider. Why not make supporting a rescue group or shelter in your area something YOU resolve to do in 2006. I'm telling you – they need your help, it is a great cause and they would be so appreciative.

You don't have to break the bank, just send in $5.00. As of this moment, if everyone on Dogster would donate $5.00 to help homeless dogs, that would be over $640,000 going to help the cause.

Or they always need pet supplies, things you may already have around the house and aren't using. Do you have old dog collars, leashes, bowels, bedding, blankets or towels? Those would be great things to donate.

You could also donate office supplies. Things like copy paper, file folders or postage stamps.

This is a great thing to donate. The next time you go to a Costco or Sam's Club, why not pick up an extra case of paper towels to donate. They need things like bleach, clean wipes, carpet cleaner and trash bags.

Man power is always needed and always appreciated. Make a phone call and find out what you can do to help a group in your area.

There are lots of organizations out there and lots of ways to help. Just please consider doing something, somewhere for someone. (Please.) And if you want to contribute and don't know who to give to, here's the address of the rescue group who helped save my life. You can tell them Jesse sent you.

LL Dog Rescue, PO Box 8545, Shawnee Mission, KS 66208.

They are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization licensed in Kansas and Missouri and your donation is tax-deductible.

Thank you and bless you and have a great year. – Little Jesse and company


My Happy Holiday: By Little Jesse

December 26th 2005 12:59 pm
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My Christmas was just dandy. If you want a play by play of what "really" went on, read Ticker's journal entry. But, for the record, I just want to point out that I stayed out of things. You will note that I did NOT bite anyone. I did NOT fight with anyone. And as far as anyone knows, I did NOT go to the bathroom on the floor. (Ticker can exercise his 5th amendment rights all he wants to, but I was an eye witness and I know what really happened.)

Hope you had a Merry Christmas as well. GO, SNAPPY, GO!

– Little Jesse

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