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A beautiful story written by my friend, Simon

October 28th 2008 6:36 am
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My dear orange friend, Simon, wrote this beautiful and inspirational story, he has captured the meaning of life and love so well ... he has expressed deep truths that we all need to keep in mind so that we may enjoy the gift of every day ... and never miss an opportunity to love and receive love.

Thank you, Simon, I love you and watch over you always and forever.

Simon is sitting in a quiet spot by the lake. His angel friend Ralphie sits by him and they quietly watch the ripples glide across the water.

"You know how you always say Life is a Gift, Ralphie, well it really is, isn't it, and we should treasure every second of it." "Yes, " answers Ralphie " the gift of life is not a defined space or size..we never know when we are given it how large it is, how long it will last. But, you know, that doesn't even matter...for we can fill a very small space with all the love and life in the universe or, conversely, we can have a very empty hollow huge space that is worth nothing at all. " "ahhh...and then there is the ribbon around the gift" muses Simon 'that is sort of like the Rainbow Bridge, isn't it ... the link to the other side, the ribbon contains the gift of life..the two go together...they are part of each other. the ribbon contains all the
memories and the joys and sadness of the life". 'Right "says Ralphie "and when you leave the container of life behind you cross over that ribbon bridge of memories and into the everlasting freedom of heaven, the Rainbow Bridge, where the pain and the suffering and the mistakes made in life are gone and you can only remember the joy you knew in life ..the love.. the happiness. And for those sweet souls who knew no joy in life there will be joy across the bridge. "

They sit there silently. Simon sighs, " Several of my and Marybeth's dearest friends crossed the bridge this week, it has been a week of loss. " "No Simon, you are not quite getting it", says Ralphie, "They are not lost, they have just completed their circle of life, their gift is complete. and now their angel selves can share that gift by spreading love. You feel love in so many ways...we always think love should just be fun and jolly but love is true feeling and can be pain and loss and sadness because those feelings make the feelings of joy and gladness that much sweeter and stronger. Love is not easy, Simon, but it is not hard either...Love just is...all is what we is life and love is beyond life, too. So fill our "gift" to full capacity and wrap it in a ribbon with all the colors of the rainbow".

The swans glide by , slowly and there is a ripple wake behind them. Slowly it makes its way to the shore and laps ever so slightly at the feet of Simon and Ralphie. They turn and smile at each other.


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