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Saying many prayers for our friends.

July 21st 2009 2:55 am
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Oh Dogster, we are writing to say that our hearts are filled with hope and love for our friends. Our little friend, Scooter, will be having testing done today by wonderful and kind doctors. Our prayers are with her, and her family. Many blessings are coming to them from so many dear friends.

Rocky and Sarge


Happy July 4th and Happy Canada Day!

June 29th 2009 3:12 am
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Oh, what beautiful fireworks on our pages today - so pretty ! Can we believe it will be July 4th already and also Wednesday, we wish our Canadian friends a safe and happy Canada Day. Don't stay outdoors alone - even in a fenced yard - please be safe.


For Mamie, a tribute from Willie, to a dear sweet- friend

June 26th 2009 6:19 am
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My beloved southern belle pal, Mamie, 15, will be making the journey to join her brother Benny who died in the same house fire Mamie survived on Friday at 5 PM.

Her mom, Denise, will give her several days of royal treatment before having someone come to her home to assist Mamie on her final journey.

Mamie was a Christmas present arriving with a bow around her neck at 1.6 lbs. and was immediately loved by all.

She has two sisters, Gwen and Violet who love her and assist her as she is blind and deaf.

Mamie was the pup who started the POTP in 2004/2005 in a group we were both in called 10 years or older. As you all know, it has since become a loving symbol to each of us and even Dogster has made rosettes and zealies showing the POTP.

Mamie led the Electric Slide dance at my wedding feeling the vibrations of the music on her paws.

Mamie recently joined many of us in Squeaky and Fuzzy on a quest to rid the world of demon squirrels terriorizing many states. Although blind, she used Loki's famous nut-thrower with precision forcing the devils back into the deep woods saving many lives from peril.

Mamie has always been known for her beautiful smile, huge heart, compassion and joy of life.

As Mamie grew older, she began wearing and making tinkle trousers a fashion statement and was seen strutting the streets of Georgia looking quite fine. Many fashion houses wanted to hire Mamie as their model for them but she wished to remain at home with her family.

Benny will be waiting to greet Mamie on Saturday as she struts to the Bridge wearing her famous tinkle trousers and smiling widely.

Please give our beloved Mamie, the POTP which meant so much to her and has helped so many thru the years. She is leaving us all a wonderful legacy to pass along.

You have been a wonderful pal Mamie and I will miss you always but you will furever remain in my heart. I wish you a beautiful week and safe journey to your brother. (Mamie 179949)

Your furever friend, Willie


I was a Daily Diary Pick!

June 18th 2009 9:47 am
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Oh my goodness, yesterday I was a Daily Diary Pick by Dogster! We were so excited but with Meatball's surgery and our friend's Socks and Sully's daddy being in the hospital, we were praying for them. They are both doing better today, bless their hearts.


We are saying many prayers today.

June 17th 2009 1:26 am
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We are saying many prayers today, our dear friends, Socks and Sully's daddy has had a heart attack and is in the ICU at the Hospital. We are thinking of them with our love and caring thoughts, they mean so much to us. We are praying for strength for their mom. Their family who reaches out to others and is always there for everypup and kitty. We are holding them close to our hearts.

Today is the surgery for Meatball, who lives in Buffalo near Rocky. He is having a cancerous tumor removed near his eye. We are praying so much for him. Our doctor said his specialist is the best, we are thankful.

Sully and Socks and family donated many wonderful things to the Auction for Meatball, to raise money for his surgery.

May God Bless these two dear families with his grace and love.


We love ice cream!

June 16th 2009 1:18 am
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My friends Mamie and Ellie Mae, tagged me —here is how to play. Here we go......

I am going to tag five friends and tell them what kind of ice cream I look like. Then you tag five friends and tell them what kind of ice cream you look like! Sprinkles count too!

OK, I bent the rules a little and am going to come up with a name of ice cream that I would like. I am going to tag 5 friends and they tag 5 friends and they will do the same. You can either tell what kind of ice cream you look like or bend the rules like me and give the name of the ice cream that you would have (sorry, Seamus, thinking outside the crate, here!)

My ice cream is….Vanilla with Sprinkles!


My kite is so pretty - way up high!

June 9th 2009 12:23 pm
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What a surprise today on my page - a pretty red kite is flying very high in the sky and a nice message. My friend who sent it - I wish you the happy blue sky and fluffy white clouds that I have with my kite today! Sarge


Please Help our friend, Meatball, prayers and love are- welcome

June 5th 2009 3:14 am
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Mealball, a sweet Boxer, is from my brother Rocky's hometown of Buffalo, New York. Here are some diary entries that will outline what is going on with our friend:

June 4th 2009 4:27 pm
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Thanks to Baxter,MaKenzie and their Momma we now have a BEAUTIFUL website to help raise funds for Meatballs surgery and after care.
We are just waiting on Dogster HQ for permission to post its link in forums so for now we are restricted to posting in groups and diaries.
Please fel free to crosspost this link :

We need donations of goods for auction. All the information to effect a donation is on the site. You can even subscribe to follow progress ! The site has literally just gone up and we already have 4 donors ! How fantastic are Dogsters ?!

Baxter & MacKenzie are 100% in control of this site and monies received. They have even graciously offered to transfer proceeds directly to Meatys Drs as needed so that we can focus on Meaty.

We have so much to be thankful for ...... cancer be damned!

As for Meaty --- I am obsessing. He is experiencing his 3rd bad day in a row. He is a trooper though and is trying to play and please.
I will admit that with every thing he walks into I can hear the specialist sayin *watch his eyesight ---- it could signify that he is worsening and its starting to terrify me.. He has hit 2 things in the last 2 days ........ and he has been in this same home his entire 7 years.

I cannot let him pick up on my worry ..... easier said than done!

Not to rudely cut this short but Meaty is feeling particularily needy right now and I am off to lay some love on him {as he rakes his nails down my leg!} LOL

Please visit,crosspost, get people talking. Anything you can do as pals would be greatly appreciated.

We promise to catch up on p-mails and Rosettes tomorrow afternoon.

In the meantime know that we love you back and appreciate all the sentiments we are receiving.


Kat,Meaty & Family

Angels are real ......

June 3rd 2009 7:19 pm
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I have some of the best pals around.No doubt about it.

Momma is on another *social networking site* where many other Dogster paw-rents can be found. { I hear they actually speak as and for themselves there ---- can you imagine? BOL}

A very dear pal- who we will not *out* until we have their permission- has not only offered to build but has also taken complete charge of a fundraising auction website in hopes of raising the money to save my furry butt.
As soon as Momma accepted the offer this morning this pal got STRAIGHT to work and by this afternoon had made the most incredible progress on the site. What she called a *shell* version- a rough draft-was enough to reduce us in this house to tears.
We are hoping that HQ will allow her to post its link in the forums section. Momma wrote a note to Ms Lori today for that permission, offering my veterinary contact info for validation purposes but hasn't heard back yet. We understand that Ms Lori must get a lot of mail.

The site will work on donated goods to be bid on basis. It really would be a HUGE help if we could get the word out in forums. We've been told that such an aucton has already taken place on Catster with great success and we are betting Dogsters would be just as generous in donating small *chachkis* to auction ..... or maybe even bid on.

Please keep your paws crossed that we get the A-OK from HQ to share the information in forums. If not, maybe we can post the info in my private diary. Its something Momma fur-got to ask {DOH!}

Momma is going to ask our local news if they could flash the info during their morning pet section. I have been on it several times already as has my brother Oz.
Shes also thinking the guy who seems to like her in the *like-like* way at the local pet store will let her hang a flyer in hopes of getting bidders.

If anywoof has other ideas for us to get the word out paw-leaze drop us a note.

For a *Boxer* I have never been much of a fighter. Momma is kind of nervous when I have off days { like today} that I won't fight this either. I wish I could tell her she is wrong ....... I'm not ready to leave my cushy life just yet.

Thank you pals for keeping up on the latest news.

X's & O's
Meaty, in the fight of his life

PS : We want everywoof that has sent a p-mail,email or Rosette etc that they are so VERY much appreciated but we have fallen a bit behind in responding. Momma promised to give me a whole hour tomorrow to do so. TTYS !!!

Meaty saw the specialist today {results}

June 2nd 2009 4:32 pm
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I really liked Dr Fingeroth ...... and I think Meaty liked him just fine too. He didn't get grrr-snappy @ all and thats always a good sign! Meaty was nervous @ first. He was drooling and shedding like crazy but hey, these were totally new surroundings and people afterall.

No procedures were done today so Meaty starved for no reason ... except that missing a meal or two can't hurt him. LOL. As of right now I can't say with certainty that any procedures will be done. Not that I don't want to do everything mind you.

I learned a lot today that I hadn't known before, like how to tell which side of the mouth a dog chews on by feeling the head muscle. Meaty is showing signs of atrophy on the right side which could mean nothing more than he prefers to be a lefty ........ or, in his case it could mean the tumor on the right is making it hard or painful for him to chew on the right. We now have to something to watch for and obsess over.He has shown no signs of pain or discomfort. I have been watching for that for weeks.
I learned that because of the placement of the tumor it can start to pop Meatys eye out. We have to watch for it to bulge and if it does .... there will be only one decision to make : immediate surgery or bridge.

I also learned that we have many other choices ,many routes we could take with Meaty but not TONS of time.
What I didn't learn was how to choose.

#1. Is to wait and observe while funraising.
Is it getting bigger that we can see { while having to guess if its getting larger on the inside} .... redo x-rays in a few weeks and hope they show it hasn't. Another biopsy can be done while he is *out* and HOPEFULLY they can get a bigger cross section to tell us what kind of cancer it is. Isn't the fact that its cancer enough? Apparently not. Some cancers are more aggressive than others thats true ...... but then why tell me how *lucky* Meaty is to have it in the face because its typically less aggressive.
Cancer is cancer ...... GET IT OUT!

#2. A $1500 MRI to tell us if the surgery should be done ASAP or if it can wait until we can raise funds. If I had $1500 I wouldn't have to wait for the surgery or raise {much} funds!

#3 The surgery ....... is about half the cost that I was lead to expect. IF its not larger than the x-rays have shown {MRIs really are better} we are looking at about $2,100.
IF they need to remove more of the bone than thought, take his eye or use more metal than expected the bill will be just over $2,500.

I wanted to tell Dr Fingeroth right then and there to book the surgery but couldn't.
I cannot believe that $2,500 { at near worst} is what will ultimately detemine if Meaty survives this or not. Can I live with myself if I can't save him ? Probably not. It is my fault afterall that I am not financially solvent. I could blame lost jobs, horrible flood damage and GD computer hackers but ultimately I am the responsible party. I should have had a flood rider on my insurance {even here in po-dunk Buffalo} and I should never have used my personal credit info online. I knew well before this I had made bad decisions but I never thought one of my babies would end up paying for it.

Its a lot to wrap my mind around.

Will keep you all posted. Please keep the good thoughts coming.

Kat & Meaty


Happy Easter and Blessed Passover

April 11th 2009 11:37 am
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We are late wishing our dear friends and families a Blessed Passover season and a Happy Easter. The wonder of the season - so bright and beautiful and new! We see it in the flowers as they are coming up each day! Have a safe time and lots of hugs xoxoxo Rocky and Sarge


No Gifts, Please

March 31st 2009 3:18 am
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We are having a problem with our computer and cannot view our pages. They crash immediately

Please give any gifts you may have planned for us to a pup or kitty who has none.

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