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Rocky, my brother

March 13th 2010 2:39 am
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Rocky has found he has a tumor in his nasal cavity. The doctor said it is neoplasia when he called yesterday with the results.

Mom and dad feel that treatment would be pretty hard on him, requiring both surgery and radiation.

When my daddy and I moved here last July, we didn't know how much we needed to be here. I love my sweet brother, Rocky, and never thought I would meet him, living 3000 miles away.

Rocky and I have good walks and times together, special days - our birthdays, the holidays and each day is a good day. He has taken me to the places that where he loves to go. Each is a blessing.

Thank you for my dear messages, thoughts and prayers, gifts, each one is precious to me and to Rocky. You are all in our hearts.


Someone sent me a Teddy Hug!!

January 21st 2010 4:05 pm
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I am so happy - I have another teddy bear hug and heart rosette today !! What a nice day this is!! Thank you for sending it xo


My hugging Rosette is so sweet!

January 21st 2010 1:05 pm
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Oh I received the dearest rosette today - a little teddy who was hugging and it made me so happy and I felt so good! Thank you to whoever sent it to me (we don't know how to pass it on tthough)

Hugs to all our friends!!


Ived been Tagged!

October 12th 2009 3:08 am
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Rocky and I were tagged by our good friend, Roscoe.

Here are 7 facts about me:

1) Daddy and I moved back to Buffalo and we live with Rocky. Daddy is mom and dad's son.
2) Rocky and I go to the park and have a great time!
3) I love Rocky's toys - he has alot of them, too!
4) My favorite snack is milk bone biskits.
5) I love to snuggle and make a little nest in my bed.
6) I am a happy doggy with a big smile!
7) I'm looking forward to Christmas 'cause I've never seen a real Christmas tree up close.


Thank you for our Doggie Rosette!!

August 26th 2009 1:54 am
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Rockyand I got the cutest Doggie Rosette picture today! Thanks to Anonmous!


Oh, I am the a Daily Diary Pick!

July 24th 2009 2:23 am
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Oh good morning, and to see I am a Daily Diary Pick for today! Woohoo - I am chasing my corkscrew tail! Thank you, sweet Dogster for the honor!! and - wishing you all a good summer! Sarge xo


Royal Member of the Day!

July 22nd 2009 9:58 am
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Oh my, thank you to Princess Divas and Prince Charming group for making me the Royal Member of the Day! Woohoo!!


Saying many prayers for our friends.

July 21st 2009 2:55 am
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Oh Dogster, we are writing to say that our hearts are filled with hope and love for our friends. Our little friend, Scooter, will be having testing done today by wonderful and kind doctors. Our prayers are with her, and her family. Many blessings are coming to them from so many dear friends.

Rocky and Sarge


Happy July 4th and Happy Canada Day!

June 29th 2009 3:12 am
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Oh, what beautiful fireworks on our pages today - so pretty ! Can we believe it will be July 4th already and also Wednesday, we wish our Canadian friends a safe and happy Canada Day. Don't stay outdoors alone - even in a fenced yard - please be safe.


For Mamie, a tribute from Willie, to a dear sweet- friend

June 26th 2009 6:19 am
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My beloved southern belle pal, Mamie, 15, will be making the journey to join her brother Benny who died in the same house fire Mamie survived on Friday at 5 PM.

Her mom, Denise, will give her several days of royal treatment before having someone come to her home to assist Mamie on her final journey.

Mamie was a Christmas present arriving with a bow around her neck at 1.6 lbs. and was immediately loved by all.

She has two sisters, Gwen and Violet who love her and assist her as she is blind and deaf.

Mamie was the pup who started the POTP in 2004/2005 in a group we were both in called 10 years or older. As you all know, it has since become a loving symbol to each of us and even Dogster has made rosettes and zealies showing the POTP.

Mamie led the Electric Slide dance at my wedding feeling the vibrations of the music on her paws.

Mamie recently joined many of us in Squeaky and Fuzzy on a quest to rid the world of demon squirrels terriorizing many states. Although blind, she used Loki's famous nut-thrower with precision forcing the devils back into the deep woods saving many lives from peril.

Mamie has always been known for her beautiful smile, huge heart, compassion and joy of life.

As Mamie grew older, she began wearing and making tinkle trousers a fashion statement and was seen strutting the streets of Georgia looking quite fine. Many fashion houses wanted to hire Mamie as their model for them but she wished to remain at home with her family.

Benny will be waiting to greet Mamie on Saturday as she struts to the Bridge wearing her famous tinkle trousers and smiling widely.

Please give our beloved Mamie, the POTP which meant so much to her and has helped so many thru the years. She is leaving us all a wonderful legacy to pass along.

You have been a wonderful pal Mamie and I will miss you always but you will furever remain in my heart. I wish you a beautiful week and safe journey to your brother. (Mamie 179949)

Your furever friend, Willie

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