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My 9th Happy Birthday!

February 4th 2013 11:24 am
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Oh, what an exciting day this has been!

I got up and there was an E-mail from Dogster that I was in the Birthday Stroll, and a beautiful cake, plus 25 yummy Dogster bones!

So many messages, bones, rosettes, gifts and well wishes, thank you all, I would love to post them on my page but the system is down. It means Alot to me to have your love every year and you are all special and dear in my heart.

Thank you, thank you, you made my Birthday so wonderful.



Dixie is home from surgery

October 30th 2012 4:48 pm
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Just heard from Dixie's family:

Dixie came through fine, no problems. Some trouble when we got home, but she's resting comfortably now.

They need our prayers and support, bless the wonderful family who has done so much for other dogs and their families, those in need. Walked many many miles, we need to walk for them now.


Please pray for DixieBlackPearl

October 29th 2012 1:53 pm
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We have just learned that Dixie will be having an eye removed tomorrow. Please keep her and her family in your prayers and send positive thoughts.
Her Dogster number is 865951. We don't have all the details, but wanted to have her friends be holding her close in positive thoughts now.


Royal Member of the Day!

June 1st 2012 9:17 am
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Oh, what a surprise! I was named the Royal Member of the Day at the PDPC Group! And a beautiful picture of me to put on my page and Lots of nice messages and wishes! Thank you, I am honored to be part of the group!


My 8th Birthday!

February 4th 2012 3:14 pm
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Oh my, this morning, mom read an email from Dogster that wished me a Happy Birthday, and it had a cake on it, yummy! And also that I was in the birthday stroll and they gave me 25 delicious Dogster bones, too!

I have many nice messages, wishes, pictures, gifts, they mean so much to me, thank you everypup and kitty!

It is wonderful to have been on Dogster for such a long time and celebrate special times together.

Love to you all, you are very dear in my heart!

Sarge xxoo


DarlaMae Needs your prayers and support. Information is- greatly appreciated regarding Mast Cell Tumors.

June 17th 2011 3:43 pm
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Our dear friend, DarlaMae, needs your prayers and support as you will read in her diary entries. Her dogster number is

Note: If you are making a comment, please post to DarlaMae's page so she will see them and gain the support and love from them.

Surgery & Biopsy Results:((
June 17th 2011 11:51 am
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Hiya furs Sorry for delay update. I had a tough time with my surgery But thanks to All the prayers & Paw I got through!!! I am home on the mend, prety big booboo & trying hard not ot lick it. Mom says doing sooo good about it all. I am Still very tired . I had probpem with the anethsia,my body "fought" it and had a very "rough" time coming out. they had to remove my teat,some tissues as well as the lumps. I got great care & enjoyed rooming with the kittys there. Mom laughed as I am a catdog so appropriate. It was a very long day and got home later that night. The pawrents didn't even feed me when I got home. SOme Miss you right??

Well,Today We received the biopsy results. They are NOT what we had hoped to see. I have Grade II MAst cell Tumours In Mammary gland. We will have to see specialists and lots of tests. Please keep up the Paw & Prayer. They DID get clean margins it seems. Mommy is kind of in shock but being strong and brother upset. DaddyO will freak when he hears news when he gets home in a bit too.:(( Mommy will wait until he eats and tel him later as she doesnt need to upset his poor stomach too. I LOVE YOU ALL!! I will update as soon as I have more info!! You are the best & We THANK ALL who are sending Power of the Paw,Praying,lovely prezzies and most of all your loving support. Dogster & Catster are a Rock for so many of Us. I KNOW PAW works and it WILL COntinue to work for this Biospy News too!!


Any fur with experience & info on this Would be gretly appeciated too!

Hugs & Pokes, Darla, Mom Jeanie & my family xoxoxoxo

Mom will Update as I know mOre. Very Stormy AM here and more on the Way later. Sotrms Scare Me as many Know. Kind of forboding of the news that was to come I guess. HOwever the SUn did


I have a really nice pinwheel!

June 7th 2011 8:55 am
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Someone so sweetly sent me a neat pinwheel to put on my page - thank you - I love to see it spinning around! We are thinking of the Kirk family every day and pray for them.


I am so excited today!

May 30th 2011 1:35 pm
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We just got home and I opened a pawmail to find that I was given the honor of Royal Member of the Day, from the Princess Divas and Prince Charmings Group!

Thank you for my beautiful picture, and all the nice messages! They are so nice to read!

Wishing everyone a Happy Memorial Day and prayers to our troops to keep them safe.


My brother, Rocky

March 28th 2011 2:44 pm
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Today is your first year at the Rainbow Bridge, dearest Rocky. I miss you still and am so glad we moved back so I could know you and share our birthdays, holidays and going to the park together. Just being in the yard, on the deck, was nice. You are so loved, Rocky, and I wear your leash when we walk. Thank you for being a good brother to me, and I will be a good brother to Abby, she is a sweet girl. Lovingly always and forever, Sarge


Happy 7th Birthday to me!!!

February 4th 2011 4:36 pm
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Wow, what a Great Birthday I had today!

It started with a letter from Dogster saying that I was in the Dogster Happy Birthday Stroll, and that I had been given a Paw on my page and 25 yummy Dogster bones! How cool is that!!

Then, sweet friends sent me wonderful wishes for my birthday and so many nice things to remember about being 7 years old!

Tonight, we had cherry cupcakes with my daddy, my uncle and grandma and grandpa - Abby got a gift, too!

Thanks to everypup and everykitty for making my Birthday such a Happy one and love to you all!

You are very dear to me.

Sarge xxoo (())

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