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The Life of a Frenchie Princess

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Football Pass!

January 27th 2009 4:21 pm
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Alright pal you made it here. I see you caught my football pass. Here is what you should do next! Hurry and pass the ball to 11 of your team mates so they can make a touchdown. Send a rosette or send a message.

Write 5 things about yourself that are funny in your diary entry. Please ask those who visit your diary to leave you a bone so you know they have been there! So here goes the play:

1) I love to lie on my back

2) I love to sunbathe

3) I am always excited to see EVERYBODY!

4) I am a "true twin" my brother and I were in the same sac!

5) I am the 'boss' of the house, try to challenge me and there'll be a
humping coming your way!

Those I have passed to:

Rufu s

I have been "passed to" by SASSY


Color Me Guilty!

November 28th 2008 2:26 am
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Okay, I realize that it's been forever and a day since I last posted! I do have a reason that I'm so far behind...well, sort of. It seems that my friends Luna & Astro decided that it would be cool for me to have my own website, you know so I could blog, post pics and videos, that sort of thing. Well, it all started out okay, I was beginning to blog, and then WHAM! my assistant (Mom) decided to get a new computer to "make her life easier." Well apparently this new computer is different from the old one, and then the webmaster (aka Luna & Astro's Dad) decided that the page should have a different host, and then there were problems getting the new site to work on the new Mac, it's all very confusing, and also very boring.

Any hoo, the site is up and running, but my assistant is taking a very long time to get things together, so I dare not give out the web address and frighten everyone away! BOL!

Okay, so my synopsis of the past few months...

Summer ended with "Midge's End of Summer Hula" we had a great time with about 20 of my doggie friends coming over for a luau. We even had leis and grass skirts!

In September Luna, Owen & I drove (okay, were driven) up to Northern California for a very special weekend. Artlette, Mom of our French Bulldog Worldwide forum friend Rufus, was visiting from Germany! My BFF, Clementine and her Mom flew in from AZ to join us at the hotel. We stayed at the Four Seasons Palo Alto, and boy was it fun! We had a great time, the staff loved us, they had bowls, beds and Fiji bottled water in our rooms for us!

One of the days we drove up to beautiful Marin to meet our internet friends, Oscar, Effie, Cookie, and Dobby. It was so exciting to see everyone in person.

Later that evening back at the hotel we were joined by Cookie & Dobby as well as our special friend, Michele Copen, author of the fabullous book "A French Bulldog For Every Season" who brought her handsome Leo and his adorabull son, Zack. Lot of food, drink and of course pictures!

Continued on 01/27/09

The howlidays then came rushing in, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, I hardly had time to get in all of my required beauty sleep!

We received many nice gifts for Christmas, including a tent! Mom and Dad pitched it for us in the living room, and it was exciting for about 2 minutes. I guess the gift givers thought that we're more outdoorsey (is that even a word?) than we are!

It's hard to believe that January is now almost over. This past Saturday, our friends Shawna and Jeff, owners of the world's most pawsome store, Petropolis got married! Congratulations to them on finally tying the knot!

There have been some strange rumblings around here, I think that something is up, but I don't know what.

Happy January Birthdays to Debbie, Auntie Francine, Cuddles, and Linda K.

Happy New Year!


Happy Birthday to ME!

July 21st 2008 10:57 pm
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Yesterday Owen and I went to the Pooch Parade in Ventura. It's an annual event to raise money for a local rescue group. We saw my friends Emma, Kobe and Bruno there, and walked around looking at the various booths. Owen's Mom Robin had friends that were running the French Bulldog Village booth, so we hung out there for awhile and represented for the Frenchies!

Afterwards we went to lunch and then to Home Depot. I'd never been to Home Depot, and it was kind of scary! There were a lot of loud noises and new smells. After a few minutes I aclimated, after all, shopping is shopping!

Today was my 3rd birthday! I had a good day, first Mom took me to Petropolis to visit with Shawna and Holden, I got some treats that were delicious!

Later we went to the Dog Park, where I met up with my friends Luna, Astro, Buster, Owen, Suzie Q, Buddy, Cuddles, Atticus, Phoebe and Lulu. Everyone had a great time chasing around, and I of course has a blast meeting all sorts of new people.

After the DP we went to dinner with Phoebe, Lulu, Luna, Astro, Buster, Owen, Kobe, Bruno and our parents. We went to this neat place that lets you have your dogs on the patio, they brought us water, and even had warm, homemade dog biscuits for us!

I got several nice birthday cards, and from Luna and Astro I got a cute summer sundress, blinged out charm, wedge sandal squeaky toy and sequinned stretchy collar.

It wasn't my typical birthday with the BIG blow out pawty, but it was a lot of fun.

Since we got home late, tomorrow I'll celebrate with Barbie, Skipper, Buffy, Winston and Chip with my special frozen yogurt treats that Mom got us.


Far and Few Between

July 17th 2008 10:21 pm
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It seems like I haven't been doing a very good job of keeping up with my diary lately! Summer seems to be just zip, zip, zipping by without even a slow moment!

Let's see, since my last post, we had a big 4th of July party with about 20 humans as well as our nephew Remy, Barbie's BFF Luna, and her brother Astro. We had a great time, my Dad got something called a Big Green Egg that seemed to produce very delicious meat products. All of the guests seemed to really enjoy it, not that we got to sample much! :(

The 5th of July Luna and Astro came over again, along with Buster and Owen, so we had another day of Frenchie chase and play.

Last weekend we hosted a Grandma Shower for our Puggy friends' Phoebe and Lulu's mom, Jaci, she's going to be a grandma in the next few weeks! Most of our human DP Crew friends attended, but Remy was the only 4 legged guest besides ourselves that was invited.

Baby, Baby, Baby! Now I may have mentioned before that Drs. Attila and Kerry are also expecting. Their little baby (it's a boy!) is due at the end of August, and Mom is also helping to throw Dr. Kerry's shower next weekend, it's at the Four Seasons Hotel, I wonder if I'm invited? If you remember I did spend New Year's Eve 2006 there!

I can hardly belive that I'm going to be 3 years old on the 21st of this month, it seems like only yesterday that I was a pup (read ONLY FRENCHIE) and so carefree. Ah, the joys of youth. Unfortunately between the 2 baby showers and Skipper's spay next week my Summer Soiree 2008 has been postponed, so I'll be celebrating my big day quietly at home with just family.

Speaking of birthdays, in the month of July we wish a Happy Birthday to Shawna (the owner of only the most pawsome pet supplies around, Petropolis!), Uncle Jay, and Dad's Grandma, our Great Grandma Hulda who is going to be 96!

Stay cool, and don't forget the SPF!!!!


Photo Necklaces...We're ART!

June 16th 2008 2:07 pm
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Hey, did you see my Mom's new necklace? Isn't it cool? She found an awesome designer that will take any photo (it doesn't have to be a pet, but what else would you want?) and make it into a pendant!

There are different chain and crystal choices, and the designer, Andrea is really nice. In fact if you place an order and use the code "Midge" you can receive FREE shipping as well as a FREE pair of Chinese Coin pawsome is that?

Check out the site, and don't forget to tell her that Midge sent you!


Midge's 2nd Annual Meet Up

May 29th 2008 1:49 am
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Well, this past Sunday 05/25/08 , I hosted my 2nd Annual French Bulldog Meet Up, and it was a pawsome pawty! The weather was cool and overcast, not great for pictures, but PERFECT for Frenchies!

We had 14 Frenchies in attendance, me, Barbie, Skipper, Remy, Luna, Astro, Buster, Owen, Sophie, Bridget, Orson, Bubba, Harvey, Bea-Kini, and also my 2 Pug friends, Phoebe and Lulu. Everyone had a snortin' good time running, wrestling, wading in the kiddie pools and of course eating snacks.

There were commerative buttons, goodie bags and even special hand towels in the bathroom with "Midge's Meet Up" on them! Miss Robin did a repeat of her Award Winning (she got an honorable mention in Martha Stewart's Cookie Contest!) Skipper cookie, but she also made them in fawns and brindles...too pawsome!

There were a few scuffles, but nothing major, and for the most part everyone got along fabullously.

We really missed some of our friends that we thought were maybe going to be able to make it, like Clem, Hannibull, Petunia, Ricky, Stella and Homer. I sure hope that they'll be able to make it to the next one!

Wow, the time has just flown by, I can't beliveve that I barely made it in May with my post! Here are the wishes for May:

Happy Birthday to Great Grandma Chiyo! She was able to come visit with us on Mother's Day, so that was extra special!

Also Happy Birthday to Grandma Dee, and to Luna's big (human) sister, Megan who became a teenager on May 22nd!

One last shout out to My Tania, as she graduated from the EATM (Exotic Animal Training Management) program at Moorpark College. It seems like only yesterday that I was preparing her for her 2 year program! Sniff! Sniff!***grabbing a tissue***I'm SO proud of her! Woo Hoo!

Memorial Day has passed, you are now officially allowed to wear white, or if you're like me, be a rebel and sport it year round! BOL!



March 30th 2008 7:27 pm
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Last night we had an casual dinner party at our house. Dad made all sorts of Mexican stuff...carne asada tacos, chili verde, guacamole, salsa. Miss Robin made one of her fabullous desserts, it was a cake this time.

It was like a mini Frenchie Meet Up, as we had us, Owen, Luna, Astro and Sophie over. We had a great time chasing around, and for the most part everyone was well behaved :P

Doctors Attila and Kerry came over too, it was so exciting! I was thrilled to see Dr. Attila, as on Friday we had gone to their office but he wasn't there, and it made me very sad. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Dr. Kerry, but Dr. Attila is THE MAN! Skipper got some more puppy shots, she's up to 9 lbs now, but the way she acts you'd think she's 90 lbs! That little one sure is bossy! It's great cause my mom got her a dress that says, "Little Miss Bossy" on it, you can see it on her page.

Our nephew Remy got neutered last week, he's recovering nicely...Get Well Wishes to you Remy!

April is definitely birthday month! This month we send birthday wishes to: Phoebe and Lulu's Mom, Jaci, Karan, Uncle Russ, Auntie Jan, Chris M., my brother Winston, my Mom, Auntie Ellen and Grandpa Dave...whew! I'm exhausted just thinking about it!

As you know I don't normally follow UCLA basketball, only football, but this year they're in the Final Four, so GO BRUINS!

It's starting to warm up, don't forget to have your parents start you on some type of flea/tick prevention! Dr. Kerry says they're starting to see cases of heartworm in the Los Angeles area, something that never exsisted before, so ask your vet!


Springtime in California

March 24th 2008 1:11 pm
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Yesterday was Easter, and it was great fun! We had lots of people over to visit, and our nephew Remy came over too! It's been incredibly nice weather lately, yesterday it was 84 degrees out, can you believe it?

There was a lot of delicious looking food for dinner, and as usual, we didn't get to taste any of it...hrmph! We did serve a VERY classy wine, it had a picture of moi in that horrible bunny suit, and the label said "Midgie Cottontail Cellars Happy Easter 2008" which everyone got a kick out of.


Itch, Itch, Itch!

March 2nd 2008 11:31 pm
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I am SOOOO itchy...Spring must definitely be on its way! My feet itch, my face itches, so I scratch and scratch, and I pick and pick, and it just won't go away, it's terrible!

Last Saturday we hosted a "Welcome Skipper" Open House. I'm not sure exactly what an Open House is or why we needed to welcome Skipper, after all she's been here for weeks now, but it did bring a lot of visitors. Many parents of my DP (dog park) Crew friends came, but none of my friends were allowed, something about the baby not having all of her shots. Everyone was oohing and aahing over Skipper, "Isn't she cute?" "How adorable!" Blech! Pulheeze, give me a break, you would've thought they'd never seen a puppy before.

OMD! The most impressive thing happened at the Open House...Miss Robin made Frenchie cookies that were iced to look just like Skipper! They were totally pawsome! Check them out on Skipper's page, you can see the cookie and Skipper side by side. Miss Robin is just SOOOO talented, she can do so many crafts and make so many yummy treats, she ROCKS!

Our "nephew" Remy came over with Chris and Noriko, he's a nice dog, he's 7 months now and quite handsome. He tried to get a little too friendly with me, but I immediately let him know that I'm not "that kind of girl!" He didn't really seem to take the hint, but he's young, he'll learn.

Skipper is growing, her legs are longer now, which means she can now jump up onto the dog beds outside and bother us, so there's no escaping her. She's also VERY vocal, now I like a good cry or "cat girl noise" just as much as the next dog, but she's always talking!

Can you believe that it's already March? Where is this year going? It's just zip, zip, zipping by!

Let's see...

Deepest sympathies to Shawna on the passing of her parrot, Nigel. We're thinking of you Shawna!

Happy March Birthdays to Phoebe and my sister Barbie who turns the BIG ONE YEAR on March 14th.

Also, don't forget to SPRING FORWARD this coming Sunday March 9th!

Happy St.Patrick's Day, and Hoppy Easter to all!


Hun???Wha???NO WAY!!!!

February 5th 2008 9:40 pm
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Okay, so just when Barbie is starting to finally grow up and not be such a pain in my rear, what should appear...a puppy! Can you believe it? I think that my Mom may have finally lost it! This is just way too many Frenchies, why couldn't she have stopped at just one? I mean why mess with perfection? What possible reason could they have for needing more than moi? (I am French remember...BOL!)

I think one of the reasons they added Barbie to our family was that they thought I'd like a companion...pssshaw! pulheeze, I am a people dog, not a dog's dog!

Perhaps this new one (they call her Skipper)is a playmate for Barbie? That seems to be working out well, as they've been playing together a lot which leaves me much more time for my daily meditations.

Apparently Skipper and I have the same Mom, Chicopee, which may explain why there is a slight resemblance between the two of us. I don't really see it, but my parents seem to think so.

I just don't get it, I thought my Mom was going on a trip with Noriko and Chris to bring back our nephew (on our Dad's side) Remy! What a cruel and unusual trick. The worst part is that they arrived at our house at 12:30AM and just tried to sneek her in under the radar...the nerve!

In other news, this month is filled with birthdays! Bow Wow Birthday Wishes to HRH Clementine, Miss Lisbeth, Pat, my sister Buffy, Trevor, Steve, and Del (who has a secret crush on me)

Happy Valentine's Day to all!

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