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My happy hyper life

Long time no type!

November 20th 2006 11:36 am
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Today is Monday and Thanksgiving is on Wednesday so this means we are driving home in 2 days! We are meeting rat terriers on Sunday from my mom's forum, i am so excited!!! One owner has a rattie that looks like me but she has white around her nose. I like meeting dogs my size, bigger dogs are kinda scary. I got a new pretty collar yesterday that has rhinestones! I look so pretty!


My life is so busy!

July 17th 2006 10:03 pm
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Mom told me today that we are moving and i need to go with dad and Ralph to keep them company. So today i watched mom and dad clean, man did it make me sleepy back and forth and back and forth UGH! Oh and look at my new photos i saw my son Milo yesterday and he's almost the same size as me at 4 months. Its the last pic on the bottom.


4 week old children!

April 21st 2006 11:44 am
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I have not written in so long! I have puppies now, 5 of them to be exact! My owner has found homes for 3 of them so far so 2 to go. They been thinking about keeping one but nothing is for sure yet! The little boogers have teeth now and nursing really HURTS!! Ralph's 1st birthday is sunday. Mom and dad and grampa are going out of town tho on sunday we will be having the party tommarow! Mom is making Ralph a peanut butter carrot cake! She also took him present shopping, i am so jealous of him!!


The Puppies Are Coming!!!

March 15th 2006 6:16 pm
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Today was my 56th day of pregnancy so i am due to have my puppies next week!!! Ohhh gosh i am so ready to have them my tummy has gotten soooo large. I usually weigh 13 lbs and since my pregnancy started I have gained 3 lbs! I am getting really tired, i need to take my 14th nap of the day. sooooo sleepy..


Home with Ralph

December 7th 2005 12:44 pm
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This morning was soooo cold and i mean even colder then normal, i didnt get a sweater or nothin to put on either. Ralph being the child that he is, took off running when his leash flew out of moms hand. I had to run alonge mom as fast i could so that we could catch him. We did finally get him when he stopped to go to bathroom. I dont get boys! They just think they are free when their leash gets dropped. I myself stop and wait for mom to pick it up. Well we walked back went back into the COZY warm apartment. Mom was so late for work by that time that she didnt have time to gate us in the kitchen before she left SCORE!!! So as soon as she left Ralph and I tore the crap out of the apartment! All the way up til she came back 5 hours laters. None the less i am sleepy from a long day of destroying my parents home. I must get to my nap! Ta ta.


Life on the town for me me me!

December 3rd 2005 6:27 pm
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Mom took me to work ooooh it was so exiting! I met two rat terriers, Two!!! They were smaller then me, but it was so exiting, I gave them both kisses for being cute! Ohh ohh then we left work and went to Petsmart! There we met a mini pin who weighed 3 lbs, man that is tiny, I didnt even know how to say hello so i stayed back so i wont hurt her! But guess what!! She had the same sweater as me but like 2 sizes smaller! We didnt look alike tho, i dont think.. Then Mom drove us to the dog park, just to see if anyone was there, only big dogs. Plus Ralph was not with us so it wont be fair to go without him. Mom told me it was too cold for me to stay out so we couldnt go today. She said we would go when some of the snow melted.. Mom didnt want to go to Jiffy lube alone so she took me with. Man it was scary! We sat in this tiny room all alone and watched these men attack our car! Well a man told us it was all ready and we paid and got back into our car. We went home to be greeted by many many kisses from Ralph. Man did i miss him! Then we took a nap together. Man its nice to be home!

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