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Tate's Tale's

In the Beginning Was...Tate

May 5th 2009 1:48 am
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Tate was a long time resident at the former pound in Hastings, Nebraska. I saw him one day at an adoption event, sitting off in the corner by himself, and I asked the volunteer about him. She said he had been at pound since he was young pup and it was the only home he really knew. She said he was the sweetest boy, but being a big black dog, he was never selected for adoption.

I stopped at the pound and I was a little horrified at the conditions there. All of the cats were in one kennel in the same room as the dogs. The kennels were indoor/outdoor metal cages with cement floors. It was loud. I took Tate out for a walk and he was so sweet. You could tell the volunteers had worked with him a lot.

I told the shelter people to call when his time was up. A couple of weeks later they called so I went to the pound to get him. I took him for a walk and he started to head back to the pound. He was so confused - he didn't understand why he wasn't going back to the pound. He stood there by my Jeep and just looked at me. I had to climb in the back of the Jeep so he would follow me in. He finally got in and I brought him straight to the vet to be neutered.

A day later Tater came to live with us forever. The first night Tate climbed into bed with all of us pups but he could not settle. He stood up and turned around in circles at least 50 times before he finally settled down for the night. He had some serious separation anxiety, but he has mostly gotten over it. He has completely trashed the house and done some things that would make Marley look like a well-behaved doggie, but I love him dearly.

Tate's person, Carol

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