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Cinder Says

A Love Story: Cinder's Song

May 4th 2009 11:41 pm
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This adoption story is a love story. I am going to let my person, Carol, help tell our story.

Cinder: I was born in a town in upstate New York called, Butternuts. I was a young pup when I found myself on my own, exploring the world. Some of my past is kind of fuzzy, but I ended up at a vet office with porcupine quills all over my snout. Ouch! I let the nice vet, Dr. Lisa, take the quills out of my snout without any problems. She said I was a good girl. I was about 8 months old. Afterwards I went to the basement in a kennel with a bunch of barking dogs. They called it the "pound". I was kind of scared by now.

Carol: I was living in New York State with my 9 kitties, but I really wanted a dog. At a vegetable stand I was petting a Black Lab named, Daisy and her owner said, "You better go to Pittsfield Vet's. There's a Black Lab there for adoption and she's going to be put down if she's not adopted." I went to the clinic, which was my vet clinic, and asked if I could see this dog. I went downstairs - I didn't know this, but law enforcement brought dogs to the clinic to be held for 10 days and then the dogs would be euthanized if they weren't adopted. The dogs were all barking and it was a little overwhelming.

Cinder: I heard the people coming downstairs and, like all of the other dogs, I began barking loudly, and jumping up with my feet on the pen. I was really curious to know what was going on. Who was that lady? Was she coming over to my kennel?

Carol: When I arrived this black Labrador was barking and standing with her paws on the kennel door. She saw me she and immediately sat down and looked up at me with her liquid brown eyes. I asked to walk her & she came out of her cage and sat beside me in the heel position, without a leash on. I knew at that moment that I had just met "my dog".

Cinder: The lady took me out of the cage and we went for a walk. I knew I needed to be on my best behavior. I could tell she was a little inexperienced and I definitely smelled cats - lots of them - on her. After the walk she brought me over to the grass & we sat down together. I really turned on the charm! I rolled over and she gave me a belly rub - she was a fast learner! I sat next to her and leaned against her & slid down to the ground. She ate that up! I gave my her my puppy dog eyes look & she sang "Brown Eyed Girl" to me.

Carol: Meanwhile, this girl's time was nearly up. My vet, Lisa, had already started to fall for her, called her "Town Girl" and was thinking of adopting her. Then Lisa's black Lab, Hershey, was diagnosed with cancer and she just couldn't adopt another dog. I was living in an apartment and was not allowed to have a dog. I told Lisa that I really wanted to adopt Town Girl, but didn't know if I could pull it off. Lisa said, "Well, I promised her to my really good friend but she needs to get her husband to agree first." I wasn't worried. I knew that this dog was going to be my girl, I just had to work out the logistics. By the way, the husband said, "no" as I knew he would.

Cinder: That lady, Carol, kept coming to visit & walk with me, but she always left me behind. Then something good happened! The nice vet, Lisa, spayed me and I could tell she really liked me. One day out of the blue, Carol came back, took me for a walk, and then took me to her car. I panicked! I didn't like cars! Was she going to dump me somewhere?!

Carol: On July 5th, 2000, I went to pick up my girl, Cinder, whose name had come to me the night before driving back home from Albany. I had moved to a new house and I was excited and a little scared. Cinder was my first dog as an adult. I arrived at the clinic and we did our little walk routine. Then I walked Cinder to the car, but she refused to get in. It was clear that she was scared, so I spent about 20 minutes cajoling her and she finally got into the car. She threw up as we drove off.

Cinder: Carol became my best friend, and the rest is history. I took her to obedience school and she learned how to become a good dog person. She really fell hard for me! At basic obedience training they told Carol that I would make an excellent Therapy Dog, so that is what we worked on next. I got my Canine Good Citizen award and then I was evaluated by Therapy Dogs International. I passed with flying colors! We started visiting nursing homes and then Carol had a GREAT idea.

Carol: I was working as a speech therapist in a school for kids with special-needs. The kids had Down syndrome and other developmental delays and a lot of communication problems. I started researching animal assisted therapy and was amazed at the efficacy of it. I approached the principal and he said "yes" just like that. Cinder started coming to work with me everyday and it changed everything for the better.

Cinder: I loved being a working dog. I got lots of kids communicating! Carol taught me some sign language and I already knew lots of English, so I fit right in. Most of all, I gave those kids, Carol, and all of the staff, unconditional love. They would talk to me and tell me all of their problems and I would just listen. Carol and I grew very close, from the minute we moved in together. We have lots of other dogs now, we moved to Nebraska, and I am retired. We've been together 10 years and I am still the light of her life. We take in foster dogs, puppies, cats, and rabbits, transport rescue dogs together and we are best friends.

Carol: Cinder really is the love of my life. She has been there though everything and she is an amazing dog. She's still my Town Girl and my constant companion. She is an accomplished travel companion and does not throw up in the car any more. We still dance to "Brown Eyed Girl".

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