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"A day in the life of Chloe"

My Puppies!!

April 10th 2006 10:24 am
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As of 3/8/06 - I, Ms. Chloe, gave birth to 3 beautiful bouncing puppies! lemme tell u - it wuz NOT easy! But my mom and autnie Tiff really were there fer me!

First came "Thumper" - he liked to kick and turn around in my belly all the time. He came out on bottom foot first - so mommy nicknamed him "Thumper".

Then the little girl came out - she already thinks she is a princess - how can she not, being my dogter? Well- I'm okay with her being a princess - just not stealing all the attention from moi!

The there was the little boy - he was also "breech" and he is the quietest.

mommy already has homes for all of them. One is for grandma and one is going to stay with us!



February 27th 2006 7:36 am
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I am REALLY preggers now my mommy sez...

I got X-rayed on Saturday to see how many pups I have in my tummy. Vet said 2 definitely, but we all think 3. My svelte supermodel physique is all but a memory now! I hope I can be like Heidi Klu am get back to my supermodel fabness 2 months after the pups are born. Not that I have to do the VS show - but who knows when Hollywoof might call? A gal's always gotta be ready!
Pups are due in about 2 weeks~


New Boyfriend

January 10th 2006 8:16 pm
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I have a new boyfriend! His name is Smoky! He is a handsome lil fella! All blue and tan! He;s got a real nice coat too - ggrrr.

Mommy sez I was in heat now and took me to Smoky's pad and we were flirting. Yes, I am kinda aggressive - but I likes to think that I am just a modern day girl who knows what she wants and goes after it!

Mommy sez I may be a "mommy" too in a few months. We'll see - but she sez I'll always be her baby!


What's your is Mine and what's Mine is Mine!

March 26th 2005 7:59 am
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Mommmy thinks I am greedy. She says I need to "learn to share" with Bailey and that he was here first so I should share everything with him!

AS IF! Bailey KNOWS I am the Boss! He always gets the good spot and saves it for me - it's not like I am stealing it from him! We have an understanding. He finds a good spot, sleeps on it for awhile, and warms it up for me!

well, i gotta get back to my beauty sleep now. mommy made the bed with 4 feather blankets so I can be nice a comfy...

~the diva


Honey Who?

January 19th 2005 9:49 am
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The other day momm took me to see Auntie Tiffany! I thought it would be a day of shopping with the girls! but is that what happened? Nooooooo! Aunite had her friend over and they were playing with ANOTHER puppy! Who is theis other puppy? Her name is "Honey, mommy tells me. Well, I could care less - why is she playing with MY auntie! Why is she playing in MY room awya from home?
Mommy sezs I should play with Honey since she is the smae size as me. I don't even think she is a dog. Her face hair is so big - "so 80s". She wanted to pounce on everyhting and that's not how supermodels walk! Mommy tried to take model pics of the two of us, and I as always was super professional - but Honey wanted to look at everything.
Then mommy drove us home and Honey came with us! Oh No! As soon as Honey set foot in MY home, I had to tell her who is the boss here! I am not being replaced! Bailey didn't seem to care much about Honey. She is smaller than him so he was not "Thretnd" mommy sez.
Then mommy & aunite left with Honey. and she didn't come back! I told you... whatever the princess wants, the princess gets! and princess wants to be the only diva in this family!


Trip to the Vet

December 17th 2004 12:09 am
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Ugh! Had to go to the Vet today! :(
Bailey was so sad cuz mommy didn't take him ,only me, out. he didn't know what misery I had to endure! mommy worried cuz I was itching and got a rash on my belly. with the Santa Ana winds being so dry lately, I just feel so itchy. Mommy had to buy $20 medicine shampoo and I have to take more baths.
Syonara for now...


It's So Hot being in Heat

November 13th 2004 9:47 am
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Hehee.. I am a woman on a mission! Determined to have me some puppies by natural instinct! Mommy puts the little fancy diaper on me but what does that do to stop me from my goal? I keep waving my lil behind for Bailey as a seductress! (Mommy's note: Bailey is Neutered).
Mommy says I am being un-ladylike in my behavior lately, but she forgives me since it is "that time".
I've been watching lotsa football with Daddy - he says I have to watch his team for him, so I guard the big box when he steps away. It's my duty!
So long for now!
~Chloe aka. Princess


On the dog prowl...

October 19th 2004 12:21 pm
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So my mommy has been considering finding a boyfriend for me to mate with in the future. Grandma won't let her spay me becuase she secretly loves me the best and wants me to have puppies so she can have one of my puppies.
I have my whole doggie career ahead of me right now, being spokesdog and model for our clothing line, ViVi Dog Wear (it couldn't be named after me because there are too many Chloe companies out there already). Any how, I just came back from my first air trip to Chicago, where I strutted my stuff at the Backer Pet Industry tradeshow modeling some of my fleece hoodies and tees!
I was irresistable as people stopped to say!
Now, I am back home and relaxing as my servants give me massages and I sunbathe. My natural redhair is getting alot of blonde highlights and I am proud to say I am au naturale!
Bailey is my buddy and we play when I say so!


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