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Bailey's Musings

Very Difficult Decision

March 16th 2008 10:56 am
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Bailey is my first chihuahua. I got him as a present when I was 21. He will be 7 this year and still a playful puppy as ever. However, I have numerous problems with Bailey. He was purchased from a breeder in the mid-west. He is AKC certified. Flew on a plane to get to us. I did everything I read and researched about to make him a good chihuahua, and tried desperately to break the negative stereotypes I was always presented with: loud, barking, ankle-biter.

Since the beginning, I made a conscious effort to train and socialize him, Puppy school, Chihuahua play-groups, taking him out in public, dog park 2xs a week.

When I got him, I lived in a townhouse with roommates. I was in college and had a lot of time for him. After I graduated, I had to move to a small apartment and worked approx. 10-12 hrs/day. I got another Chihuahua to keep Bailey company.

Greanted my life the past 8 years has had many changes (school, jobs, back to school, back to working, and moving approx. 6 times). Currently I live with my fiance in his small condo.

Since my sister is away at college in a large 2-story house with a big yard and her dog, we sent Bailey to live with her for the past year. I thought it would help socialize him more with the many people that would be in and out. In his formative years, he lived a very quiet and secluded life while I was at work. My ex was at home every day and had a violent temper. Didn't like noise and not fond of children. I think Bailey picked up on a lot of his personality and dislikes. I thought we could try to assimilate more life and people around Bailey (it worked with Chloe when we separated her from Bailey). But Bailey's condition seems worse now. My sister reports that he bites everyone that comes into the house. Even unprovoked, when he is cuddling with someone and they just shift or move up out of the seat, for example, he will bite them. It's not very hard and skin doesn't usually break, but at risk of liability, we have brought him back home. Now I have spoken with trainers and they tell me he shuld just b locked up when there are visitors, etc. But that just doesn't fit in an of our lives. I have nieces and nephews now. My friends are having children and I will too eventually. If someone ever reports bailey he might be put to sleep. I don't want to just give up on Bailey, but after the last 2 years of considering what's the best solution and best life for Bailey is this:

I hope to find him a new home with an person or couple that are not very social. If you want a true companion, lapdog that will be the ultimate loyal and faithful friend, Bailey is the one. But NO kids, no big dogs, not a lot of strangers and outside stimuli. Someone who has a lot of time and love to give. He will give you 120% of our love back to you.

Bailey is extremely smart, well-trained to listen, easy to give baths, clip nails, get shots, etc. He LOVES hiking, walking, trails, the dog beach, playing with other little dogs once he gets to know them, cuddling, sleeping with you, "talking" to you, playing zoom doggie, and just going anywhere you go. He is an excellent little portable dog. Always eager and willing to jump into the doggy carrier and stay as quiet as a mouse once he is in there. Loves to lear new tricks and just be with someone 24/7.

Info: AKC Long-Coat Chihuahua
Color: "blonde" and white
Age: 7 y/o
Sex: Male - Neutered
Health: Excellent. He has been on the Banfield Wellness plan since the day I got him. Up to date on all shots.
Chip: Micro-chipped with Avid

I'm not in any rush, but if someone is interested and would like to consider bringing Bailey into their family, please email me at It's a very difficult situation and I hope I don't get a lot of hate responses. I just want him to have a better, stress-free life.

Thank you.


Life is good

January 10th 2006 8:17 pm
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Mommy cooked big bones for us today! she gave me the biggest one! I got it all to myself! Life is good!


Sous Chef Bailey

December 17th 2004 12:05 am
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So I been helping mommy with the cooking. like when she made spicy tuna sushi roll and if she dropped a piece, I'd clean the kitchen floor! i also helped tast test new oatmeal raisin cookies (but can't eat the raisins cuz tey're bad for doggies) and give my opinion on the beef and veggies.
my opinion.. iz all gewd!

chloe has been a pest.. trying to hog mommy and daddy's attention, hog the sunlight, hog the blankets, she hogs everythin of mine! lucky for me I am smart enough to pretend when I want something (like the pillow) so she hogs it, then go for what I really want, like to snuggle with mommy.



Mommy's Back!

November 27th 2004 10:23 am
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Mommy went away for two dark nights and 3 days. She says she wents to sumthin called Las Vegas. I remember she took me there once... when they left the room, I could hear people so close by I kept barking for mommy n daddy to come back. They did hear me, but those bad people did and they told on mommy and locked me in the room but mommy couldn't get back in. They told her I was a dog and dogs not allowed in hotel/casino. she convinced them to let me stay the night, an' we left early fromt he trip an went home.
so now mommy sez i can't go with her to "las vegas".
i waited for her so long the sky turned black with the big white circle TWO times! daddy stayed home but i din't care - where was mommy?
she came home last night an she was getting ready to go out again I knew it! i could not let her go! so i jumped and jumped so high mommy had to pick me and chloe up an took us to the blockbuster store. then she stayed home! YaY!


Remembering my Journey Home

October 24th 2004 11:54 pm
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I just wanted to tell you dawgs a lil 'bout the way I came to my forever home. My mommy had wanted a Chihuahua for a long time and after searching week after week, month after month on Petfinder, at the local shelters, and being rejected by pet rescue orgs, my daddy told her to pick a dog she wanted. She found me online and the breeder mommy found knew MY breeder and sent my picture. I was the most handsome fluffball she could have imagined! Daddy was very happy too! And although I was the biggest puppy and a boy, I was the cutest one and mommy wanted me! I came from Nebraska. We had to drive for 4.5 hrs to get on an airplane where I was on all by myself until I finally landed at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, CA! I must tell you it was a lot warmer here than before! Our plane was a little delayed which made my mommy nervous, but as soon as we got home I knew this was my family and I was soooo happy! I jumped all around and explored my new home! My mommy and daddy loved me instantly and I loved them sooo much too! Daddy had to go on a trip for a month soon after I came home and I got to go everywhere with mommy while she was on winter break!
Sooo that's my happy arrival and I know there are a lot more "flying doggies" nowadays!


Gloomy Rain day

October 19th 2004 12:26 pm
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It's me Bailey... original Alpha dog! It's the 4th gloomy/rainy day in Southern California in a row. I am actually cold and wearing my football hoodie and snuggling in the blanket. Oh I have such a good life. I only wish it were sunny so I could sunbathe. I am very happy mommy has been staying home the past few days alot. I am tired though becuase I have to guard her every minute and protect her from people outside our any strange noises I hear. Oh well, that't the life or being a protector!

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