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Mama's happy...sad...*Im all confused BOL*

July 19th 2008 12:53 pm
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July 19th, 2008 (Saturday)

My mama told me a really big news last night. She was happy at first but got sad later on. If you ask me I'd go both ways too. My Mama's been working in retail for years while going to college at the same to help out for paying for her school and all. While at work yesterday a very nice customer offered mama a really good job. The lady aske her if she wants to work for the city! Mama said she's interested. The lady was really impressed on how mom deal with people and she said mama has a really great costumer service. Mama will be working at the city hall and deals with Licencing and Inspecting. Mama said she will have her little office and will help pawrents puching their furbabies licences. I think its a pretty good job! The hours are 830-400pm, she's having problem leaving me at daycare for that long period of tim. She told the vet techs(vet/daycare same place) that I will be staying there for atleast 8 hours every day Mon-Fri. I wont get to see mom alot in the morning anymore and that what makes her really sad. The vet techs joked around mom and suggested her that i should consult the vet because she's having a separation anxiety instead of me. You know its really hard for mom to leave me daycare for about 4-5 hours a day, she tries to be with me all the time but she cant and now we only get to spend the whole day on weekends only. She was telling my dad about all these and dad said to not to worry about me because im a big boy already! Mama also told me that she's doing all these for me because my pawrents wants to purchase a bigger home for us. Living in an apartment its not much fun, i dont get to run around much because there are not alot of space but when mama and dada saves up they said we will be moving into a house with a really nice backyard and maybe a baby brother/sister for me soon........I hope mom feels better. I reall hate to see her sad....wish my mom goodluck on her new job!!


Happy Birthday To Me!!!

May 25th 2008 12:50 pm
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May 25th, 2008

Another year has passed by and here we are again celebrating my Birthday!! This time we're having a party for my 4th Birthday. My mama said I'm a really Big Boy now and she cant stop me from growing into a big boy but she also said that I'll be always her baby :) This year is totally different from my last year's birthday. Last year, I remember bringing goody bags at the daycare ago to and gave out some toys and treats for all the doggy pals I have there. Today, Mama signed up for monthly donation to our local SPCA and gave some food out for the doggies. Mama and Dada said we will be doing this every Christmas and Birthdays from now on. I love helping out other animals that doesnt have pawrents yet.

Today, I helped mama decorate with balloons, ribbons and banners. Mama's still cooking and my dada's picking my cake up! Well, thats it for now. To all you pups out there that have the same birthday as I am. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL! Have fun!!

Snowball Brian


Advanced Birthday Party!

May 23rd 2008 11:41 pm
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May 23rd, 2008

Today, Mama dropped me off at the daycare. I saw Dr. Anderson and the whole staff! Mom brought me a birthday cake and we had party at daycare. I got to take pictures with my favourite girls (Ms. Carrie, Ms. Brielle and Ms. Charlene). I love spending time with all of them! I had so much fun celebrating one of my early birthday parties with them because they take real good care of me when my mama and dada's at work. When mama picked me up this afternoon, I was exhausted and took a nap right away. I guess too much partying tires me down :). But, all in all I had so much fun!!

This Sunday (May 25th) is my actual birthday. We are having another birthday party for me and mama said that there are going to have alot of foods and presents!!! I cant wait until I open more presents. I'll be 4 years young this Sunday. Well, that's all for now! Have a good night ya'll!


My PhotoBook

August 9th 2007 10:52 pm
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August 9th, 2007 (Thursday)
1045 pm

Hello Everyone!! My mom made me a Photobook! She's really proud of this book because she spent alot of time making it. I love the book! It was a present for me and my dada from mom. I hope you like it too!! Here is a link if anybody wants to see it! 5bMXHg/landing

Good Day Dogsters!
- Snowball Brian

Thank you Dogster and Shutterfly for a great photobook gift!!



June 1st 2007 11:41 pm
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June 1, 2007 (Friday)

Hello Dogsters!!

I would like to THANK YOU all for those who remembered and still remembering my special BIRTHDAY. Thank you for all the super shiny stars, lovely colourfull rossettes, pawmails, birthday greets and bones you've given me. I love them all!!!

You probably asking and wondering how was my special party! As you all know i just turned the BIG 0-3 hahah! it doesnt feel any different from TWO i tell yah!! But i had soooo much fun, we ate and ate and ate and uhmm opened some presents and i got to blow my birthday candles! I'll post some pics soon, i promise!! Well, Would like to thank you guys once again for everything...

*Angel Griffen
*Zeus, Max, Roxanne
*Brandy, Quinn aka The Jackal, Angel Hobo
*Linda, Jerry, Angel Jerry
*Nikita Sophia, Armbruster, Angel Runt
*George Underwood, Angel Sassy, Harley
*Joey, Jake, Natasha Elizabeth, Todd, Angel Nickey
*Lucy, Ricky, Zipper
* Helga, Ellie
*Otis, Toby
*Buddy, Maggie
*"Anonymous" whoever you are, thank you for remembering my special day..


Love Lots,
Snowball brian


im finally 3!!!!

May 26th 2007 1:37 pm
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May 26, 2007 (Saturday)

Since our cable internet service was down the whole time yesterday my mama didnt get a chance to write something about my special day!!! Now, im 3 years and 1 day old!!! How does it feel to be 3??? Not much difference i tell yah! Mama and I had a really serious talk yesterday morning (my actual birthday) we were both laying on our big comfy bed and she looked into my beautiful big brown eyes and started kissing my forehead and nose..."snowball, happy birthday baby buchokoy...ur not mama's little baby anymore..ur mama's big boy now...ur growing so fast and i cant keep up with u..pls grow slowly...i still remember when i can carry u with only one arm...and can lift u high in the air and just look into ur beautiful big brown eyes and tell u how much i love you...(heheh she still does the same thing except for the lifting heavy now,she cant lift me high anymore hehe)..always remember that ive loved u frm day 1 til now and so proud of how u turned into baby boy...a handsome, sweet and funny little boy:)...then she keeps looking at me more til i fell asleep...

Last night we bakes some yummy cheese cookies!! Mama and i spent alot of time in the kitchen baking and making alot of mess...she baked me some of my favourite cookies, she even made me a cookie that shape like number 3..oh boy i am special!!!!fun fun!

Dada had to work yesterday (my actual bday) thats ok. Today we're having my birthday party, mama's cooking lots of yummy food like spring rolls, pancit(vermacelli), cakes and pastries!! Mama said im going to have 2 cakes, cheese cake and uhmm i forgot whats the other 1 called :)Well, i cant wait till i get to blow my candles..of course mama and dada will help are not allowed to play with candles yah know! Uhmm i guess its bye for now..mama said i have to have my afternoon nap before we start the party!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! YEY!


My Tail of Devotion for sNoWbALL BriAN

September 23rd 2006 11:51 pm
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My one and only Snowball Brian,

Buchokoy, when the first time our eyes met..i knew you were the one, the one that i will LOVE and treassure FOREVER, when i held you in my arms for the very first time i knew that i will never let you go, you're the best thing that happened to us, everyday you've shown us the real meaning of LOVE, you've given us unconditional LOVE and every smile and kisses we get from you is just makes our lives even happier. When i look into your beautiful eyes and you look at mine...i know in my heart that you, dada and i are really meant for each others. Always remember that mama and dada will always be here for you no matter what. We want to thank you for being in our lives and we will love you forever my little boy.


Love Always,
- Mama & DaDa
( Sept 23,2006)

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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hApPy BiRtHdAy tO Me!!!!

May 25th 2006 8:54 am
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May 25th, 2006 (Thursday) 8:48 am

YEY!!! Im officialy TWO! Wow thats more than 1 finger!! That's alot for a little guy like me :) Im so dada said now that im a BIG 0-2, i'll have to birthday parties, double d fun and more gifts!!!! My mama took a day off today to cook some yummy food, she also made some giveaway baskets with toys for my friends @ daycare, i know they will love it!! I cant wait til my dada gets home and start the party! He gets off early today coz its my birthday!! Then on Saturday, I'll have another party, more food, more toys, more gifts and this time mama said im going to have lots of decorations like balloons, banners n strimmers!! I love balloons! but my mama dont let me play with it coz she said its dangerous, i'll just give them to my cousins! OH BOY THIS IS SOOOOO FUN!!! Ok people i better get going, i have to get ready for my special day! muahh!


i GoT a PeT..weLL pEtS i shOuLd sAy...

April 15th 2006 11:07 pm
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April 15, 2006 (Saturday) - 10:57 pm

Both my mama and dada's been busy lately, they're both working alot to save money for my coming 2nd birthday party (May 25th). Ive been going to daycare 5 times a week while my parents are at work..its ok, my dada said its better to be at daycare than to be alone at home waiting for them....i met new playmates..there's riley, buster, scooter and many more! It's alot fun meeting new friends!

Well, well, and my mama hasnt been visiting Dogster for months, alot of new things happened...My dada bought me pets...9 fishes all together...i have 2 angel fish, 3 clown loaches, 2 tiger fish and 2 of some other kind (hehehe i forgot what's it called!) they are alot of fun i, whenever my mama feeds the fishes i watch her do it and juz sit and try to catch the fishes...i always bang my lips/teeth on d glass doesnt hurt tho...its fun! BUT my mama said not to do it because it will hurt my fishes so i try not to do it anymore but its so tempting sometimes!!! I just love my fishies so much! They're good swimmer just like i do!!! I wish i could swim with them, but dada said they cant go outside the aquarium and i cant be in the aquarium with them because im a big boy already!!! well, thats whats been happening lately...just being busy preparing for my 2nd birthday party...making give aways for my friends, hanging with my mama on the kitchen baking yummy healthy cookies for me!, going to fraser river for a long walk n a lil swim...juz trying to stay out of trouble but its hard not to! oh well i guess thats it for now, i'll be sleeping soon its getting soo late already....good nite everyone!


UPDATES: iM neUtErEd nOw! yiPeee!

November 10th 2005 9:22 pm
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November 10, 2005 (Thirsday) - 9:05 pm

As we all know that last Friday (nov 4th) i got neutered! The procedure took about half all went well and perfect...i got some stitches done but you cant hardly see it! First day, I slept the whole day, ate couple spoon-full of my food and drank alot of water....and slept again! Next day (Saturday) sleep a bit in the morning...then when i woke up..i was back to my own self again! Playing, jumping, bugging my mama and dada and just too excited! My mama was really worried...she tried to catch me when i jumped off the bed...try to hug me tight when i wanted to run around...MOMs i tell yah!!!Well. mom got over it! She let me play around for awhile but most of the time she tries to put me to sleep besides her...i pretend i was sleeping but when she's sleeping lol..i get up and play with my dada again!!hehehe! So basically next day i was fine and dandy! Sunday, i go for walks already! Monday, feels like i didnt have any surgery done! Tuesday, Im back to mom had to go back to work, she was off for 5 days to take care of me! I miss all my friends, i got to play around that day but i only stay there for 4 hours then my mama picked me up right away, she also asked my vet if its normal for me to be fine and hyper again the next day of the surgery...the vet said im really good, strong and healthy thats why i was fine the next day, mom also told him that she was expecting that im going to be less excited...alot calmer and she thinks i got MORE HYPER after the surgery! SILLY MOMMY! the vet laughed and said to my mama that "snowball will always be full of life n excitement thats just snowball" hehehe, but he also said that it will take about a week or 2 to see some difference like less marking my territory and cant wait til im less hyper vet said, mama doesnt have to worry coz im healthy and happy baby! We didnt have the car that day so she had to carry me for 10-14 blocks! Poor mama! She said its ok, as long as i dont hurt myself....she also said im a big boy getting about 20 pounds now! Imagine that!! Im just happy this is all over and wasnt so bad after all! i juz miss my 2 lil guys though...:)

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Snowball Brian


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