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Right now, they call me Max....

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Something's Wrong with The Potty Room

October 13th 2005 6:59 am
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Sometimes, when no one is in there, it just goes off by itself. I am standing guard to make sure nothing is wrong. But it's just a bit scarey. I'm going to have to protect Food Lady from it. So I'm watching it to figure it out.


Uncle Cat Man Gets Filled With Fish

October 12th 2005 8:02 pm
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Uncle Cat Man came again. He took a nap with me. I liked it. I think he did, too. Then Food Lady came home with BAGS of food. I thought it was wonderful. She slipped some chicken into my bowl. Then it happened. Uncle Cat Man and Food Lady were eating something called "get filled with fish". Food Lady put some in my bowl. I took a piece and put it in the living room. I pushed it, licked it, but I couldn't bring myself to eat it. Walk Man was home, too. They laughed at me. But Walk Man wouldn't get filled with fish. Uncle Cat Man made jokes about go filter fish. I don't know. It wasn' t good. Food Lady gave me some chicken in my bowl. But, no meat balls.

Uncle Cat Man left. He drives a truck. I'm afraid of trucks. I can't tell Food Lady why I'm afraid of trucks. I just am. But I don't mind Uncle Cat Man. He doesn't scare me. But he gets filled with fish.


It's Dark Outside

October 11th 2005 7:37 pm
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Its dark at night now. It's been dark so early, night is longer. Food Lady was home before it was dark. I didn't expect her. I did my doggie yoga to wake up. She stayed with me. She heated my meatballs. She walked with me. I'm a happy boy. She says tomorrow is Young Tough again. She says she may not eat. I hope she feeds me. If he's young and tough, I'll need my strength.

Uncle Cat Man will be coming tomorrow.



October 10th 2005 6:15 am
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I'm hoping Food Lady is getting all this right. I spell it "w-r-i-t-e". She insists on editing and since I can't type, she says I can't stop her. Anyway, the suitcase was a bad omen. She didn't come home. So after that, I slept on the couch waiting for her. She's home now and I told her to never leave again. I slept right next to her.

I have to nudge Food Lady to stop working and type for me. I sometimes go out with Walk Man and leave her instructions as to what I want to talk about. She works on other things. She leaves me for hours to go work. I went with her on some Saturdays, but she won't take me anymore. I'll be good.

Tonight, she took me with while she talked to someone. She gave me a huge chewie rawhide. Yum. I made a lot of noise so they'd remember I was there. They did. I heard my name. I tried getting a drink out of her friend's water cup. It was empty.

I also don't like when Food Lady is sad. I get close to her then. I know she feels better when she pets me. I like being pet.

Last night, she brushed me. I kept asking for more. I love Food Lady. So I let her edit. She spells pretty good.



October 7th 2005 9:12 pm
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Does anyone read my blark??? No one ever says a word.


Kickin' It

October 7th 2005 9:11 pm
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I'm not sure why I said "kickin' it". Actually, I've been licking Food Lady's pillow for a while now. I told her to go write. She's packing and she makes me nervous. Who will cook for me? She trusts Walk Man and they seem to be able to do one another's work for me. So I suppose there will be food. She walked me today TWICE! The first time, I was pretty cool. The second time, I tested her. I barked at a passer-by. Not a good move on my part. Food Lady did the sit-stay thing for a really long time. Then Walk Man came home. They left me and came back smelling like my water place near the park. They ate the sweet cold stuff. They didn't bring me anything. But they came back and Walk Man took me out. So it was ok. I was hanging out with Walk Man on the bed when it seemed to be a good idea to lick the pillow.


Taking Myself for a Walk

October 6th 2005 7:27 pm
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She's home. I like that. She gave me my meatballs. She seems to know that Walk Man was here earlier, since she didn't make a move towards the OUTSIDE.

I got spritzed today. I barked at a squirrel when I was out with Walk Man. I need to remember that barking thing gets me spritzed with citronella.

I have some toys. Food Lady names them. I know the names but I'm not letting her know that. OOPS. Now she knows. I told her when I was telling her what to type. I have a squirrel named Rocky. A toy called Pooch. Both of them squeak. I have a few balls. I just chew on them.

No one will play tug with me. They heard that its not good to do that with aggressive dogs. I don't know where they decided that I was aggressive. I also like to hold the leash when I go for walks. They haven't figured out why I do that. I'm not stopping. I'm not telling them why I do it.


Walk Man Forgot ... So I showed him!!!!

October 5th 2005 5:34 pm
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Today, Walk Man left me very early. He was in such a hurry, he forgot to put my citronella bark collar on....I showed him!!! I was good anyway! Food Lady told him but didn't smell any citronella on me.

Food Lady was late today and no one let me out all day. I held it. I didn't bark. But when I took her for a walk, I started pulling her to see the squirrels. I barked then. She didn't say "no bark!" How cool is that!!!???

When I took Food Lady back in the house, she gave me meat balls for dinner. If all goes well, she gives them to me twice a day with some kibble. I skip the kibble. I don't mind. I like meat balls every day. They are pretty yummy.

She said Young Tough has come and gone. I missed it somehow. I saw my uncle, but that is all. Oma forgot to visit me. I miss her. Food Lady said Oma makes something called Brisket and Charlotte. I didn't see that either. Walk Man wasn't around. No one was really around. I don't get it.


Today, My Name is Mud...

October 4th 2005 3:01 pm
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So Food Lady said Young-Tough was here. But all I saw was my Uncle, the Cat Man. He rang the bell and Food Lady made me sit before letting him in the house. I didn't bite and Uncle just reached for me. I didn't even have a chance. I like him. No, I love him. He pet me and smelled like cats.

They left for a while, came back, and then he left, and Food Lady took me to the park. It was pretty hot. I played with some Rat Terriers, a Samoyed, a Canaan dog, and a bunch of others. Then I went down near the beach. I don't like to get in the water. But it was hot after chasing the big spotted dog. He went in the water. I looked at him and just stood there. Then, I looked back at Food Lady and I layed down in the mud. It was so cool laying there. So I dragged myself in it. Then, I did my doggie yoga.

Well, I had been groomed this week and was pretty good looking and clean. Food Lady sort of laughed. She couldn't be mad. After all, I am a dog. I didn't like all that white pristine fluff. I didn't even smell like a dog. I'm better now. But from the way Food Lady dried me off and brushed the dirt off, I knew my name was Mud.

Good Young-Tough!!!!



October 3rd 2005 5:37 pm
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Food Lady came home early for young-tough. She was cooking. She snuck things into my bowl so I kept checking. They think they are tricky with that "kennel up" thing they started lately. I go. But its not serious. I can tell. They had some really good meat. I offered to help carry it. Food Lady handled it. But I was ready if she needed help. I could have tenderized it for her. She gave me a taste after it was cooked. It didn't need tenderizing.

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