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Frankie: True Hollywood Story

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Happy 3rd Birthday to me

August 21st 2008 11:16 am
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Yesterday was my 3rd birthday. I was a bit bummed that it fell mid-week as my parents both had to work so I was alone most of the day.

I did get a card from my grandma and grandpa Overstreet who live in Norco which was very nice. I suspect I may get something from my other grandparents maybe this weekend or the next time I see them.

When mom and dad did come home last night, we went on a very long walk together in a very scenic area of town. There were so many smells and things to discover. It probably took twice as long as it normally would as I had to investigate every new bush and tree I came across.

I also met quite a few other doggies on my walk as well. At least 6 or 7, and we greeted each other as our parents also introduced each otehr and engaged in silly adult talk.

However, no rabbits or squirrels were to be found. I'm sure I could smell them, but just not find them.

When we got home I had a nice dinner of organic green tripe and kibble, and sat with my parents as watched TV together before bed.

I think this weekend will prove to be a slightly better birthday weekend.


Almost 3!

August 11th 2008 9:56 am
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In 9 days from now I will be three years old.

That also means it almost time for a checkup as well. I'll most likely gets those mean shots that I dread getting, but it also means that my daddy loves me so much and wants to keep me around as long as he possibly can. I'm such a lucky boy that way.

I heard my mommy parents will be getting a rescue puppy soon too. Maybe within the next few months, so I'll have a new cousin to play with when I get to go and run around their yard. I'm looking forward to that!

Yesterday morning, daddy got up early and we had a really nice walk. It's so nice to have a peaceful walk when it early in the morning. The smells are always fresh, and I swear I just miss the bunnies in the morning.

Daddy went out last night with his own mommy, so it was just me and mommy at home. I cuddled on the couch with her, then bed as we waited for daddy to get home.


I am a Majestic Mountain Ram

July 28th 2008 10:36 am
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This morning I pretended I was a majestic mountain ram of the Swiss Alps. It was an early affair, the fog gently lifting of the snow kissed foothills, the morning air crisp and clean....I was in search of adventure and higher ground not only to overlook my domain from various key vista points along the way, but to stretch my mighty legs.

I began my steep climb upwards the rugged terrain at 6am, making sure to dig my feet into the somewhat oddly soft ground for solid footing and security. With my my first steps completed I surveyed my surrounding and spied a nicely shaped barren plane just inches a way.

Again, I placed my front feet forward and stretched them out, locked, to ensure all was safe. Curiously the ground seems to be moving up and down at regular intervals...yet it looks inviting and warm.....and broad enough for me to survey the lands below.

With one final leap, I jump up to my target and curl up for a quick deserved rest on this warm environ.

"Frankie....Ouch!...What are you doing silly dog? Do you know what time it is?"

What's this? The mountain speaks to me!?!

I look at my daddy, my face inches from his, as I have scaled his body in bed and now lay motionless on his chest. Perhaps if I lay motionless for a few more seconds, he'll fall back asleep, and I too can rest once again.


A few days with Grandpa & Grandma

July 14th 2008 12:55 pm
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Earlier last week, Mommy and Daddy went on vacation for a few days, so Granma and Grandpa Olson were kind enough to take me in and watch me for a few days.

I always like going to their house as I am sure to get a lot of attention, love and treats!!

Grandpa took me for a few long walks which were both fun and tiring. They were new locations fro me, so I had a lot of new sights to explore and to smell, stopping every few feet. But it was a bit warm outside and when we finally got home I was very tired and slept a lot.

Speaking of sleeping....I am so spoiled with my parents that Grandma and Grandpa also had to let me sleep on the bed with them. At first they tried to put pillows on the ground for me, but no way, Jose...I need something very soft, and to feel very secure and warm on when I sleep, so I kept bugging them until they let me up on the bed.

I spent a lot of time on Grandpa's lap in his rocker chair when he watches TV, and Grandma took me to a pet store in town so I could I could meet all the folks that she brags about me to. I of course had to give back by peeing twice in the store to let the other dogs know that Frankie Olson was in town.

Finally, mommy and daddy came home on Wed and picked me up and took me home. I slept most of the day as it takes a lot of you when your parents are gone and you're busy in a different house.

Daddy had to go back to work on Thursday, but Mommy was home Thursday and she took me for a stroll late in the day.


I have a secret....

July 2nd 2008 10:54 am
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Shhhhh.....don't tell anyone.....

But sometimes, when I am on a walk with daddy, and I lift my leg to mark my territory....

...I also occasionally and accidently drop a small tootsie roll.



It's Doggone Hot!!!

June 23rd 2008 9:23 am
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My house was a hubbub of epic activity this weekend.

It all started on Thursday when Mommy discovered that our water heater was leaking, so it needed to be replaced. Come to find out, it was the original placed in our house back in 1992!

Saturday both my Grandpa Overstreet and Olson came over to help replace our water heater, but sadly, the pilot wouldn't light and the earliest a certified techinican from the manufacturer could come over is Monday after 3pm. So we haven't had hot water for a few days now. My parents are limited to cold showers and cold laundry. So we have dishes piling up and other laundry that needs to be done as well.

Cold showers aren't too bad when it's over 100 degrees outside. Both Saturday and Sunday we were about 105 and our A/C is working overtime. Thank goodness when the groomer came over Saturday morning Mommy made sure my hair was cut shorter than usual. It's the tightest cut I've had yet, and Mommy also scheduled my next one in 4 weeks instead of the usual five.

It has been to warm outside to walk, but Daddy took me for a walk yesterday at 7am and it already felt as if it were 80! It was nice to stretch out my legs a bit, but I'd rather sit in the A/C house or in front of the fan. It kinda takes my energy away too.

Last night though I had a burst of energy at around 8pm, and daddy and I played tug-o-war with his socks. So I slept pretty good last night.

Poor daddy though....with this hot weather he's developed a skin allergy to the heat and sun, and he looks like he's covered in hives. He has to take medicine that makes him wired and he has trouble sleeping, plus he tries not to itch....and to make matters he's getting a funny 'cold-sore' as well! Yikes, I hope I never have those types of problems.

Well, I'm home today waiting for the plumber to come out later today. Weather man says it may get a little cooler, maybe only in the upper 90's today! We'll see.


Troubled Tummy and The Ranch!

June 16th 2008 9:52 am
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What a weekend I had! Daddy came home a little early from work on Friday to spend time with me and we had a pleasant walk around the neighborhood which was nice, and Mommy had left a little later that morning, so I wasn't alone all day. That night we all watched a movie together on the couch.

Saturday morning my tummy was a little upset for unknown reasons and kept making silly noises. When daddy was away, for a bit in the morning I got a little sick on the carpet and mommy cleaned it up. I'm so thankful for her! I wasn't really interested in my food just yet, and I was a bit itchy too.

When daddy came home that morning I had a nice cool bath and felt much better afterwards. I get so much attention with my parents fawning over me, washing, combing, drying. I finally felt well enough to eat some kibble and seemed to be okay the rest of the day.

On Sunday, we made a trip up to my Grandma and Grandpa Overstreet's house up in Norco. It was a little warm, but I got to run my little tail off in such a large yard. I got a lot of attention to from everyone and took turns in everyone's lap. I was such a good little boy and everyone commented on how well behaved and fun I was. Daddy couldn't have been more proud. When we finally left, I sat with my Grandma Olson in the backseat of her car as she rubbed my belly and I closed my eyes to nap. I was very tired last night and slept very well through the night.

Mommy got up early this morning and fed me, but again, it didn't sit right with me. When Daddy got ready for work, I threw up again my breakfast so Daddy had to clean it all up. Daddy decided to take my bag of food bag with him to work and bring it back to the store tonight when he comes how. Maybe my food is spoiled?

Anyway, I'm at home now listening to jazz music Daddy left on for me and sitting in front of a fan keeping cool.


Alls Well that Ends Well

May 27th 2008 10:35 am
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So another holiday weekend has come and gone.

Too bad it was so dreary. I mean we went from 100 degree weather last week, to pouring rain, thunder/lightening and even hail on Friday! How funny is that? Of course when it rains outside, I don't get to go on my regular's too cold and wet...and that just ends up being dirty and smelly for me. It's also very cold. I've been snuggling at night with my parents. They even tuck me in with my own blanket!

The thunder doesn't bother me that bad....especially when my parents are home. The hail was a little strange to look at....and always forces me to wait to go potty.

Grampie Olson came over on Monday (Memorial Day) and helped daddy with our new patio cover. It's almost done, I'd figure (If I were the mathematical type that is) it's about 90% done and looks very nice. It'll help provide much more shade this summer, and maybe some additional cover when it rains again.

I did get a new toy, but ruined it already after just a few hours, so daddy has to take this destroyed 'indestructible chew toy' back to the store and get a refund.

I did finally get a walk yesterday and it felt good to stretch my paws. All that rain always brings out new and fresh God is giving the earth a bath!

Well my parents had to go back to work today, so I'm all by myself again.


Diary Pick of the Day?

May 25th 2008 12:00 pm
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Oh Boy, Oh Boy,

My tail is just a waggin' silly with this honor. Daddy woke up this morning on this chilly Memorial Day weekend to see that I got a lot of personal email!

I wonder why I was I was so pupular today and then Daddy discovered my True Hollywood Story was one of the diary pics of the day today. Yippee!!

I feel so blessed and honored to be recognized by so many qualified and special dogs and their owners as well.

Thank you all so much!

I'm sure Daddy will now feel obligated to maybe treat me like royalty today (even though I get treated pretty darn well anyway...I trained my parents well). Who knows....maybe I'll get a special treat or a new toy.

I know glamorous ladies are known as Divas,...but what does that make me? Ryan Seacrest, eat your heart out....Dog! Just another humble accolade to my climb to the top....of the dogpile that is.

Frankie out!


A break in the weather...finally.

May 20th 2008 10:27 am
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First, daddy wants to thank Jelly for the well wishes for daddy. Turns out that as daddy gets older, we think he's developing allergic like symptoms to over exposure to heat and direct sunlight. He's been taking some icky tasting pills to help him, but they have there own strange side effects as well.

With that being said, it's been hot the last few days. Even yesterday it was in the 90's again, and we ran the air conditioner all day. The nice thing was mommy stayed home to work 'online' (whatever that means) so I had company all day long. Daddy even came home from work early because he was a little swollen and wiped out from the medications and allergies. Too bad I didn't get walk yesterday, but daddy is avoiding being outside for any reason right now.

The good news is this morning, the sky is very overcast! This means the temperature dropped quite a bit today, by almost 25 degrees and the weather man said we can expect it to be cooler moreso for the rest of the week at least. If we're really lucky, both daddy and Grampie will finish the patio cover this weekend and it will help keep the house much, much cooler!

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