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Awaiting my new Mom and Dad

September 15th 2005 8:07 am
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Hello everyone out there.

Forgive my first entry here as my paws are still getting use to this keyboard and I haven't had my first cup of water this morning yet.

Today, I am 27 days old, and one of a proud litter from my purebred champion parents Parley & Rylee of Mt. High Mini's in San Jacinto, CA. My current care giver, Cindy Muller, has a wonderful and clean home into which I was born. I understand that Mrs. Muller shows schnauzer's at many, many competitions all over North America and I can be proud of my purebred status and strong family line. They have won many awards over the years.

:: Sniff, Sniff ::

Ooops, sorry about that. Sometimes I get distracted by my brothers and sisters and all the new stuff I am experiencing in my young life.

Anyway, I understand I am a very lucky puppy. It has been explained to me that when I am old enough in the next few weeks (I'll be almost 9 weeks then), that I am going to move to beautiful Rancho Santa Margarita, CA and be part of a new loving family.

I'm so important in fact that I understand my new dad actually picked me out as. I guess they have been talking about opening their lives and home to a special guy for a while now, but the timing just seemed to work out now.

My new dad has been very busy behind the scenes too. Though we haven't met in person yet, I did send him my baby picture (see above) and I know he is already falling for me....I have that affect on people.

He's been secretly puppy proofing the house, searching out local vets to take care of me in-case I ever get sick, talking to friends who own dogs on what to be prepared for, and shopping for the best vitamins and goodies a boy could have!!

I'm sure he's a little nervous right now, but I hope to show him through love and affection this is one of the best decisions of their lives! I'm so lucky. Though I may miss my brothers at first, I hear I'll have very own house and backyard to play in all day! There will be parks and lakes, and other four legged friends to meet. As a matter of fact, rumor has it the next door neighbors to my new parents just got their own puppy too. He's a little bit older than me, but I'm sure we'll be friends and get into mischief together.

So it's almost time for my nap and then I have some crate training to do. Mrs. Muller says I'll be in tip-top condition to leave and start my new life, and she knows my new parents will be oh-so-good to me. They even had to fill out interview papers to even be considered in taking me in, and my new dad and Mrs. Muller have been in contact almost every day tracking my progress!


P.S. While I am not 100% positive of my name yet, my new dad thinks it will be Frankie.


Date set for pick-up

September 28th 2005 2:54 pm
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Exciting news:

I learned today that my new dad will be picking me up on October 16th!! That's less than three weeks away!! Yipee!!

Cindy, whose taking care of me right now will be participating in a dog show that day and said she'd take me along, all clean and ready. My new dad will pick me up that afternoon and take me to my new home.


New Fence

October 7th 2005 8:21 am
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Dad has been really pushing the contractors at the house to put in a brand new, secure, vinyl privacy gate at the house. This way I know when I arrive in 9 days I will have a nice yard to play in without any fear of insecurity.

Dad is also putting in a new lawn this weekend too, just for me. Mom is beginning to wonder why dad is so gung-ho lately on fixing up the backyard, because she still has no idea I'm coming to live their in less than two weeks!

Dad is also busy in looking into insurance for me as well, and calling up the local vets to bring me in for my baby shots. I know I will be taken so well care of. I'm so lucky that dad who hasn't even met me yet is doing so much already for me.


My new Home - Day 1

October 18th 2005 9:04 am
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October 16, 2005.

Daddy really had mommy fooled. He told her he had to go to his parents home to help them move furniture, but instead, he drove over an hour in the rain to meet the breeder in West Covina, CA.

After exchanging pleasantries and financial balances, my surrogate mother handed me over to my new daddy who was very nervous. Just as nervous as I was. Daddy was surprised on how small I was for eight weeks old, but I just had my coat trimmed and combed out and was wearing a cut little Halloween bandana. Daddy was smitten on first site and listened intently on all the instructions the breeder gave him, but I think it did overwhelm him.

Daddy placed me in my crate and I had to say good bye to my litter mates and brothers. The same time daddy picked me up, my salt & pepper brother was also being picked up by a new family as well.

It was a hard day for us all and very traumatic and scary. Dad was a little worried with my initial whining on the long ride home, but I finally fell asleep the last 45 minutes of the drive.

When I got to my new home, my new mommy was not home yet and this made dad very anxious and excited. He could not wait to surprise mommy, but he was very scarred at the same time, for Daddy never had a dog before and began to wonder about all the new sacrafices and change of lifestyle he would have to partake in.

Finally Mommy showed up and Daddy met her in the garage and expressed how excited he was to have be my Daddy.

Mommy called me Frankie right away, and I gave her kisses, my way of welcoming her as my new mom.

The next few hours were a little chaotic as Dad had to go back to the pet store and buy some extra essentials: collars, leash, stainless steel bowls, brush, fleece bed, toys, and then he signed me up for Puppy Kindergarten starting next week.

My first night I didn't eat to much and my nerves were a little high strung, and I got to explore much of the indoors of the house.

Mom and Dad were both very attentive to my relief needs and had me outside after every drink, every nap, every meal....and I started to go outside.

My first night was a little rough. New home new surrounds and missing my brothers may have had me a bit sad, so I whined off and on throughout the night, no doubt causing daddy very little sleep. I went potty outside a few times in the middle of the night, and I know Daddy was bit on edge due to the unforseen thunder and lighting storm as well. Nothing like getting wet at 2am then again at 4am. So daddy stayed home from work his first day to stay with me. More on that later.


Day 3

October 19th 2005 3:26 pm
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Daddy decided to stay home again with me today, partially because he's still pretty tired and didn't want to leave me alone again.

Started the day eating around 1/2 cup of my puppy Lamb & Rice kibble, and back outside to my reliefe area. I'm not always sure I am done though. After I go potty, I like to play around and explore for a few more minutes. Dad is unsure, as well as I if I am really done yet.

We played a bit in the morning before Mom left for work. Dad is trying to teach me where my new bed is, and I get in...then right back out a few minutes later.

I discovered both mom and dad's shoes make good chew toys despite all the toys they got me.

Dad heard from a friend of his to purchase a wind up alarm clock and wrap it in a blanket and place it near my crate, as it simulates my mothers heartbeat. Seems to be working because I slept most of the day.

That is until 3pm, where dad took me to the Vet for my first check up. The Vet was a very funny man who spoke baby-talk to and he checked me over. For the most part I'm in good health, but the Vet did tell dad I have a 'musical heart murmer', which hopefully I will grow out of in a few weeks or month. The Vets says I'm also a little bo-legged, but not to worry about it. Otherwise I'm a healthy 5 lbs! Was a little weird when they took my tempertaure by sticking a probe up my behind. But I got a cookie and a CET chew toy out of it.

Mommy came home with a new touy for me today too, a big plushy animal I like to both chew and sleep on. It's twice as big as me.

After dinner I went outside again to learn my relief area and was praised for the good job. I spent the remaining waking hours on the couch, getting equal attention from mom and dad as they watched TV, and before you know it, it was bed time again. While I did whimper some, it wasn't as bad as the previous two nights.

I have my 9 week shot this weekend and then I start kindergarten in a few weeks too. I'll finally get to meet other dogs!


Days 4-5-6

October 24th 2005 10:18 am
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I'm starting to get into a routine now.

At about 5:45 or 6:00 am I begin to stir my sleep head and need to go outside and relieve myself. Once done, Daddy usually feeds me about 1/2 cup of Lamb & Rice kibble and a broken up vitamin which I just love.

Sometimes I get a little distracted when eating my breakfast as Daddy is also trying to get dressed himself, have a little morning coffee, and eat a little snack. I defiently like to distract him when he's putting on his shoes and socks.

I think I have a sock fetish, or at least anything white. I like to chew on daddy's knotted sock, and when he walks about the house iI try and nip at his toes and heel when he has his socks on. Also white towels.

As Daddy get's ready for work, them my attention goes to Mommy as she greets me with hugs and kisses and plays with me for a bit in the morning too. She's brought me home some good chew toys, and I often sleep next to her side or on her lap when she's watching TV.

When they go to work, I get placed in my crate for right now until I'm a little older, but that's okay, cause I end up sleeping for a few hours.

By lunch time at least one of comes back home to let me out and go potty and play for a little bit before they go back to work, and back in the crate again for a few more hours until they come home. I have my dinner, get a little rub down and endless attention for the next few hours before bedtime which is roughly between 9 and 10pm in which I sleep in their room and the whole routine starts all over again.


A journey to the vet

October 25th 2005 8:15 am
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Well, in order for me to attend puppy kindergarten, I have to have all my proper shots in order, so yesterday, on a cold, damp and dreary day, Daddy had to pack me up in my crate for a trip to the Vet.

Thank goodness it is not to far, only a few blocks away. However, I'm not sure what to make of the whole experience. When I went last week, the Vet was very sweet to me and gave me hugs and kisses and even a chew treat I got to take home with me.

This time however, it was much more busy and many more sounds. I heard cats and both small and large dogs, and many more people. Good thing Daddy brought my favorite toy as I sat in my crate with 'Fuzzy' for all his comfort he can provide. Dad's reassuring voice also helped.

Soon a nurse came to take me in back and wouldn't let Daddy come with me, but assured me it would only take a few minutes. I got two shots, and they removed the stitches from my ears as well. But I didn't get any treats this time :(

The nurse explained to Daddy that he had to watch me for the next hour or so to see if I had any reaction, but chances are that I would become very drowsy.

Boy was Daddy and Mommy in for a surprise!

When I got home, I was bouncing off the walls for hours. Daddy was clearly tired and had to defer me to Mommy for playtime. I must have been up until close to 9:30pm nonstop before I went to bed.

Oh, BTW, today is Mommy and Daddy's 2 year wedding anniversay and to know I was a gift to celebrate it make me that much more special.


Sleeping better and eating habits

October 27th 2005 10:00 am
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I'm certaintly adjusting to my routine of waking with Dad at around 6am and having breakfast and a little playtime before he goes to work. And everyday, someome one comes to visit me at home at around 11:30-12:00pm for a little relief and excercise.

Mom and Dad are a little puzzled at my eating habits. I'm definetly eating as shown by the number of times I have to relieve myself; at least 2-3 times a day, but still, I'm only eating about 1 cup maximum a day.

Maybe I'm already getting bored of my puppy chow. Daddy is going to try and feed me a few slices of apple today as the breeder did say I can have vegtables and apples on occassion.

My stubborness is coming out. Mom and Dad call me and at times I just sit and stare at them with no gumption of moving off my duff.

One think I really leanrning to enjoy is the belly rub. When Mom and Dad rub my belly, I'm quick to roll over on my back and sit as quiet and still as a mouse until they are done.

I have to work on my nipping issues though. I know I'm still teething, but I still forget Mom and Dad's hands are soft and my teeth are a little sharp. I especially like nipping at Dad's big toe to his dismay.


Quick trip to the emergency room

October 28th 2005 8:18 am
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Last night I was out a little later than I usually am relieving myself wehn I came across a large spider web with a big spider right in the middle of it.

So of course curiosity drove me to try and eat the spider which Dad caught out of the corner of his eye. Dad ran over to me and scooped me up just in time beofre I got bit or chocked onsomething poisonous, but I was so amped up as when Dad tried to bring me back into the house, I squirmed out of his arms and fell about 4 feet onto a hard tile floor.

I let out a long yelp, and cried for the next 30 seconds which of course scared both my parents. I was visibly limping and Dad thought I may have broken something, so of course he felt miserable and horribly guilty.

Mommy tried to calm us both down and checked me out. My crying had stopped, but I was clearly shooken up. Dad panicked and was immediately on the phone finding an animal hospital at 10:30pm just in case.

Mom wrapped me up in a blanket and dad got dressed while he was very distressed. Mom held me in her arms and calmed me down while Dad drove silently to the Animal clinic.

The attendants on duty were very kind to me and my parents and gave me a full body checkover. No broken bones. I was just very scared and may have bruised some soft tissue, but the Vet said I was very resiliant and would bounce back within a day. Mommy, while concerned was cool and collected and made everything better. She even spoke to Dad letting him know it wasn't his fault, it was just an accident, and I was squirmy, but Dad felt very guilty for a long time and was saddened by the fact he may have injured me.

But this morning I was up at 5:45 and let Dad take me outside and feed me, and he reassured me with many hugs and sorry's before he had to go to work. He's a sucker 'cause I figure he's gonna buy me treat later today when he gets home.


Meeting new Family members, Backyard Project, and dirty- bottoms

October 31st 2005 7:54 am
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All in all this was a very exciting weekend for me and I really excersised my puppy freedom and energy and wiped out just not myself, but my family as well.

First, I met I guess what you could call my big sister, Raelene. She's 13 years old and the daughter of my current mother. She spent all night Friday night and Staurday getting acquainted with me and not only played games with me, but also took responsibility to take me outside when I had to go potty. I liked to nibble on her long hair when I was able to and at her toes as well. But she left Sunday morning, but i know I made a new friend.

Daddy and his dad (Grandpa Sid) built a very sleak new planter box in the backyard. One of a few yet to come that will further puppy proof the yard so as I can't get into any trouble through the years. I have a tendancy right now to find small rocks and chew on them to my parents dismay. So I know Dad is taking prescendence in spneding much time in the bakyard lately. I think he's already looking forward to when he can purchase and install a new glass sliding door panel with a built in doggie door so he doesn't have to get up 15 times a day to let me out...just in case.

In addition to Grandpa being over to play, Grandma (Dad's mom) came over as well and fawned over me. I got so much attention this weekend, but Dad and Mom really noticed how amped up I got. I know Dad is really looking forward to taking me to class soon enough to learn some obediance. But Dad can't stay mad at me for very long. One look and he melts and I get as much pets and belly rubs as I can handle.

Last night Daddy had a funny moment with me that aggravated Mommy with him. I had to go use the rstroom outside, and lets just say there was a little extra debris hnaging out. Daddy really didn't know what to do or handle the situation where he decided the best course of action was to call Mom. Mom had to gently wipe my bottom as I squirmed the whole time chastising Dad for his incompetance.

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