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I came, I conquered and I'm taking over!

3 years later and I'm still the boss around here

December 1st 2008 8:36 am
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It's been 3 years but I'm still the boss, they try to change it all the time but I put my foot down on that. I am still the boss of Boris Boo Boo Head and Soxie Sue too, she still pretends I'm not but I am!
I was going to have babies with Boris but I got Pyrometra or somthing like that when I got pregnant and had to have an emergency hystorectomy so now I'll never get to boss babies around. I would have been good at that too but mom says it's ok and she loves me anyway.

After I got "fixed" I got all fuzzy and my hair looks quite funny now but mom says she is hoping this cod liver oil she makes me lick each day will make my fuzz prettier again, we will see.

I guard the house each day if I can for as long as possisble. I found out that is my calling in life. I must look like a German Shepard because I scare all the people off that walk in front of my house, they just keep going! Sometimes my puts a warm pretty dress on me and they don't take me quite as serious, don't know why? Boris tries to copy me a lot but he doesn't like the cold so he barks quickly and then runs back in the house...the big baby!

Mom has nick names for us now. Soxie is Soxie Sue the Queen of Lick-A-Lot and then Boris Boo the Prince of Mark-A-Lot and I'm Tasha Tu the Princess of Bark-A-Lot. I like my title best!

Well that is my big up date for 3 years. I'm a big girl now of 4 lbs! :)


and this is what I think:

September 12th 2005 9:19 pm
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I am hoping my hair will get a little longer for this winter but my mom says she likes it short because i don't shed now, well then she better start knitting me a sweater soon.
We have our own doggie door and I really like that, it is so fun to go in and out and in and out and in and out when ever I want to.
I'm the boss of the house and they don't even know it yet, but i'm still insisting on it. Boris is a big baby and always tells mommy on me when I beat him up....he goes off screaming and hides behind her, then she picks him up and says "now now, Boris Boo Pie, settle down, it'll be ok", geesh he's such momma's boy.
He had better grow up and be a man if he wants me to have his babies! I think he will though, he'll grow up and be a big Rottweiller!
My mean step sister, Soxie Sue, thinks she the queen of the house here because mom calls her the "queen of Sheba", well I have news for her, I'm here now and I'm taking over this out of control household! I'll just let Soxie think she is the queen so she doesn't get upset and run to mom and play on her sympathy, but I know I'm at least 2nd in command!
Soxie gets so mad at me for chasing her around and biting at her fluffy tail and big hairy ears, she even snapped at me a time or two, so now I know how to push her buttons. She does let us put our head on her while we sleep though, but as soon as we wake up she makes us move.
And Teetee that huge giant of a dog is quite grumpy too, but lets me be if I don't bug her (but she is fun to bug once in a while).
Today mommy took me and only me to the park to spend alone time with just me! We had a lot of fun and all the kids wanted to pet me and pick me up but mommy said they could only pet me because I was too small for kids to handle. She protects me all the time! I love her.
When I grow up I think I will be a German Shepard and protect my whole house hold, that's what I'm going to do!

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