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My sweet Weedle

A Poem Suprise for my Mommie from Pooh-Angel

August 18th 2007 11:07 am
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Pooh Angel made a special poem just for my Mommie. It is the sweetest thing anyone could have ever done for my Mommie and Me. Thank you Pooh we love you with all our heart. Here is the poem.

Weedle .... Mommy's Girl

You were Mommy's Girl,
The day you were found, you made her world.

You were her best friend
From the beginning to the end.

You were her life, her love
Then one day you went to the Heavens above.

She misses you more than words can describe,
She wishes you could open one more Christmas surprise.

Goofy is with her, not quite sure what to do,
To this day, he still looks for you.

Now sleep, Weedle , Weedie, Woo,
She knows it's your favorite thing to do.

Please know that it is you that she misses,
And every night, she still gives you kisses.

You were a friend to many in the animal world,
But Weedle, you will be remembered most
As Mommy's Girl.

Rest In Peace, Weedle.


I still Miss you soooooo Much

March 28th 2007 8:11 am
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I still cry when I think about you. It's been just a little over a year and you know Weedle I have had dogies all my life but none like you. You had a special connection with everyone. You cared for My Mom in her last weeks by sitting by her in the nite when I was trying to get what sleep I could and you would wake me if you thought I needed to look or if she needed me. You watched over our first grandchild when he came into the household. You welcomed home my son when he came home from the Army altho you hadn't know him but he was a part of the family and you sensed that. You helped me watch over hundreds of wildlife that "we" rehabbed thru the years and again waking me in the nite when all the baby opossums escaped and you even helpd me find them, took us 4 hours but we found them one by one. You watched some puppies come and go in the family and always accepted everyone. There will never be another Weedle, not for me. I look forward to our days when we will again play ball, run, and just kiss and hug until our hearts content. I hold or touch your collar each day and say a little prayer for you each nite that you're happy and content and that one day we will again be together. I miss you Weedle....Love, your best friend, Mommie


Hi Weedle

January 20th 2007 6:21 am
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You know we transferred some movies over last nite to disc and lo and behold there you were. Goofy went crazy for he thought you were back and he kept looking to see where you were in that big tv box. We were all sad when the movie was over. Goofy looked so sad that he could never find you. I was sad too but I know your with my Mom and she loved you with that you hang out there, watching over us all, and someday you, me, Goofy, Daddy and our other friends we've always had will once be together to romp and play forever and ever. I miss you Weedie....Mommie


First Christmas without Weedle

December 24th 2006 5:31 pm
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Well Weedle, here it is, Christmas Eve and I sit and look at your picture on the tree and your little stocking. You always guarded your stocking every year from the time it went under the tree until the morning of Christmas. You should have been here this year as Goofy ate all the stuff I put under the tree one day last week so you were wise. You use to get so excited when I would tell you we could open the presents. I have movies of you opening your presents. I know you're spending Christmas this year with your little dachshund sister Pudsy and your Grandma who loved you so. I miss you sweetie so much but I know I'll see you there. I love you Weedle, Merry Christmas, Love Mommie


My Prayer for my Family

November 24th 2006 5:59 am
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Dear Lord,
Thank you for watching over my family and our friends (both fur and human) all of this year and especially over the holidays. Thank you for giving everyone the happiness of being together and always make sure my Mommie and Daddy know I'm watching from above. Weedle
PS. And thanks for sending Buddy, who was born on the same day I passed away, to my Mommie who had a really broken heart from missing me.


6 Months

September 16th 2006 5:44 pm
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Well Weedie it's been 6 months now since you have been gone....I still miss calling you, looking for you (sleeping always) and just being around. Your buddy Goofy still looks when I say "Goofy where is Weedle". That one spot you laid will never be forgotten by any of us. I still walk around it or when I walk over it I think of you....I will love you forever....Nite Nite Weedle


Sweet Weedle

August 19th 2006 3:47 am
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Well Weedle it's been 5 months since you have been gone. Mommie and Daddy miss you so very much so does your little brother Goofy. If we ask where you are he goes to the last spot you were laying before you died. It was along time before I could get the carpet cleaned on that spot. You didn't mess it up you were just there laying. We were together for along time Weedle and you were the most wonderful dogie anyone could have asked for. You're now with Ole Mom and "lil pud" in Heaven and I know you're taking care of Ole Mom just as you did when you were here. I miss you my sweetie. We will meet again someday and I'll look for you. I'll Love you always Weedle and you're in my prayers each night.......Love, Mommie

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