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Well my life has changed

I've Been Tagged by my pal KodiaK

October 18th 2007 11:24 am
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Ok here it goes....

List 7 facts about yourself and then tag 7 friends. Let them know they have been tagged.

1. I have a hole in my Jollyball (suppose to be indestructable) thanks to my widdle brudder Buddy. Thanks Buddy
2. I have a little brudder that eats anything including my now irrepairable jollyball. (can you tell I'm hung up about this jollyball thing?)
3. I can't climb into Mommie's truck to go bye bye, so I politely sit by the passenger side door on the concrete driveway. She picks up my front paws and puts them on the step, and then gets behind me and shoves my big bufus butt up into the air and into the front seat. I'm ready and happy. This experience is definantly a kodak moment for someone.
4. I'm not stupid. How do you think I manage to get Mom to put me in the truck. hee hee...
5. I am married to the sweetiest girl in the world Sadie Pearl and she has a wonderful family that loves me.
6. I bark and charge at any dog that invades our TV. It's our TV and where did they come from and why are they barking in my domain never the less? We were watching something GO AWAY
7. And last but not least....if I'm in another room and I hear the jingle or music on the TV that has that barking animal that comes on it. I run straight to the TV cause I know he's coming and he's gonna bark, growl, or something and it's OUR TV...I'm on guard always

I'm gonna tag....lets see...ummmm ok I got it now..

1. Diesel Blue (he's my pal)
2. Grizzly
3. Bocefus (neat name HWjr)
4. Dallas
5. General Patton
6. Griffen (cause I fell in love with this angel when I first came here. She's a knockout!!!)
7. Mischief

Have fun guys....Me loves ya. Goofy


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