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Today I ate my Mum's Mobile Phone

October 24th 2005 9:32 am
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Today was a really bad weather day, I hate the rain especially when it's raining hard, my Mum has to literally drag me outside so has given up when it is this wet.
I had a little snooze & dreamt of all my doggie friends - real & virtual, when I woke up I felt a little bit bored.
Lately I have taken to raiding my Mums handbag - well Granny keeps steak in her purse for me - today nothing foodie but Mum's phone was making a strange noise, she was upstairs in the office, the phone has my picture on the screen so I figured it must be mine - hell everything else in this house seems to belong to me.
I took the phone into the sitting room onto the couch to give it a good munch - not that tasty I have to admit & really not worth the effort - I got so shouted at.
Then my Mum had to ring the phone insurance people who laughed when she admitted the dog had eaten the phone. I am in so much trouble. Daddy is home soon & I have to tell him what I have done!


The Lesson I learnt today - Bees are not food!

September 29th 2005 3:16 am
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Today I got stung by a bee, I don't know why, it might have had something to do with the fact I was chewing it at the time. I was doing this slyly so my Mum couldn't see. If she catches me chewing anything 'not allowed' I have it taken from me but I've learnt to stop chewing altogether when she looks at me - neat trick.
Anyway after my little snack I didn't feel too good & my nose felt kind off tingly & big. My Mum went into hysterics when she saw this, messed with my mouth & got straight onto that vet guy.
I was whisked to the vets in the car - we normally walk (which is the only bit I like) The nurses had a little laugh with my Mum, saying I looked like a chipmonk or Marlon Brando (whoever he is) & how I was about to make them offer they couldn't refuse - people are just weird!
I had to have an injection - not nice, but got a treat from the nurse afterwards even though I behaved like a complete wimp.
My Mum took my picture when we got home to capture my 'Bee Stung Lips' look. All this for a little snack, so I have now learned - Bees are not Food, well until next time that is.

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