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Keeping Duke

Visiting the kids!

January 5th 2008 5:08 am
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dear diary,
every day mom leaves and goes to "work" and leaves us home... : (
this time i got to go with! i went to my mom's school and visited with the kids! they were cute and fun. i wore my backpack and showed them my stuff i carry and all my tricks. the last picture on my profile is me taking a bow when we were done. then i got to lay on mom's office floor for a while. it was fun. i hope i get to go back. i was really good!
fondly, duke


I've been tagged!

November 21st 2007 3:37 pm
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i've been tagged by my friend sandy!
Here's the rules i copied from her diary:

We're gonna play some tag. Each player needs to tell seven special things they are thankful for. Tagged dogs must post the rules in their diary and their 7 things. Then choose 7 pups to tag and list their names. Let them know by pawmail or rosette that they have been tagged and to read your diary for the instructions on how to play

i'm thankful for:
1. dad (he gives us treats and takes us in the car and to the sand pit for long walks)
2. mom (she makes homemade treats for dad to give us)
3. all our dogster pals, y'all are really nice
4. collin - he saved me that fateful day...!
5. rawhides
6. warm, cozy covers on mom and dad's bed
7. fresh, filtered water with ice cubes

i'm tagging the following pals:
2. stormy b. naughty

Hap py Thanksgiving to all!

fondly, duke


Hurricane Preparedness

August 2nd 2006 4:02 pm
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Dear Diary,

Mom is so ungrateful! We do live in coastal Georgia. I wanted to do my part to help prepare for any storm effects we might have. So, I went into the guest room closet where the bottled water is kept. I got the bottles ready by removing the lids and adding some convenient sprinkler holes. She didn't even say thank you! I'll help her work on her manners.

Fondly, Duke


Welcome Home, 3rd ID Soldiers!

January 10th 2006 3:43 am
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Dear Diary,
Our neighborhood is a bustling place now! It's been so quiet the last year. But, every day, more and more soldiers are returning home. Lots of them live in our neighborhood.
WELCOME HOME, SOLDIERS! And, THANK YOU! For all you've done, all you've sacrificed, and all you stand for.
Especially, welcome home to Mr. Mike, Georgie's daddy. He comes home on Friday, and I know she'll be so happy to see him! Mr. Mike, I've been watching your territory and family, to guard against intruders while you've been in Iraq. I hope you're half as proud of me as I am of you!
Fondly, Duke

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