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September 24th 2007 3:33 pm
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Hi, it's been a long time since I made an entry in my diary my secretary has been busy-it's hard to get good help :). This is a copy of an email Mom sent to my Aunt Kathie in TX.

"Ranger was blooded this morning he has joined LT as a killer. [LT killed a mouse in 2002 and has been waiting for another chance ever since].(LT-Little Tigger is a cat and a cool dude at that. editor)
Recently for various speculated reasons rats have moved into our neighborhood. The favorite is all of the habitat destruction due to slash and burn development near here has sent a pack of displaced desert rats into the surrounding sub-divisions and the Country Club especially the golf course another speculation is the got washed out of the washes in our unusually heavy mosoon-but who knows.
I was talking to one of my neighbors from across the street yesterday evening and he was detailing all of the variety of traps he and his daughter have set to no avail and he went on to say they had ordered some super rat traps off the internet.
OK, you know where this is going right?
I knew the rat/s were in our backyard too because I’d seen the little varmint/s.
Ernie and Ranger have been stalking it/them for a couple of weeks now, but were unable to unearth it/them [as it turns out there are at least 2] because they were holing up in a utility box that houses the in ground watering system.
Anyway Ranger was really wound up and was pointing, yes he has hunting dog in him maybe the Lab component of his gene pool, any how I joined him and flushed the little beast and he caught it right outside of the box. Dead rat. It is entombed in a plastic bag in the garbage can in the garage now. But, he wasn’t calmed and kept dancing around the patio so I got the hose and turned it on jet and stuck it in the opening at one end of the box and out flew another rat. But, because Ranger is a total chicken when it comes to water he wasn’t close enough and the rat beat feet into a huge bush and escaped. However, I got some big heavy rocks [living in AZ does have its advantages plenty of rocks] and blocked off both entrances to box. So, it is only a mater of time until Killer strikes again."

That was last week I got the other one over the weekend! Now our yard is rat free! Mom thinks I am the greatest.


P.S. Ernie killed a bird. Big deal. Mom thinks I am hero she yelled at Ernie. :)
The cool thing about Ernie and birds is snaps them right out of the air-but we know ---bird vrs. rat do the math. ;)


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