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Life of the Turner Dog

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New Vet

March 22nd 2011 8:13 pm
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Mom took me to a new vet. She asked around and found out who the top vet group was and got me in today. Well, let's just say, we're not really sure what's up - yet. My lump is around 4-5 cm's long and hurts. I can pee and poop just fine and I've got an appetite, temperature is normal. So we'll see. The vet violated me several ways and I'm not too happy about that. I put my head down moms coat front - I was soooo embarrassed when the thermometer came out! :( The vet is really nice - both me and mom really liked her. She decided to try the least aggressive route first. I'm on Rimadyl and Baytril for 14 days. If there is no improvement in 2 days mom will be bringing me back and they may do surgery... :(

But mom and dad are hopeful, I'm gonna be alright in no time! We're at grandma and grandpa's right now. Mom is using grandma's computer... The snowstorm should be here tonight... geez it never stops snowing!! It's calling for 3-5" at our house and 2-4" here. Oh well! Mom brought my coat so I'll be warm. I don't mind - we arrived and grandma was cooking.. she gave me a piece of chicken! Score!! Then grandpa had some wheat pizza and gave me some crust - Score again!! Told ya - I love visiting here.

Well I'm trying to get comfortable for bed, I cry when I try to lay down on my right side (that's my favorite side) and can't. Good night everyone! Sleep tight! :)


It's too early mom!

March 20th 2011 4:07 am
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Mom came home last night around 11pm like she always does. Only this time we went right to bed! Hmmmmm. She said it's quarter change. Uh oh, that means I mom is changing shifts.

Well at 4:30 am (WHAT??) mom's alarm clock went off... She got ready for work and put food out for me and Darcy. Darcy ate hers, but I was too comfortable to get out from under the covers. Soooooo,,, mom filled by kongs and hid them under my pillow (that way Darcy won't get them!)

I hate having to eat so early - I just wanna sleep.....


Is this a tease??

March 13th 2011 1:25 pm
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There was more grass exposed today than there has been in since November. Is this a tease?? Mom and Dad took me and Darcy in the woods for a hike. Mom showed dad the dead deer - or what was left of it. I wanted to gnaw on the bones but mom wasn't having any of it!! Hmmpf!! We walked all over, some of it wasn't to easy to walk on - there was snow in some spots, but I took my time. When mom left for work me, Darcy and Dad were napping...


Aw mom!!

March 11th 2011 3:12 pm
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So mom took me and Darcy to the food store. Darcy wasn't in her crate and shook for a few minutes. She did really well, considering!! :) After the food store mom drove around the lake!! No fair!! I wanted to walk, but mom said everything was soupy (sounds yummy!). We drove back to the house and I was sad - for a minute... Then the meter reader came and I got to bark my alert to mom. Mom told me I was a good boy and I pranced around with a toy in my mouth!! :) Now it's snowing - again! Will this madness ever end??



March 10th 2011 1:30 pm
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I barfed... Really - I didn't want my morning cookie and went outside with my head down. Mom came out and I barfed. Turns out I swallowed my bullystick and it didn't sit right....

Then I went inside and slept for about 45 minutes. Mom sat with me making sure I was alright. My tummy felt better and we played for a bit. Went outside in the rain and did my business. Came in, mom gave me a good rubdown with the towel and I ate breakfast. I feel much better now..

Mom said no bully sticks for a few days....



March 7th 2011 2:12 pm
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The sun was out ALL day today!! It was WONDERFUL!! Mom let me and Darcy run out in the woods while she was breaking up ice around the house. It was great!! We came back about an hour later - smiling as we do!! I got into the house and told mom I wasn't done playing and kept doing playbows in front of her!! She just giggled and chased me!!

Then I settled down and found me a good spot on the bed in the sun. Mom came in before she went to work and gave me a hug and kiss I was sooo warm..... :)

What a great day!!


Will it ever end....?

February 25th 2011 2:52 pm
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Yes, it's doing it again. Snowing!! I took 3 steps outside, lifted my leg and went right back in to bed!! Mom had to shovel out our pathways again. The snow along the paths is over 3 feet deep!! Luckily, once in a while mom will let me out of the yard and I can sniff around someplace new and leave a p-mail....

But, mom and dad play games with me when they're home so I still get my exercise and nappies. Ever once in a while mom will hide a Kong with my food in it and boy do I go on a hunt!!

I just wish it would stop snowing soon so we can go for walks again. Mom hurt her knee and was in a chair for 2 days - she says she cannot walk us for a while so the snow isn't all that bad! But we're all ready for Spring!!


Hi everyone!!

February 15th 2011 12:01 pm
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Seems to be crazier and crazier around here!! Mom got a temporary job in another department. By day 4 she was done and removed from the job. Definately not a bad thing! We're happy to have her home with us and happy to see us!

It's been cold, warm and now it's cold again! So that means we only get a walk once in a while! :( There is about a foot of snow then 2 inches of ice and then 4 inches of snow on top of the ice so running in the woods doesn't work out too well either!

BUT, the good news is after tonight it's supposed to warm up for a few days! At least we may get some walks in.... Our fingers are crossed!! Even mom is getting pretty antsy about not walking....

Good news about the dead deer on our property. Turns out we had a dead dear that me and Darcy found in the woods. Mom called the Game Warded because she didn't see a head on the body and though that someone had poached it. Turns out the body was moved about 10-15 feet from where we found it and there was a head on it after all!! Sick huh? Anyhooo,,, the game warden came to the conclusion that the deer was hit by a vehicle and made it to our woods and then died. Poor baby!! It was a young doe... :( But at least nobody poached on our mountain. Mom and dad are still going to post the property, any hunters will have to ask for permission. That's good for me and Darcy!!

Mom and dad are in training this week which means they're both home at night until Sunday. Then mom has to go back on shift. Wahooo..... Dad will be home at night and mom will be home during the day. Works out good for me and Darcy....


Beat the Storm Tonight!

January 31st 2011 5:27 pm
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Mom took Darcy to the kennel today. We're gonna pick her up from her vacation on Friday. She was actually happy to get there!! There was an older GSP being dropped of at the same time, hopefully they will have plenty of playtime together! :)

Mom is at work right now. She gets home around 11pm. Dad is off for the next couple of days with mom and we're all heading over to grandma and grandpas tonight. Yes, tonight. Mom wants to beat the big snowstorm heading our way!! Tommorrow calls for sleet and then it calls for 8-16 inches of snow!!

Soooooo, mom want to drive out tonight and hopefully get there before the ice starts to fall from the sky.

Wish us luck - we'll be back Wednesday..... Hopefully...


Weather here ....

January 24th 2011 1:47 pm
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Is unbelievable! Mom came home from work last night it was -14 degrees!! Brrrrrrr.... We heard sounds outside like pop, crash, pop, crash... Went outside to see what it was, nothing, realized that it was trees popping and breaking. Woke up at 7 am looked outside - it was -22 degrees on the thermometer! I have never felt this cold before!! When you walk out the door your nose freezes. If you walk to the truck the corner of your eyes start to stick... Amazing....

The dogs will not venture out at all. I have to bribe them to go potty and then they run back in as fast as they can!

I tell people we moved from hell (TX) to where hell froze over - I really think I'm right!!

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