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April 13th 2011 9:00 am
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Went to visit Turner last night and he tried to pee, got a little spritz and then nothing. He also had some diarrea. Then he started to cry and I started to cry so we had to leave.

This morning I spoke to the vet and she stated that his swelling had gone down and he was peeing and pretty chipper. BUT she did a rectal on him and found a large mass. He was having a hard time pooping and in pain. She's going to start him on some steriods and see if that'll help. If not decisions need to be made. Which means I'm going to lose my best friend. All I can say is this sucks. I can't stop crying...


On another note - Hubby did a wonderful thing...

April 12th 2011 8:37 am
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Hubby and I have been together for 20 years and he's had to deal with me and dogs for all of them. Yesterday he took Turner to the vet for an emergency. While outside trying to let Turner pee a guy pulled up in a Cadillac got out in his business suit and had a young male Airedale Terrier he was dropping off for neutering. Hubby said the guy wouldn't walk on the grass and the kept jerking the lead and snapping the dog back. All the while telling it to hurry up... Well hubby got inside and the man came in shortly after. The guy sat down on a bench and was using the lead to "whip" the dog to sit... Hubby just about lost it! Told the guy - if you hit that dog one more time I'm gonna hit you. The guy looked at my husband (6'1" and 260 pounds) and said he won't sit. Hubby said you don't have to yell and you don't have to hit - watch and looked a Turner and said calmly Turner sit. Of course he did! Then he said what is your dogs name. The man told him, hubby said the dogs name and sit and son-of-a-gun the dog sat. Hubby just smiled and said, "see be nice to them and they'll be nice to you." Then they called Turner to the back. I'm so proud of hubby!!

Click treat!! Good hubby!! :)



April 12th 2011 8:35 am
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The vet believes the whole problem is from the swelling of his right leg. They put a compression bandage on and another cath this morning. By the way - he stood still for the cath. Even the vet said what a trooper!! No infection - blood work is still as it was pre-op. Before I hung up the tech advised the vet that Turner had just peed on his own!!! They gave him lasix and want to keep him another night for observation.

I give the vet so much credit - she reiterated that this was a major surgery and we're far from out of the woods. But since his bloodwork was clear and she didn't feel the abdominal mass taht the other vet felt (she believes it was fluid) that these are all good signs. Hubby and I are going for a visit after work - take him for a little walk about and get a few (ok a bunch) of hugs.


Another long night...

April 12th 2011 3:59 am
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They kept Turner last night. I called the vet yesterday afternoon and the tech said she took him for a walk and he pooped once and tried to pee several times with no luck. The vet told me that she was going into surgery and when she got done she would get a crew together and cath him.

She called me later and told me that they did cath him and got his bladder empty and he pooped once again. He did vomit once and she gave him his meds through injections. She didn't want to give him steriods until they found the problem with the peeing. She also stated that she felt what could be another mass in his abdomen area and was concerned. Turner was comfortable and being a good boy and she was saying how wonderful he was overall.

This morning Turner's regular vet and the lead vet will be in. I'm going to call around 11 am for an update.



April 11th 2011 6:30 am
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Hubby got him in as they were unlocking the doors. They took him right in. They're keeping him and may have him overnight - don't know yet. Hubby tried to let him pee before he left and his belly filled up with fluid and a fold of skin got caught in his penis sheath. Hubby managed to get it out and broke the sound barrier getting him to the vet.

Turner's in good hands, the vets at this clinic are the best in the area and we have full confidence in them.

The techs are going to walk him and see if he can pee, if not they'll cath him to relieve the pressure and start from scratch...

We'll keep you posted...

Thanks for all of the thoughts and prayers... we need them.


Getting worse..

April 11th 2011 4:00 am
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He ate 2 bites of wet food last night. Peed and pooped. Woke up at 4 this morning and tried to pee, couldn't. So hubby is taking him to the vet as I type this.....


Oh No!!

April 10th 2011 11:04 am
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Mom called, Turner woke up and the drain tube was folded at the end and stuck to the inside of his leg. She used some warm compressess to get it to unstick and it popped out of the hole! So after a phone call to the e-vet on call we've got to keep warm compresses on it to keep the hole open and get him to the vet first thing in the morning. Hubby will take him while I go to work.

This is slowly becoming a nightmare... Oh yea, he hasn't eaten since yesterday afternoon and is refusing food so far. Time for a trip back to the vets....


Come on buddy - feel better..

April 10th 2011 4:05 am
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Another long night! Got home yesterday and took of the Bite-Not collar. Turner did his business out front on lead. We got back into the house and he was shaking like crazy. His drain is dripping pretty steadily which I know is good. But he doesn't understand it and is freaked out. How do you explain to a dog that it'll be alright!? He refused to eat his dinner last night but got ate a few treats. We iced his right leg most of the evening - it is so swollen it hurts to look at it.

We woke up at 1 am and I took him outside. He peed 2x's. I put his Bite-Not collar on and he laid down on one of the pillows in the living room. I was so exhausted I fell right to sleep. When the alarm went off he was laying on the same pillow facing a different direction. Took his collar off and tried to coax him to eat. Mixed some chicken, chicken broth with his food. No luck. He did manage to take his meds with cheese. I iced his leg again and he just laid there. I'm hoping it was too early to eat and when he wakes up later he will eat for my mom. If he doesn't that's 24 hours with no food when I get home and he'll have to go to the e-vet. He's such a good dog and doesn't deserve to be uncomfortable... :(


What a long night...

April 9th 2011 4:25 am
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We had a good day yesterday. Turner took his pills and slept the majority of the day. Went to the bathroom - no problem. Ate his meals no problem. Then the evening came and he freaked out. He's swollen real bad on his right leg and a little bit on his left. He's so sore from standing that his legs are hurting. When I massage his legs it's like crackle paper... from the air and fluid. You can feel it bubbling in there and it's freaking him out. Last night it got bad. He wouldn't lay down and was pacing the house. I put on his Bite-Not collar and he became more nervous. Not a good sign... Gave him more massage with the collar on until he settled down. He finally fell asleep (from exhaustion).

I got up for work this morning at 4:30 am exhausted. Took of his Bite-not collar and took him out for a pee. Luckily he ate breakfast and took all of his pills without a problem. Put the Bite-not collar back on and gave mom my blessings for the day. I feel so bad for him and hope he gets better. His drain is working like a champ, I've washed every sheet, pillow cover, comforter and towel at least once so far. I don't care about that, actually I was prepared for it and it's working out fine with the linen rotation.

I pray he has a better day/night today..


Post - Op

April 7th 2011 6:07 pm
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Picked Turner up this afternoon - he had the cone of shame on but was all wiggly! The vet brought him out and said he must remain calm and gave me that LOOK.. So I knelt down and said Hey Bud settle down. Which he did immediately! Told hubby - take him outside to smell/pee and I'll be out.

I asked the vet how big the mass was and she put up both hands like they were holding tennis balls. "About this big". She was so shocked! She had to lower his penis to remove the entire mass. Once again, shaking her head. She stated that there was a blood supply as big as a pencil to it, which she cauterized as well as several nerves. She stated that she looked the nerves up to make sure they weren't major ones and didn't find a name for them. She was very concerned about the whole procedure and ensured me that he was definately not as uncomfortable now. That was good! He's got a drain and some pretty heavy drugs. He's on narcotics for 10 days to keep him calm. His entire right leg is swollen, The right side of his penis is swollen and has a drain in the far groin area - 3 suture areas total. He's been sleeping without any collar on because I'm home and can make sure he doesn't touch anything. When we go to bed tonight I'll put on the cone of shame just to be safe.

He gets the drain removed on Tuesday night, sutures the following Wednesday morning. He must stay calm for at least 2 weeks - thanks to the help of the narcotics I think we may be able to accomplish that. His drugs are as follows: Antibiotics Clavamox abd Baytril Pain: Rimadyl and Tramdol.

Karl drove us home, I sat in the back with Turner on lead. I had a flannel quilt for him to lay on. Which he pretty much passed out on because it was something soft. The hour drive back wasn't too bad. We got to the house and Darcy went crazy!! She wanted him to play so bad. But settled down withing a few minutes - realizing that he wasn't feeling well. She started to whine and wouldn't leave his side for a while. When she realized he's home and everything is alright she ssettled down and came over for some strokes of reassurance. He drank a whole bowl of water and just stood there dazed, then drank another 1/2 bowl of water. Good news is he ate, peed and pooped. We all know that intake and output is the key of life in the dog world.

So we're not out of the woods yet but we're on a good path for recovery. I took of work tomorrow. That way mom can figure out his signs for going to the bathroom and such. I'm so relieved she's here. Mom's in her 70's and can't lift, push or pull but she can open and close a door.

More updates to follow...

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