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Christmas Presents!

January 4th 2008 6:21 am
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Hello dogsters and fellow pup pals! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. We ( me and my bratty brother, Freeway, got 3 big stuffed animals, a tug of war rope and a small squeeky rabbit. Thats me with it in my mouth in my last pic at the bottom. Life is good! Happy New Year!


Falling leaves...

October 4th 2007 7:07 pm
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Hi fellow pup pals and dogster friends, Well Freeway is here for good. We have a great time together. Sometimes we fight, but that is to be expected from two male terriers. It's just so fun to have someone to play with, especially when we are home alone! Mom added an enclosed section with fencing last month. Now we can run free without being tied to ropes, yea!
As for my love life, I've met someone! Her name is Baby Bella. She is a mini-doxie. She is 4 years old and beautiful! As soon as her mom figures out how to use dogster, her pic will be on for all to see!
Thanks to all our pup pals, we really enjoy getting letters from each and every one of you. Talk to you soon - Beauregard Jackson the very 1st (Bo)


bratty baby brother..

July 3rd 2007 9:55 am
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Hmmm, do I like this or not? He takes all my toys, trys to eat my food, hogs my mom up in the bed. He is fun to play with though, yea, I guess we'll keep him. Bo



June 27th 2007 1:01 pm
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Hello pup pals - guess what?! My dream of having another dog in the house is about to come true! My folks have found a Jack Russell named Freeway at a local shelter and they are bringing him home this friday - YIPPEE!!! We will post his picture with more info next week --- Bo


They say its my Birthday....!

June 21st 2007 8:19 pm
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Hi Pup pals ! Today is my birthday! I got a small soft soccer ball with a squeeker in it from my human brother Anthony. I played for acouple hours with that. Then mom came home from work and she had another present for me!! A HEDGEHOG THAT GRUNTS!! She also got me an ice creme cake. Funny thing about that though... she ate most of it....hmmm. Oh well, Love my presents!!



March 25th 2007 7:36 pm
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Hi Fellow Canines and humans, what a scare we have all had, huh?! And guess what, I eat mighty dog in a pouch and it was on the list!! Mom just about had a mild stroke when she looked at the numbers on the pouch and saw that it came from the same plant, but it was numbered about 1000 less the the starting numbers of the affected ones. WHEW~ the good thing that came out of all this hysteria is that I got to eat fresh roasted chicken mixed in with rice for over a week now, yea!! But seriously folks , mom wants to know what rights us dogs have in a matter like this.Since we are a part of a family and are loved so much, aren't we worth more then a piece of furniture if an outside force like a food company kills us?? Take care all, Bo from Jersey


My Tail of Devotion for Beauregard Jackson 1st

June 22nd 2006 7:37 am
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Dear Bo, Even though we can't speak to each other in the conventional way, there is no doubt in my mind that from the first day we layed eyes on each other, we were able to "heart speak" to each other. I have never had this happen with pets in the past, though I loved them deeply also. Remember that day Bo? I was out on the back porch of MomMom DeeDees house in SC. I was standing there crying quietly. My canine companion of 16 years was on the living room floor wrapped up in blankets dying. It was time to take him to the vets to do the thing we all dread. As I was standing there, I saw you, a puppy at the time, scamper over to the porch and look up at me. I knew you were an abandoned stray. People had already aproached me about you. But my heart was so clouded over that I hardly gave you a thought. When you wimpered, I picked you up and that was the instant the magic began. When I held you to my face, you stopped squirming and stared right into my eyes. Then you leaned into me like you were hugging me! I will never forget that moment.

Well, Chan died, but the Lord put you right there at exactly the right moment. Instead of going home to NJ with an empty pet carrier, I had you, a flea ridden, worm infested 2 month old terrier puppy by my side. Now, almost 2 years later, you haven't left my side. You are healthy, happy and spoiled! But most of all, you have brought me more joy then I could have ever thought possible from an animal. A person yes, but an animal?!! We bonded like soul mates. As corny and nuts as it sounds, its true. I love you Bo. Mommie

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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nail clipping nightmare!!!

May 13th 2006 7:14 am
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Hi puppals, not a good morning. just got back from petsmart to have my nails clipped. I guess I didn't behave up to mom's standards, because she still won't play with me and told me to go to my room. No computer or tv for the rest of the day (so I gotta hurry and get this out). It took 3 adult women to hold me down. I was acting up so much that the patrons on the other side of the glass windows were staring in. The lady suggested behavior modificaation classes. Mom said a lombotomy might be better, whats that?! Uh oh, here she Bo


Busy Day

April 5th 2006 6:10 am
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Hi fellow dogsters and pup pals! Whew what a day I had today. The cable guys were here today trying to upgrade everything in the house. Of course it made me crazy! I was locked in the bedroom for awhile, but my screaming got on everyones' nerves so much that even the cable guys said "Let him out, PLEASE". Then, after they left, my moms friend, aunt Peggy came over. I love her so much. Although I think I got on her nerves too, I was alittle too excited by her.(she smells great) I just have to learn to chill out mom says. Kinda hard for a Rat Bastard like me! Talk to you again soon everyone! Bo from Jersey


chilly in New Jersey

January 27th 2006 7:19 pm
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Brrrrr! I like my walks but lately they've been alittle short! Sometimes I wear a red jacket with a hood, but I hate it. (dont tell mom) my girlfriend Spotty saw me in it last week and started laughing at me. She even started pulling at the belt around my waist with her teeth to get the dumb thing off. I want to get a cool black leather jacket but mom says wait til they go on sale. Well fellow canines and friends, stay warm (hopefully more stylish then me) Bo

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