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Holidays are FUN

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I've Been Tagged!

May 24th 2007 6:02 am
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I've been tagged by Cyric!

The Rules: Dogs who are tagged need to write down in there own diary 7 random facts about themselves and these rules! Then you need to choose 7 dogs to tag and list there names in your diary, too. Don't forget to leave these tagged dogs a note that they have been tagged and need to read your dairy to check the rules!

Here are 7 things you may or may not know about me

1. I was born in Maryland
2. My nickname was the "Little General"
3. My favorite thing to do everyday was walk the perimeter of the yard making sure it was safe from vermin.
4. I was the official Barktender on Westies Unite and FatBoy's
5. As a puppy I would go on power surges about 15 times a day around the dining room table
6. I loved to visit my Grammy & Bob in Johnstown, PA
7. I would do anything for a cookie

The pups I will tag are:

1. Evo
2. Amelia Rose Airheart
3. Micki
4. Sambuca
5. Holly Pocomoke Sassafras
6. Kit Kat
7. Collie Capers Biscuit


One Last Round . . .

October 6th 2006 2:20 pm
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It is with a heavy heart that I must add to the sadness today, but I have joined my sister Kelsey and brother Conrad at Rainbow Bridge.

In the last 24 hours my health declined at an alarming rate and the cancer rapidly took over my body and thankfully my mom and dad did the unselfish act of letting me go, as painful as it was for them.

I wish to have a fairwell round before I go. It has been an honor to be your Barkmaster General and I promise to visit you regularly. (And YES - I fully expect Furby, Benny & hopefully Cooper at my house next Thursday - if not I will come back and bite you in the butt !AND the 2007 Westies Unite Calendar will be the best ever!)

So . . .Raise those glasses and have a drink to ME!

The friends I made here will be my friends forever
I wish you all a long life with many pleasures
Think back fondly on all the fun times we've had
And all my crazy antics when you are sad
We will meet again one day at the bridge my friends
And with me there the pawtees will never end
So a toast to me and my wonderful life of 13 years
And a toast to all of you, my wonderful dears

ARRRROOOOOO -- And Cheers to Every Single One Of You

Love & Kisses


Something I need to tell you guys . . .

October 3rd 2006 7:15 pm
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My dear friends . . .
I need to share something bad with you regarding my health. Back in May on the day I went to the Westie Rescue Games with Matilda, Mom was getting me in the line-up to chase the fox tail when she felt a small lump on my neck. The next day we went to see Vetman to see what it was. By that weekend (Memorial Day), tests had confirmed I was in the very early stages of Lymphoma.

Vetman was amazed at how early Mom caught the bumps. He said most people don't even notice them until they are huge, but then again since Mom & Dad are so diligent with our health it didn't surprise him. We went to Kelsey's oncologistfor a second opinion on treatment and opted to let Vetman take care of me.

I had my first IV chemo treatment on Mom's birthday (early June). If you remember, that was the weekend of the wedding party. I became very, very ill. We tried another IV chemo treatment the weekend Attie was visiting (July 4th) and l almost died from that injection. After I recovered Mom remained optimistic because I could handle the chemo tablets (Cytoxin) and Predisone. I've been on that since July. Low and behold the lumps almost disappeared, Vetman felt I was in remssion and I've been active and happy since then.

About two weeks ago (when Rook was sick), Mom felt my neck and the lump was the size of a grape. Off to Vetman we went and he gave me some anti-biotics. They seemed to work as the lump went down to the size of small marble.

Unfortunately though, since then the lumps on both sides of my neck and hind quarters are getting larger. I am now out of remission. The vet is going to check into another chemo drug, but he is cautious since I couldn't handle the mildest IV drugs early on. And Mom doesn't want to put me through what I went through before. My quality of life is far too important to her versus quantity of life.

On Friday we have increased my Prednisone to once a day instead of every other day, and as you can tell from my daily antics, I'm feeling really GOOD! I am still eating like a champ and yesterday I led the way in the backyard squirrel chase. I have some slow days too, but then again I am almost 95 in human years! : )

The vet cautioned her when it comes back, it moves very fast. We were hopeful and still are, but we hoped the remission would last longer than this, so we didn't want to upset anyone, but you are our family and we felt we couldn't keep this from you any longer.

I am still the same ole Woodie - your Barkmaster General/Obi-Wan Woodie
. . so let's enjoy and celebrate life to the fullest and have fun every day. I'm a fighter and I know Mom needs me, so I'm going to hang in there as long as I can for her.

Drinks anyone? ARRRROOOOO - Cheers to all of you.


Pampered Chef parties are FUN!

September 26th 2006 9:34 pm
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Mom had a Pampered Chef party the other night. Rook & Skyler needed to stay outside in the yard, but I managed to charm my way to stay inside. I promptly walked up to each lady and barked to let them know I was around if they wanted to share some food with me. As soon as the consultant lady started to do her shpeel, I barked right along with her! I always like to help out where food is concerned!

I guess I was little too loud and ended up out in the yard with my brothers. That didn't stop me from barking until Dad came up and banished me to the basement with him! Mom had a good party . . . maybe I should sell Pampered Chef -- As long as it gets me food! : )


Yup . . . I'm a parrothead today!

August 3rd 2006 9:35 am
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What an exciting day this will be! I'm hosting Jimmy Buffett concert day on Westies Unite! Mom & I LOVE him. Since we can't get out to Nissan Pavilion to see him tonight, we decided to have our own pawtee and listen to him live tonight on Radio Margaritaville with all our Westie Unite buds.

We've all dressed up like parrotheads just for the occassion. I don't know how the Dogster stroll thing works but our tags for the photos are Westies Unite Buffett Concert if you want to see us in action.

Well as official barktender of the group I'm off to look for my lost shaker of salt! -- Woodie the Parrothead


Postcards from the Edge . . . Or at least Cancun

July 13th 2006 5:58 am
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Dear Mom, Dad, Skyler & Rook:
Thank you for letting me go on vacation with Billy & Madison Reagan Westinghouse. Cancun is great and I picked up a part-time job at the pool bar. They've never seen a barktender quite like me. I've made enough money to bring a lot of the Westies Unite Gang down. Check out the pictures of all of us . . . ies+Unite+Billy+Vacation&exact=y

Dad . . . I borrowed the metal detector and found some gold coins that I gave to the hotel manager in exchange for the penthouse suites at the hotel for all of us Wesites. Today we are off to the Aztec Ruins. I probably shouldn't be metal detecting there, but I have a good feeling "Today is the Day" we'll find our fortune.

We're heading to Accupolco next, then who knows where.
I'll be back in a week or so. Bark at ya later


The Visit of Atticus Finch

July 5th 2006 12:02 pm
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What a great way to celebrate the 4th of July! My friend (and Dogster Dog of the Week I might add), Atticus Finch was visiting. He and his mom were on their way back from Philli to Charleston, then home to Florida. We got to enjoy the 4th on the deck with Frosty Paws! Those big boomers (fireworks and thunder) didn't bother us at all, but poor Rook was going crazy. He decided the basement was the best place for him to celebrate the 4th!

Attie had a good time taking Skyler's ball, playing with the water hose and the "demon spawn". She been at our house all week because are parents are on vacation. We've renamed her the Dizzy Blonde. She's grown up a little bit since her last visit and has gone from an annoying puppy to a dingy adolescent.

Dogster is great! Through Westies Unite I've made so many new friends and I've even got to meet them face-to-face!


WOW - What a Fun Day

May 21st 2006 6:41 pm
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First my friend Wrigley came over (and plop - right into the pond for a swim recently bathed Wrigley went!). Then we packed up in the car and went to a park that had TONS of Westies there! It was Westie Rescue fun day! I got to meet my Westies Unite pal Matilda and we had so much fun together!

It was so great to have pups my own size, that looked like me to play with! I even got two red ribbons. The first was from chasing the fox tail. I took my time walked down to the finish line to Mom. A much younger pup that was my competition was really into chasing it. I really see no need in chasing something you can't eat!

Next ribbon was for the distraction. I would have gotten a blue one if I didn't stop at everything along the way and not leave the lady with the cookies alone! The man at the start line had to come and shove me along down to the finish line to Mom!

We were all exhausted by the time the day was over! Too bad every day can't be Westie fun day!!!


The Devil's Spawn

March 13th 2006 2:09 pm
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You will see on my page a photo of what some would deem to be a cute little 5 month old puppy laying next to me on the deck. Don't let her looks fool you! She is pure evil. Mom & Dad decided to puppy sit this little monster for a long weekend for a friend. When she's not chasing after one of us, she's chewing on us.

She's a fearless little thing too. She fell into our goldfish pond (and no - I didn't push her!) and she just swam across it like she'd been swimming for years. Then Mom gave her a ride in wheelbarrow while Mom was spreading mulch. She loved it. Crazy puppy!


My Staircase

January 17th 2006 6:19 pm
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I had the BEST Christmas ever! Not only did I get a new basketball to play with outside and a toy opossum (that looks so real it freaks my Grammy out) but my grandpa built me a staircase! I've always gotten the 'short' end of the stick because I'm the smallest dog in the house. (Little do they realize I'm the toughest dog in the house and keep them all safe by keeping the squirrels, birds and other vermin out of the yard!)

I had to cry my way into bed every night and wait for Mom or Dad to lift me up. Then of course if I got crowded out of the bed I'd jump down to my own bed and if I wanted back (like at 5AM when I get cold and lonely), I'd have to cry again until they would lift me. It just wasn't fair that I didn't have the agility capabilities (or the height) the Border Collies have. All I ever wished for was the ability to get into bed myself.

Well this Christmas my wish came true and I got my very own staircase to bed (see me in the picture on my page telling Rook these are MY stairs). Now I can come and go as I please like any good Master of the House should be able too!

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