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I'm sorry mommy I just could not help it!

January 22nd 2006 11:13 pm
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I'm sorry you are so sad. I know I was suppose to be friends with Belle but I didn't like her being all over you. I also didn't like her in my house. Why didn't you ask me if it was OK first. If you would have taken me to meet her I would have probably said OK,but you just brought her home and expected us to be friends. I didn't know your plans for Belle. I'm sorry her not being here makes you sad. I didn't mean to hurt her or you,I just wanted my mommy and family to me and Bailey. It is bad enough Bailey always in someones lap,but then she was always in your lap and I just couldn't see straight! I know there is a mommy and or daddy out there just for Belle. She will be happy one day, and if not and she comes back, I promise if you let me meet her at a park I will be nice. Mom just ask me first OK?

OK Ellie I'm sorry I thought I was bringing you home a friend to play with and maybe become your sister. I didn't want any harm to come to Belle. See her life was in danger so mommy had to help others save her. Just like mommy would wish others would do for you if ever your life is in danger and mommy isn't around to save you. I didn't know I should introduce you first in a nuetrul territory. See I got you I jus brought you home to Bailey and yes you two had 2 little scuffles but that is it. Bailey started those. Mommy stop you both then it just never happen again. Mommy understands you have to set your place among the heiarchy of the doggie world but to mommy I just love you all the same. I'm sorry Ellie I didn't mean to set your relationship up for failure with Belle. Next time if I ever do it again I will make sure you and Bailey likes them first. Mommy not sure if she will ever do it again because she just fell in love with Belle and letting her go was the hardest thing mommy ever did. It is heart renching to know she is on a plane scared, lonely cold, meeting new people she isn't sure of. The wonderful thing is Belle has a way of making people just love her. So hopefully soon mommy will hear Belle is safe and sound and everyone loves her and she finds a wonderful family who doggies love her and they love her and they will live happily ever after. Give mommy time to get over it I'm not mad at you baby. You are so special to this family. When you woke mommy up and let me know Hilly was sick that night, I knew you were a very special doggie with a very speical connection to us. I hope I never let you down again my sweet Ellie.

Belle we miss you and love you! Even Ellie!


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