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Age: 14 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 26-50 lbs

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Doggie Dynamics:
not playfulvery playful

Quick Bio:
-dog rescue

July 16th 2002

Playing Tug of war and fetch

Bailey getting attention they both want all the attention

Favorite Toy:
Squeeky ToyBone

Favorite Food:
Whatever mom is eating

Favorite Walk:
Dragging my humans around the block!

Best Tricks:
Sit..Lay down..and then Roll Over

Arrival Story:
We were looking at the animal society, we wanted to rescue a dog, we decided to take a look at Ellie, and another dog. Ellie e sat there quietly but followed us around the cage never taken her golden eyes off of us. They brought her out so we could see her. There were at least 6 people in there and Ellie ran right between my legs to hide from everyone else. She stole my heart right there and then, so we told them not to bother bringing the other dogs out and we took Ellie Mae home with us. She was a country dog from Panama City Fl yet she had the style of Ellie Mcpherson so we named her Ellie Mae! Ellie was Owned by a man who use to beat her. His Girlfriend was the only one who tried to protect her. One day she had enough and took the dog to the pound to save her from her boyfriend. For a few months Ellie was scared of any male who came near her. We slowly exposed her to guys with mellow voices and I always had them show her love no matter how much Ellie bark at them. Now Ellie doen't bark at guys anymore. She approaches them calmy and once they pet her thats it they made a new best friend!!!!! Ellie!

She is very good at playing catch, chasing my girls, tug-of-war, and doing what she is told. She is good at warning you when someone is in the yard. She loves to go for rides. She follows mommy everywhere. Always needs to know what everyone in the house is doing! MY FAVORITE POEM! You made me what I am today, courage at its best You wanted me to know no fear, a cut above the rest. Not only did I master that, I’ve thrown in loyalty too. Look past my eyes into my soul, you know I’d did for you. I’ll watch your kids, I’ll watch your house, Your praise will be my crown, ask what you will I’ll do my best, I’ll even be your clown. But some of you don’t like me, I am sure I don’t know why. The only thing I am guilty of Is courage, love and try. But still they want to see me go They want my breed to end. Will I see you sitting idly by? You, whom I call friend? You made me what I am today, You never saw me waiver. I’ve done my best to keep you safe. Won’t you please return the favor?

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August 5th 2005 More than 11 years!

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I'm sorry mommy I just could not help it!

January 22nd 2006 11:13 pm
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I'm sorry you are so sad. I know I was suppose to be friends with Belle but I didn't like her being all over you. I also didn't like her in my house. Why didn't you ask me if it was OK first. If you would have taken me to meet her I would have probably said OK,but you just brought her home and expected us to be friends. I didn't know your plans for Belle. I'm sorry her not being here makes you sad. I didn't mean to hurt her or you,I just wanted my mommy and family to me and Bailey. It is bad enough Bailey always in someones lap,but then she was always in your lap and I just couldn't see straight! I know there is a mommy and or daddy out there just for Belle. She will be happy one day, and if not and she comes back, I promise if you let me meet her at a park I will be nice. Mom just ask me first OK?

OK Ellie I'm sorry I thought I was bringing you home a friend to play with and maybe become your sister. I didn't want any harm to come to Belle. See her life was in danger so mommy had to help others save her. Just like mommy would wish others would do for you if ever your life is in danger and mommy isn't around to save you. I didn't know I should introduce you first in a nuetrul territory. See I got you I jus brought you home to Bailey and yes you two had 2 little scuffles but that is it. Bailey started those. Mommy stop you both then it just never happen again. Mommy understands you have to set your place among the heiarchy of the doggie world but to mommy I just love you all the same. I'm sorry Ellie I didn't mean to set your relationship up for failure with Belle. Next time if I ever do it again I will make sure you and Bailey likes them first. Mommy not sure if she will ever do it again because she just fell in love with Belle and letting her go was the hardest thing mommy ever did. It is heart renching to know she is on a plane scared, lonely cold, meeting new people she isn't sure of. The wonderful thing is Belle has a way of making people just love her. So hopefully soon mommy will hear Belle is safe and sound and everyone loves her and she finds a wonderful family who doggies love her and they love her and they will live happily ever after. Give mommy time to get over it I'm not mad at you baby. You are so special to this family. When you woke mommy up and let me know Hilly was sick that night, I knew you were a very special doggie with a very speical connection to us. I hope I never let you down again my sweet Ellie.

Belle we miss you and love you! Even Ellie!



October 22nd 2005 12:55 am
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Well mom read about Blueboy a beautiful Pitty that was going to be put down. Mom saw how Pretty he was and thought she had to try and help. So she got a hold of PITTBULLS FOR LIFE and brought it to the attentionn of Brandi. She is doing wonderful things up in Canada to help save Pittbulls both in Canada and more so in the states. Brandi told mom that yes she had plenty room and it was easy for her to place the pittys because they don't have the problem there like here in America. She told mom that most rescues in the states takes along time to place a pittbull because of the problems here associated with them. But not there! She said it would take her a matter of weeks to find Blueboy a home not months and years like here in the states. So mom gave Brandi the Number to JACKS FURS who has brought Blueboys situation to our attention and has taking on the responsibility of saving him. They also do wonderful things there at JACKS FUR in Austin TX. They save many dogs and cats who are born with different diseases. Like one dog, a chihuahua who was born without a immune system. JACKS FUR has taken him in and makes sure he gets the special care he needs. Also Jack her dog that she adopted was born with Hydrochephlitis. Water on the brain. She makes sure he has the special care he needs, and many more!
Yes mom knows the work done at JACKS FUR is very special!
So Jacks mom Jade and Brandi talk and decided Blueboy would go to Canada.
When Jacks mom called animal control about Blue boy they then informed her that Blueboy caught Kennel cough and is scedhule to be euthanized again. She talk them in to putting it off until Saturday.This posed a new problem! Blueboy cannot fly sick. He has to have a clean bill of health to get on the plane. Mom thought that all was taken care of. She found a rescue , she is going to pay to fly Blueboy there herself , ( Less Bones for me) and Brandi would take good care of him and make sure he gets a wonderful family!Now mom hearing this got really worried that time would run out. So mom spent the day ignoring us( which we did not like and Bailey showed her disapproval by peeping on moms brand new carpet. ) Bailey gets away with murder!!!! Anways mom ignored us and spent the day sending out p-mails to all pittys who live in Austin on dogster . Mom just knew some special person there if they just knew about it would step up and agree to foster Blueboy until he was all better to fly to his knew home in Canada. Mom knows not all dogsters have the time to follow the forum. So she sent out 70 P-mails to all pitty owners in Austin, then she decided to send some to other kind of dog owners too just in case. So 170 p-mails went out and 3 responses came in.
1 said no they just adopted another one today and if they knew a day earlier they would have. Then the next one said proably yes, but had to wait until the roomate came home the next day to make sure it would be OK with them. Mom started to worry maybe she needed to send out more notices. But then a P-mail came from a very special Dogster Name Pearl. Pearl mom had foster 3 times before and was an ideal canidate to foster Blueboy but could only due it for 2wks. Meanwhile Capt Morgan who lived in Texas but in Dallas had been following the story and fell for Blueboy. They offered that once Pearl could no longer take care of Blueboy and If he wasn't cured in two weeks that they would drive all the way to Austin and meet Pearl and take Blueboy and finish nursing him back to health, also getting him nuetered so those people who only wanted him for breeding could never get their hands on him!
What wonderful people we have here on Dogster!!! We see someone in trouble and we join together to help save them. Yes true CLASS when it comes to Dogster. Ok mommy got off track but felt it had to be said. Cut back to JACKS FUR. They posted that Blueboy would need someone to sponsor his vet bills. So mommy not wanting anymore road blocks to saving Blueboy volunteered. Mommy family ask her if she was a bank. She said no just someone who cares! Mommys says money is just money but a life is so much more! No matter if it is human or animal , a life was given by God but money was made by humans! Mommy knows this is something she has to do. Her family brought it to her attention that she had already donated to much money to three organizations for hurricane Katrina. But mommy says money is money and walked away! So to sum it all up. Pearl applied to get Blueboy, she has been approved by JACKS FUR, mommy also gave Pearl the info to contact Capt Morgan if she needed help. Mom is going to let JACKS FUR and Pearl pick the vet and then mommy is either going to say her two favorite words( CHARGE IT!!!!!) :) or send a bank check to cover all medical expenses. Then when Blueboy gets the clean bill of health ( HER CERTIFICATE) she can fly! Brandi from PITTBULLS FOR LIFE is then going to make the arragments to fly Blueboy and mom will once again call the airlines and say what? come on you know her two favorite words! (CHARGE IT!). Once Blueboy is at the rescue in Alberta Canada then mommy part is done and Blueboy will be safe and on his way to picking out his new Canadian Family!!! He is an American Pittbull, but Canadians rock so it is ok for him to be a Canadian!!!! Mom can't wait until she recieves a few phone calls.
1. to tell her Blueboy is off of death row and is with Pearl on his way to recovery.
2. The call that He has gotten his Health certificate and is ready to go to his new rescue
3. He has arrived at the rescue safe and sound!
( MOM Use to love to fly but in her old age she is finding it scary) Especially for dogs.
4. last but not least Blueboy has pick his knew Canadian family and is safe ,happy and finally leading the life he should have had all along!

Mommy wants to thank all the special people who made this come together!

1. JACKS FUR mom Jade from Austin -who has made it her mission to save Blueboy!
also follow up on his care and treatment while still in the states.

2. Pearl From Austin - for answering moms plea for help and is going to foster Blueboy for the first two weeks and maybe longer!

3, Capt Morgan from Dallas for volunteering to drive all the way from Dallas to get Blueboy if Pearl cannot keep him long enough to finish his care and get his certificate and finally put him on the plane to Canada ( BIG JOB for both Pearl and Andrea Capt Morgan mom!

4. Diablo the pitty from Alberta Canada who's mother Brandi runs PITTBULLS FOR LIFE RESCUE in Canada- who immediately within minutes of mom P-mailing her called mom and said abosolutely we will accept him in our rescue if mom sponsors the transportation. Mom knows what great things Brandi does to save Pittys. Doesn't she represent her nation well? She is our savior from accross the Northern Border!!! It goes to show Canada is there when we America needs them!

To bad Bush can't take a hint from the Dogster Nation!

5. Mom also knows many other dogsters have assisted or tried to assist in their own way!


I want to say something about dogster.

Since mom first found the forums she found many many opprotunites to help others in need.
But , she saw something more special.
Many many dogsters who have jump everytime another dogster is in need. Like Apple needing money for surgery, or helping dogsters who over night found themselves as Katrina Victims, Saving Scruffy a Katrina victim, Prayer chains for our sick dogsters and those who have passed over the bridge and many many many more!
Now a plea is made to save Blueboy and guess what, it is DOGSTERS TO THE RESCUE! Like a action commitee we just all started working in our way but together to help save Blueboy.

We are more than just a cyber community, we are a family who takes care of each other, no matter what state or country the members are in , and the victim is in.

We here in the Perez household are all proud to be part of this community NO NO ................. NOT JUST A CYBER COMMUNITY BUT A FAMILY!!!!!!

GOD BLESS DOGSTERS HQ!!!!! Who I know must be proud of what they created!

....................A FAMILY!



PS. My name is Isabel but only my family Calls me BELL!


MOm is worried about me getting enough exercise!

October 20th 2005 4:52 pm
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Mommy is worried that I don't get enough exercise. Mommy tries to playwith me but she realizes it isn't enough. Mommy plays with me about 2 or 3 times a day about 5 to 10 min each time. I'm 2yo and I have lots of energy and like to play allot. My human sisters are to involved in their own lives to take the time to play with me. They walk me around 10 to 15min a day and that is breaking it up into 2 to 3 walks a day. They take me around the block that is it. Mommy wants to take me to a park but I keep running away chasing other things and people. People get real scared of me to because I'm part pit and they can tell. So they get scared and scream. Mom can't run after men and walk me because of her back. So now mommy is wondering if I should go to another family who can pay more attention to me and spend lots of time exercising me. It kills mommy to even think about it cause she loves me so much. She knows I love her too. What is momma gonna do? Her heart says no but her head says yes. mommy wants to make sure that they will love me like she does and promises never to hurt me like my last owner. He use to beat me allot. Momma is crying just thinking about it. I wish I could tell her what I think! Mommy sure could use some advice right now!

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