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in my new home

9 months old !!

February 13th 2006 4:01 pm
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i am 9 months now im old fart now !! haha mommy just bought me a stroller we are waiting for it in the mail so now i can go everywhere !! well i have no time to chat it snowed here in newyork 26 inches wow gotta go play !


hey everyone !

October 16th 2005 9:47 am
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hey its austin im sorry i havent wrote anything but ive been really busy playing its been 2 months since i came to my new home i love it here my mommy spoils me hehe i love to play with my brothers and 3 kitty sisters and my guniea pig sister ive grown some since last time not too much mommy still has to make sure my brother dont get to ruff but i love to beat them up hehe its fun i know lots of trick mommy gets all excited when i do them i know how to sit, stay, dance up. give paw ,other paw and mom is teaching me roll over mommy said i love kids so much she wants me to visit them in hospitals hmm that might be fun well g2g ill be back soon i promise !


hey my fweands

August 15th 2005 8:27 am
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hewo im in my new home for a week and 2 days :Dim being such a good boy i have 2 bigger brothers brownie and kayko they try to take my toys i meet these things that look like doggies but my mommy says its a kitty there are 3 of them im trying to be a big boy i scare mommy when i run up the stairs i dont need to be carried im BIG my favorite thing is when mommy scratches my cheeks she says i smile when she does that she silly well g2g take a nap

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