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Benji had a very auspicious cremetion ceremony

December 17th 2008 10:52 pm
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Benji is cremeted yesterday 17th dec 2008 at 10pm at Mt Pleasant animal hospital. We had two very compassionate lamas from Khyenkong Tharjay Buddhist Charitable Society. ( a society by root guru 2nd Beru Khyentse Rinpoche ) The lamas chanted about 1 and half hours for Benji throughout his cremation process. We left for lunch after that and went back to collect his urn at 2 pm. I will like to thank everyone in Mt Pleasent for giving Benji a full respect and successful cremetion ceremony. Especially I will thank Mr Osman who take charge of cremetion service in Mt pleasant. He is caring and empathetic and totally respect the dead animal made me feel so much peace and warm in my heart. I will never forget Mr Osman, his empathetic and dedicated services and let me feel peace and turn my sorrow into peace. He guide me through the whole process from prayer ceremony till pick up the bones and ashes into the urn. He even send us off when we are leaving.

I also thank Lama sonja and his fellow lamas who gives Benji a wonderful aupicious cermony. When we collect the urn, we wnt back to the center and lama again blessed benji urn and put rice, dharma pills (lamas had gone through many month retreat and chanting to make this pill )and holy water and blessed it wsith holy object. I collected some benji leftover bones and give to lama to make into a stupa or tsa-tsas. I t is believe that there is 108 buddha in a tsa-tsas. The lama will bring the tsa-tsas back to my house on benji's 21 days for chanting. On his 49 days, lama will do prayer for benji in indian Scared Bohagaya ( BUDDHA enlightment place in indain) There is a biggest buddhist event every year in Bohagaya. Sonja lama is attending the puja with many high rinpoche and after he will do Benji's dead 49 days chanting for him and dedicate merits for him. We will contribue under Benji name and a prayer flag will be hang under benji's name in Bohagaya.
Benji is really fortunate and so aupicious ceremony for him. Lama Sonja said even a human being may not lead a quality life like Benji. I am always give him the best and I want to give him the best on his final journey to rainbow brige. Throughout the cremetion journey, I had never cried because I felt peace from the lamas chanting and I knew he had a very successful and aupicious send off.
We bring the urn back and when we get our of the care, there is auspicious dharma rain that sprinkle few drop on us and Benji's urn. When we reached home, there is no rain and the hot sun come out. It seems that the heaven had sprinkle beautiful dew drop for Benji.

During lunch, we went to donate benji foods to the SPCA and donate under SPCA bulletin for his obituary page. I also thank the compassionate staff there who heard that my dog had gone to the rainbow bridge. I also thank Dr Lee from animal clinic and his fellow vets that had attend loving to Benji during his life here.
I will like to thank Guru, Buddha,Bodhisattvas , dharma protector, angles and spitiual guide and everyone that share my sorrow and dedicate prayer to Benji for his favourite rebirth. I will also thank all sentiment that had loved Benji ( Benji had always bring so much happiness to everyone espicall young children and old people, whenever people saw him such a cute and handsome dog, they always had a smile on time. He is always pure and with innocent child-liked smile that create a loving energy whever he goes.) I will thank Especially Kym and my dog Happi that had go through the whole process with me, give me encouragement and warm.
I always tell myself how fortune that I had a dog like Benji.

I am very sad but I cannot help it but let him go.
I know he will be happy where he is now in the rainbow brige, running around happily and no more obstruct by the body.
Benji , my mommy forever love you and will never forget you, not only this life and forever when my soul will exist in this universal.
Deeply missed by Mommy, daddy , Happi , Fuji and others pet at home.

Thankyou everyone who is reading . My advice love your loved one the best and treat and treasure everytimes you are together . For life is full of impermanences, love and enjoy life the fullest and you will have no regret.Wish everyone happy and loved always.


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