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October 18th 2007 5:47 am
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I've been Tagged by my buddy Harley! This is a fun game to get better aquatinted with your Dogster friends. Here's how we play: each player starts with 7 random facts. Then choose 7 pups to tag and list their names. Then let them know by pmail or a rosette that they have been Tagged and to read your diary for instructions on how to play.

Here's my 7 Pawsome facts:

1.I love to cuddle and sit with my parents...I actually will sit on my mom .

2. I use the Bella vator.....I will walk up to the couch get on my hind legs and mom will grab my bootie and fling me on the couch...I will jump down to yell at the cat...back to use the Bella vator...I expect the Bella vator to be used when ever I want....ohh..and beware ..not just anyone can use the Bella have to know how to hold your body ...some have tried and have failed...

3. I am on diet...I cannot believe it...I have diet food and I have new treats....mommie now cooks carrots for me and for carson...(gramma’s dog)

4. I did obedience ...and am very smart....and before we even started class I knew hand signals...but I would act like I did not know what she was talking about...and I would be begging mom to go home ½ way thru class....I obedience bores me...I am just to smart for it....not enough to hold my attention.

5.I love to play....but I am strictly a soccer must kick my hands....and I start barking at mom from the time she gets up in the morning and fixes her breakfast...she has no piece...kick it...kick it ..kick it..

6.I go to daycare every mom and I ride part way to and from work..together..and she drops me off at Grandma’s house...and if mom drops me off on a day I am not suppose to be there...I watch her like a hawk...because she is not leaving and leave me way...and when she does ..ohhh am I mad ...and I tell grandma all about it...

7. At Grandma’s house there is Carson the pom....and no matter what toy I am playing with or bone..Carson will take it...he is so selfish...and I will go bark at grandma until she goes and yells at Carson and gets my toy if she gives me the toy or bone that was not mine I will not take it until she get the other one...

Cant wait to read all about you .....

Here’s the 7 pups I am Tagging:
Gizmo dogster ID 549753
Girlie dogster ID 491011
Pucco Buster Dogster ID 421863
Afro Ken Dogster ID 261703
Otto Dogster ID 381491
Blue Dogster ID 258072
Wishbone Dogster ID 216564


my mom made her 1st delivery of snuggles..

January 21st 2007 7:37 am
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my mom is working on a special project ..making snuggles (small blankets) for the kitties in the shelters so they have something comfortable to sit on ..she has made 21..and delivered them to her local SPCA on Saturdy ..when she went in ..she saw that most of the kitties had snuggles in their cages already..and they would be laying on them...and my daddy got to witness an adoption..and the kitty got to take its snuggle they had something familiar..

my mom has a special group she started on dogster and catster called the SNUGGLES if you can knit, crochet or even sew ..come join her group...and if you cant come with what skill you have...our goal it to see how many kitties and doggies we can help during 2007..

hugs and kisses to all


Going up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I use the Bella vator

May 14th 2006 11:43 am
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When I want up with my mom and my dad I use the Bella vator...I just stand up and paw at the couch or the chair...then my mom reaches down ..grabs my hynea and flings my to the couch.. You have to have just the right body position to achieve use of the bella friends have tried...but they just don’t know how to use it...also if I am attempting use of the bella vator and I am not close enought to use mom well tell me she cant reach me ..I standing on my hind legs while I keep shuffling closer to my mom until she can reach ...I love using the bella vator...does anyone else use the bella vator...



April 23rd 2006 1:40 pm
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One of the funny things I do when it's POTTY when I am sitting down stairs with dad...I decide to go upstairs to tell will ask me on my way do I need to go potty ..but I keep heading upstairs to tell my mom....and then mom will yell to dad...bella has to go potty...back down the stairs I go ...then dad will let me out to go potty ....I just don’t trust dad to do it on his own...


no surgery needed......for now

August 9th 2005 6:34 am
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well my mom took me to Cornell University yesterday ..we had our consultation for my surgery..and the Dr. said yes i have a dislocated shoulder ,but that i may have had it since birth...yes i have a little limp but that i have adapted well and dont seem to be in any it does not make sense to have the surgery with the risk of surgery..i may need to have it some exciting is that mom was very nervous ..and so happy i dont have a surgery for now...



july 24 2005

July 24th 2005 6:21 am
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i am a cuddle muffin...i love to go where ever my mom and dad go i do not like to be left behind...i go to the babysitters when my mom goes to work (it is my gramma) cousin carson lives there...he can be a stinker...always taking every toy i am playing with or bone i am chewing i bark and bark and gramma comes and takes it away from him and gives it back to me...but i wont take it unless it is the right one..

so over all i am a pretty good girl...i am going to have to have surgery in 2 weeks...the vet says i have a dislocated mom says you would never know it...i am still running , jumping and playing...i just have a slight limp...the vet is amazed that i show no mom is pretty nervous...about the surgery and keeping me from jumping after the surgery..i am always jumping on and off the mom thinks i'll have to be crated and she knows that wont go over well...i only am in a crate in the say your prayers from me..and my mom ...thanks for reading my diary

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