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Cletus T


August 17th 2006 2:27 pm
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It's been kinda hot today, but I've still been outside playing some. I haven't seen my pal Tig in awhile. Mommy thinks he ran away or was hurt. I hope he's ok, I like playing with Tig. So I've been hanging out with ol Jack, he's pretty old, he moves real slow and doesn't play much, but he barks a lot! Mommy says he's been around for years. He's nice to me, he likes to think he's the boss, maybe cause I follow him around and like to do what he does.

My human brother Chaz is feeling all better now, he was sick. Mommy's been cleaning today, so I had to stay outside awhile. I don't know why, I could help her clean, I could grab toys, sniff any crumbs out, stuff like that. Oh well.

Mommy's been taking more pictures of me. I like seeing me on the computer. Oh I got in trouble last night, I was outside to wait on daddy to come home from work, when he did, and I came inside, I ran into the bedroom and jumped on Sara's bed, woke her up. Daddy told me that was a no no, and made me come back into the living room. I laid on the couch and gave daddy that pitiful look. It usually works on mommy, but not daddy.

I got some treats, they are peanut butter flavored, yummy!!! I love them!! I know where mommy keeps them, and when she goes over there, I know I'm getting a special treat! Gonna go now, time to lay on my back with my paws up and take a little snooze...woof woof


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