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Cletus T

Lazy Day

August 12th 2006 8:18 pm
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I didn't do much of anything today. Poor little kid brother of mine, Chaz, he's not feeling so well. Daddy took him to see a doctor. Chaz just cried and cried, I don't like it when he cries like that. I sat next to him and loved on him for awhile, until my other kid brother started playing with me. Then I got tired after that, so I took a nap. I took a lot of naps today-bol. I went outside a little bit, hung out with Jack, strolled the neighborhood awhile. It's just nice and peaceful out here. I seen a frog today, I didn't know what it was till mommy said hey look Cleaty found a frog, I didn't do anything with it, cause it was fast and jumped away from me. The frog was down in the creek, sometimes I get in the creek, but mommy gets mad at me and says I get all dirty. But it's fun to splash around, there's not much water in it, unless it rains a lot. Woof--gotta go pee..Cletus


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