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Just waiting for Easter--Where's the Peeps?

April 14th 2006 11:46 am
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Ar-rooooooooooooo! Ar-ooooooooooooooooooo!
Hi eberone.
It's da Luna Bear woofin da dis is da LATEST bein tol by me roun my neberhood...
Woofs out dat da neaky wabbit has been hoppin roun in da grazzy yards ober here. 'Parently, da eggz are mizzin from der hens coop an all da peeps are mizzin too!
Be on da sniff okay?
Laz time dis happened, dey wer foun in me vewy own grazzy yard....not eben berried in da groun or nuffin. (hmmm. Guess I was busy wen it happened---cuz I didn' see nuffin).
Since no one had tol me bout dat ol wabbit, dis weally was a vewy miz-ti-fy-in' pawbum fur me....howeber, I ben finkin bout dis.
En dats why da Luna Bear woofs tew eberone today...
Da woof is dat:

Dis time, on Dat day I Will Get Dat Wabbit...hehehe
An den guezz wat? You can keep da crunchy eggz---

YUM an Lub tew yew all
Luna Bear
(yawn) I gotta go wrest up now zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Say What? It's my burfday? YEAH!!

March 27th 2006 2:10 pm
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Hello dere fur-endz.
Yup, itz me, da Luna Bear, 'n today I yam 2 years old.

Burfdays are juz wonnerful fur da dogs. Alweddy, I'z been to da park fur a squirrel hide 'n seek adventure--I juz LUBS all doze squirrels ober dere livin in da rocks. See, I waz juz a sniffin roun like uzual, den... all ub a sudden... dey pop up....furz one, den tew, den lots of em-- eberywear ....but den juz as fast...dere gone. Hey, dey juz dizapeered!!!! Verwey amazing! But wear eber do dey go, anywayz??... hmmmmm....getz tiring thinking bout all dat.

(yawn) Yup (yawn) after da nap (yawn) I gots lots to do today...zzzzzzzzz

Hey, fink I heard da refrige juz open up...
...An She sez,
Luna Bear! It's frosty paws time ...
Did ja hear dat burfdays are juz wonnerful fur da dogs??
En dats et-- fur now.
lub tew yew all,
Luna Bear


its November, and can't wait til its Christmas Sox, hanging- by dat Fireplace..."SOX? WHAT SOX?"

November 12th 2005 4:35 pm
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Hello ebweywon, Finally, I can use da computer so as to tell talltails ubout wonefull lil me--- aka da Luna Bear.
On most ub da days, I yam TOO TOO GOOD. Nope, no chewing eberfing up all da time now--- mose o dat stuff wadnt real tasty anyways.
Now I finks to onwey chew on da sox as dey r willy vewry speshel, cuz I find em in twos. Yup.
And sometimes, eff I yam lucky, I can eben find da undies dat are hers too... :-) hehehe
Well, eff yer sniffn round fur da sox, n you smelzs somfin dats like weally yummy, den they are prowbly off ub da humanz, en they are available...yep, das rite, fur sure dey are jes fur me!
Sooo very sneakawe n quietwe, I sneaks em out da door to da wbig grazzy yard were pon I cheewz em ento shweds. Yep, weally! I chews em both up ento little shweds!! Ahhh Christmas! I WUB DA SOX DA BEST becuz ub da wonerfur smellz on dem AND dey come en twos which is better dan ones.
And that means more fun fur me! Well, da point ub this tail is.. It is almost Chwistmas, and as everyone knows.... to git two fur one IS a bargain. Let's all just be grateful and ENJOY what yew gets fur the holiday! fa la la la la ... la la la la! Luna Bear

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