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Sniff everything everywhere and enjoy life!

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Forever in my heart

June 21st 2015 12:59 pm
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My dear girl Luna Bear it has been 1yr today since you crossed over the bridge. I miss you every day and say your name often. I hope you hear me as I still and always will carry you and our memories in my heart. It was a difficult first 6mo after you left. I had an emotional breakdown and the tears would not quit flowing and I had to seek medical help for my grief. I always knew that when you would have to go that it would be hard but I never expected that I wouldn't be able to overcome the grief without intervention. We had a terrific life together my beauty and I am grateful I knew such great love from you and you from me.
I'll see you again I know....


Today I Cleaned Off Your Drool

December 21st 2014 8:48 am
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Sweet Luna Bear, It is 6 months today since you left to the bridge. Think of you and our time together almost every day. You were my treasure and I miss your presence at my feet...I said I would write again when I cleaned your drool off the back door, and today was the day!
I am moving out, so I can have a very precious new puppy in my life. Her name is Jamaica and she is an 8 wk old basset hound! You would approve I know! It's time to begin again and I want you to know I will carry you in my heart forever...we will be together again someday my sweet kind girl. Love mama


A Letter to Luna Bear

August 22nd 2014 7:22 pm
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Hi Luna Bear, it has been 2 months since you crossed the bridge. Think of you everyday sweet girl. You've left me 10 years of a hounds love. excellent memories. I must confess there is still a drool you flung upon the back door that I have not wiped off. :-)) I was secretly proud of your technique and athletic ability.. to toss drool 5' off the floor was not easy. So I will leave it awhile longer.
Love, mama
Ps. You've been busy I'm sure but I want you to know what came to be here after you crossed over. Our Dogster friends chose your Diary as Featured Diary of the Day! So cool!
Then they chose your diary to play again for the week! Told you you are a "moobie star" Luna Bear. Then I received a lot of caring words in comfort from other Dogsters. Very nice.
Then I received an important letter from UC Davis school of veterinary medicine.
Remember "dat ol vet man"??
Well he did sumphin wonderful because of You!
South Bay Veterinary Hospital in Chula Vista Ca made a financial donation to the Companion Animal Memorial Fund in memory of Luna Bear!! The $ will support studies into finding answers for the diseases that cause pain and suffering among companion animals.
Diseases like MRSA .. Which took you from me.
But anyways I feel good that vet man made a memorial for you. Cause you're special!
I'll write again the day I clean off the drool.
Until then

"Sniff Everything Everywhere and Enjoy Life"
or in your case "The Afterlife" Luna Bear!


RIP dear Luna Bear

July 5th 2014 5:39 pm
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Luna Bear received her wings 6/21/14. She was my Puppygirl. We had 10 short years of being best pals. Her Diary entries were written from her observations of her world..and I must say she was a sweet and clever hound! Hope you'll read and enjoy knowing my dear girl through her diary. Thanks to Dogster for noting 6,200 views of Luna Bears' page and for awarding her A Diary of the Day winner. I loved her so much...


..A Happiness Collector/Giver..

December 11th 2013 6:34 pm
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Ar-oooooo from Luna Bear! Here I am, a healthy, happy houndette. At 9 and 3/4 yrs old, I am actually between 71-78 in human yrs. I can still act all wild and cwazy like I did in puppyhood, but I usually don't waste my time wif dat when I could be couch napping instead..I like to get excited for my dinner cuz it still makes my mom laugh. Dat vet man told us I am I good health (for an old lady), dat my mom takes very good care of me. I still weigh 106 and now hab a very white face. Yup I did have glaucoma and am blind but I still hab both eyes and a lovely expression they say...And best of all I am able to walk wif her again after that scary problem wif my back last year! Okay, so I am no greyhound, but that's just fine wif us! My mom says I was born to collect all the extra happiness in the world and share it with a whole lot ub people who always stop to pet and admire me. She says I make everyone smile. I am happy to be a happiness giver! Luna Bear


What? Me A Christmas Miracle?

January 2nd 2013 12:17 pm
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Ar-ooooo and Happy New Year! Okay It's true... I do believe in Christmas miracles! That is because I am one! Finally after way too many visits to dat ol' vet man and having to munch on pills stuffed inside cream cheese for weeks and weeks, my problems with my vertebrae and nerves are much much better. I am carrying my tail up high again! I still walk with a slight sway sometimes in my rear, but do not drag my rear leg. and when I want to, am quite capable to get up on the couch, all by myself! My mom is soo happy with my progress... she says its a miracle! The woof is this. I'm happy again. I'm not in pain. I'm a well loved hound and I yam ready to "Sniff Everything Everywhere and Enjoy Life" once again... Lub to all, from sweet and kind Luna Bear


Well Dammit... I Do Have a Prawblum

December 5th 2012 11:55 pm
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A 2012 Christmas Aroooo an da woof is this: My back has been hurting alot. I have one rear leg that drags when I walk and I also have a very wobbly rear end, a stagger which I can't seem to control... So we went to see dat ol vet man. He said that I have 6 fused vertebrae in my spine--they are now putting alot of pressure on my spinal cord/nerves...last weekend I finished with the Prednisone treatment but vet man recheck said my condition had only a 25% improvement. My mom is very worried about me and we are now going to a specialist.. I am a dog, I only know today. Today I am in pain and am taking pain meds. Today i still cannot control my walk and need help going outside, up and down my ramp. My mom loves me a lot and I trust she will make the right decisions. Arooooos furends :-) Luna Bear


-Why? Why not! No Prawblum!

October 25th 2012 10:55 am
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Well, its me, the happy houndette Luna Bear back with news about me, yay! I outgrew my speech praublums ears ago and awways twy to carrwwy myself wif dignity now that I am 8 1/2. I still have a fluffybutt--yup still one ub my best features. :-) One fing different now is I am completely blind.. because I had dat yucky Glaucoma..dat ol' vetman says I am lucky cuz I still hab both ub my pretty eyes Heheh. I hab a good memory an Da best nose ever! I find my way round da yard. I tow my mama along on my walks jus like I did before. Why?? Why not!! No prawblum!! Lub Luna Bear



September 10th 2008 5:45 pm
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Hello Eberyone!
Yup it's true---I am back in San Diego now since May, after a very long and cold winter and spring in Montana.
We took good care of the human Grandma ober there but am happy to be here now---where the sun ALWAYS shines on me and I can enjoy my sun baths every day!

Lub to all my furends on Dogster!
Luna Bear



March 27th 2008 7:46 am
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Hello Eberyone!
It's me, dat rascal Luna Bear, and I yam habing my 4th Birthday today!!!

I had surgery on Tuesday on my eyes (Follecular Conjunctivitus scraping) and I cannot see too good because ub dat ointment mama has to put in my eyes 3x a day makes eberyfing blurry!
I also had 2 warts removed AND my teeth cleaned.
I yam now eben more barootiful then I was before.

"Luna Bear... yew are Moobie Star material" she says to I fink dat might be twue!
(If yew could only see me smile...hehehe)

Whoohooo and dah ti dah,... it's my BIRFDAY!!!
Yeah TWEATS!!!!!

Lub xxoo
fwom Luna Bear

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