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....Sometimes dos kittys do not smell real good!

July 25th 2006 2:42 pm
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Hello tew eberyone,
It's da Luna Bear here wif a tail ub my latest adventure...
Last nite der was a noise in da big grazzy yard, so I woofed an woofed to eberyone dat I had tew check it out wite away, an tew let me go outside---
Well, I went weal an ar-oooooooooo 'en as loud as
I could, so whateber it was would know dat I was weal serious 'bout da situashun out dere.
So after I rounded da corner ub da house, der WAS sumfin...
Hey, it's da kitty! I saw a pwetty black an white kitty! I ran ober der quick as I could, 'cuz I weally lub kittys alot you know, but neber did I eber fink dat
dis rotten kitty would do sumpfin weal bad to me.
...WHEW-EEEE!!!! I didn't know dat kittys could make such a tewwible stink like dat. It Was Juz Awful I Tell Yew---my nose burned---my eyes burned.
I ran as fast as a basset eber HAS ran, tew find my way back tew da house.
I could hawdly see anyfing! All dat was bad enuff, but den it got badder...
At 11pm I got a bath--- OUTSIDE ! Dey put some tomato-ey stuff all ober me an kept yellin' sompfin like:
" Stop it Luna Bear! Quit eatin dat up! Don't lick yerself! No-no-NO-OOO! "
Finally, dey dwied me off an sed it was bed time fer us. Dat CwazZy person who lubs me, put sompfin called 'VICKS VAPOR RUB' on her nose an we went tew bed togedder
jez like usual.
Dat was da end of my adventure. Hope yew liked hearin about it!
Lub tew yew all,
da Luna Bear


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