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The Life and Times of Bo

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I've been tagged!

October 4th 2009 12:58 pm
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I was tagged by my friend Tubby. To play the game you share 7 fun facts about yourself and then tag 7 other dogster buddies.
7 fun facts about me:

1.) I am my moms only boy dog. She says that I can't live with other boys, so I have just my ladies around me!

2.) Mum says I am her favorite, even though she shouldn't have one.

3.) I carry around a mum ball.

4.) I love eating unedible things to drive my mum nuts.

5.) When I get super excited I bay like a beagle.

6.) I hike my leg on my sisters bed at least once a week.

7.) Mum says without me (and my sisters) she wouldn't have a thing. Wonder what that means!


I've been tagged by Trixie

June 21st 2009 9:20 am
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1. What color is your collar? - red

2. What kind of food do you eat? - Premium kibbles and raw

3. What are your favorite treats? -I'm a puggle, I eat anything

4. Do you have a Valentine or significant other? Nope, my main lady is my mum

5. Do you get Table Scraps? – No, but sometimes a veggie or two

6. What is your favorite toy? – MumBalls

7. When is your Birthday? - April 18th, 2005

8. How many times a day do you get to eat? - 2

9. Do you have a favorite color? – Nope

10. Do you hope all your pals put this in their diary? -Yeppp!!!


My special write up!

August 4th 2008 10:28 am
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My mum just got an email about our weight pulling class and guess what, I had a little write up about me! Here is the article:

Well, Saturday the 26th marked the first Misty Pines weight-pulling class! We had a great turn-out and everybody, dogs and owners, had a good time. After a brief history on the sport, everyone got to try on a harness. Owners learned how to properly fit and condition their dog to the harness, which all the dogs took to well. Once comfortable wearing the harness, it was time to start pulling! Bo the puggle was the smallest, but also the most experienced dog in attendance. Owner Jennifer Traficante outfitted him with a handsome blue and yellow harness, complete with his nickname embroidered on the side! Bo started us off demonstrating pulling a gallon jug; not a heavy weight, true, but resistance just the same. Cesar the mastiff was next, proving that he could easily pull a 3 gallon jug filled with water! In fact, he seemed unaware that anything was behind him; Michael and Bree had to really turn up the enthusiasm to keep Cesar from falling asleep! Owner Amy Kegel and Zeke the Newfoundland had no difficulty pulling a wagon loaded with one hundred and twenty pounds; the only challenge was making sure somebody was there to stop it before it crashed into him! Perhaps the most impressive display, due to the complexity, was by Caesar the pit bull. Caesar, equipped with a carting harness, pulled our Sakko dog cart for several laps around the training center. Justin and Autumn were great coaches, cheering him on to success! All in all, the class was a great beginning to what will be a permanent fixture at Misty Pines. Owners left with knowledge on how to progress in weight-pulling and an outline of the steps involved. Everybody showed great interest and the dogs showed much potential. Saturday August 16 and August 23 from 8-9 AM will be the next weight pull classes. Anyone is welcome to attend and please contact us to sign up for class.

Mum thinks this is pretty cool!


My first weight pulling class!

July 26th 2008 6:58 am
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Today we went to our first ever weight pulling class. It isn't too popular in this area, so we were super excited when we found out that our favorite school was offering it!

I was the only one with a for real harness. I was also the smallest dog there. There were pitties, a rotti, a mastiff, a german shepherd, a french mastiff, a husky, and a bunch of newfies. Alot of the owners laughed at me since I am so small. But I showed them! I was used as the example dog for the whole class and I pulled a gallon jug of water and I loved doing it! Everyone clapped for me and the teacher said he was glad I showed up.

Mum is super excited because they are going to try and offer the classes weekly and have trials on site. Finally I found my sport!


The second behaviorist

January 31st 2008 3:56 pm
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My mum called in another doggie shrink. See, sometimes I beat up Winnie, like I beat up Sam. When she got here she said she is amazed at how good we are! She said I am a good dog and my sisters are good dogs too. She said that I am just a dog that focuses extremely well and when I get focused on a treat or something else, I just can't help myself. She also said that my mum didn't break me. I am what I am and thats how it is! That made my mum feel better.
I have to practice being good around Winnie, but that means I at least get treats!

The lady also said alot of the issue is that Winnie (see mum!) isn't respectful of my space! So we need to work on that.

She also said I am a very sensitive guy! She also said I put up with alot of stuff and I behave myself most of the time, but some things just push me and I can't help how I react.

Mum is so happy because she was sure I wasn't a bad guy. She is a little sad, though, that Winnie (see MUM!!!) is an issue. But she said Winnie gets to stay with us, which is good.


Mum says I should have been named Elvis

January 27th 2008 8:07 am
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Today my mum gave me a bath. She cleaned my ears, used highlighting shampoo, a peaches and cream conditioner, a leave on conditioner, and then some mink oil spray to make me shine! She said I was so handsome that I can make ladies melt! She thinks I should have been named Elvis cuz I guess he was handsome too! (Mum says he also had mom issues and was a little strange too, I guess like me) I wonder if Elvis had to wear perfume like my mum makes me wear! She is also talking about polishing my nails! I think she forgets I am a boy!


Mum says I ruined Christmas

December 27th 2007 8:26 am
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My mum was very mad all Christmas day. The day started out ok, I got to go to work with her and see all the other dogs at the kennel while she cleaned and fed them. Then when I got home we opened all kinds of presents from Santa. Well, my sissy Bailey thought about looking at my presents and I kicked her butt. She had her own presents, she shoulda stayed away from mine! Then, after we finished fighting, she came back to see my loot! So I told her again to back off. Only this time Winnie got involved and it was a big mess. My mum was mad. She made me stay in the bedroom alone without my toys. Then she got so mad she didnt open her gifts from Santa. She took all my stuff and put it in the closet and she and I sat in her room forever! We had all kinds of guests and they had presents and I just wanted to be with them but she made me stay in our bedroom. We did go for a walk, but it wasn't fun like usual because mum was so mad. When she finally let me out to see all the family, I ate a cat toy. It was a kitty mouse and was 3 inches long! It was so tasty! Then I had to drink some peroxide. It made my tummy hurt. Mum was really mad again. Then after I threw up outside and the mouse came out I went in her room and threw up again. She was mad at me again. She was mad at everyone. She says no more Christmas for us. She said sometimes she wishes I was a good boy. She said a lot of things that I am sure she regrets, I am her baby after all. We need each other. She says we need to find a behaviorist again. ( I guess the last lady didn't really work for us) Man, I wish I could just find all the toys Santa brought!


Super Bo was very sick!

December 5th 2007 7:25 am
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Boy, oh, boy was I sick around Thanksgiving! I had bloody poo and bloody vomit. I was not feeling very good at all and I had to be rushed to the vet. Then, I had to have all kinds of fluids under my skin so I was all humped up like a camel! I also had x-rays done and bloodwork. I was on 3 belly medications and I had to be hospitalized for the day on Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I was pretty sad there without my momma so I yelled alot. The ladies at the vet let me come out into the office with them and some other clients said I was beautiful and should be in the movies, "DUH!!!".

My momma picked me up after work, (I had to miss work, BOO!) and I got so excited I started snorking. I missed my momma.

All the tests came back normal. The vet said that I may have been poisoned when me and my momma were out jogging on monday. I ate a little clump of grass from a yard that had been treated with chemicals. They thought maybe I had been poisoned with rat poison but mum is very sure I didn't get any. It may just have to be a mystery.

I am so glad I am done with the yucky canned bland food and belly medications. I am also glad I can jog again!


Momma's hero again!

October 30th 2007 4:39 pm
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We were out jogging, like we always do. Mum and I jog 5 days a week to keep fit and tire me out! Well, once again, mum tripped and fell. This time it was REALLY hard! She fell on her arm and side and knocked the wind out of herself again. Well, I licked her face alot this time, because she was breathing funny like my sister Winnie. Then when she sat up, she had funny eyes. She said she was dizzy and she was gonna be sick. I sat with her and just kept licking her till she felt a little better. She had alot of trouble breathing, so we couldn't keep running. Poor mum is all scraped up, but she wouldn't let me lick all the blood off of her. We had to slowly walk home, and it was quite a walk back! She was wimpering because it really hurt for her to breathe. When we got back my Gammy took my mum to the hospital. Mum never goes to the doctor, so for her to go to the hospital, it must've been important! Mum said that the doctor said she has contusions to her muscles in her chest and her lung. She also has pretty bad brushburn on her legs and hands. She is also all bruised. She is supossed to take it easy for a week or so. It still hurts for her to breathe and she gets a little cranky when I stand on her. Poor mum! But it is very important that sometimes I stand on her so I can kiss her and get my massage!


The big guy

September 19th 2007 9:41 am
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Well, its taken awhile for me to put this in my diary, but now it is time. The old guy, Sam, that lived with us, went away. My mum said he died, but I don't know what that means. She let me sniff his stinky old harness and leash, and I got so excited! I remember his smell! Then, mum said he died and I felt a little sad, so I had to nurse on my toy for a little bit. I didn't really like that guy, but he was part of the pack and my family was so sad for a long time. Then, my mum said Sam was home, but I couldn't find him! All I saw was a wooden box with his picture on it. They let me sniff that too, but it didn't smell like Sam. Sam was a really stinky kind of guy! They put the Sam box on the fireplace, and now mum decorates it and sometimes looks very sad when she walks past it. Plus, she talks to it. Doesn't my mum know it's a box? At least my family isn't crying anymore. I don't know how to deal with such a sad bunch of people. I really just wish I knew where the big guy went!

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