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a bath and a new daddy

March 17th 2006 9:12 am
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Yesterday mummy gave me a bath using the slobber monster's deodorising shampoo. I almost got choked! I wanted to get down from the sink and run instead of stand still, so mum tied a leash on the faucet. She was pouring shampoo in her hand when I took the chance and jumped! And nearly died a slow death... Well, okay, not nearly. I only hung there for a second, because mummy was right in front of me. [I was so scared! And just a bit mad ^_^ ~ mum]

After drying off she let me run around the yard, and mummy's grandfather detained me and petted me for a bit. Mummy was secretly afraid that I would bite, but actually, I was still not sure that I would bite. I did like being petted, after all.

So today my new 'daddy' let me out and petted me for a very long time. I sat beside him, stood beside him or put my front paws on his lap. I just love being petted. He even combed my fur. Then mummy got her camera and took new pictures of me. [All are new except three: the one with my sister's arm, the one with his tongue out, and the one with the hand on his chin.] Don't I look good? ^_^ So mummy was pretty sure I wouldn't bite my new daddy.
After all, I went and sat beside him when he called me as I was running and running, didn't I? (And I also love running!)

Maybe on Monday I'll get another bath. Mummy will be busy this weekend.


Happy Birthday to me!

March 13th 2006 3:42 am
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I don't remember exactly when my birthday was, because I was feeling sad. My mummy was out of town for a performance (she says it's called singing; that's what they did when a lot of people came here and howled and made noise the whole day...).

Mummy arrived early this morning. We were so happy, but it was still early and so we had to keep quiet. Mummy was very glad that none of us made noise because the others were still asleep.

Then she had to go inside because she was really sleepy. I haven't been able to play with her. Maybe she'll give us a bath tomorrow...

Thanks to dogster for my birthday gifts! I've never had so many bones! ^_^
I wonder what mum will give me tomorrow...


Finally with mummy~!

February 28th 2006 11:34 am
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Yesterday mummy arrived with five men (~my dad and uncle and three movers)and a big truck. They had come to get all the stuff from grandmummy's apartment, including me!

So after they got the truck all loaded up with the stuff, they carried me, inside my cage! I was pretty scared. Then they covered everything with tarp, so I couldn't really see anything but the guys and the inside of the truck. We travelled for more than an hour. When we stopped, they removed the tarp. I was the first to get off, and they carried me, still inside my cage. I was pretty scared because I was as high as their heads. (So now I know I'm afraid of heights...)

I was very hungry and thirsty so afterwards mummy gave me water, and fed me after the movers had gone. I saw a giant dog, and he kept barking at me, so I barked back! Mummy talked with me and stayed with me, but after a while she had to see to the giant, who had pooed. Not five minutes later two guys came and took the giant out... I wonder what they did? It's already dark!

I was scared my first night. I thought mummy left me again and I wouldn't see her for a long while, and there was this strange giant dog...

So I was really happy when mummy came out earlier today. She gave me a bath and let me get acquainted with Bill, who looked like me except for his colour.

I'm not so scared now, because I know mummy is near, and wouldn't disappear for weeks when she gets swallowed by the big wooden thing that bangs.

She is planning to fatten me up (~he's gotten so thin! *cries*) so that I'll be healthier by the time my other mummy comes to get me to live with her ^_^


goodbye mummy... T_T

February 21st 2006 8:52 am
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I am still at my mummy's place (well technically she's my grandmum... she's my mum's mum) because my humans haven't gotten a truck to move all the stuff out.

Why are they moving out? Because grandmum died last February 3. I am very sad I never got to see her before she left. I last saw her when she left for Manila July last year. She was at the hospital August until she died. Of course I can't very well visit her at the hospital...

That's why I'm very sad when my other mummies and daddy (~my sister and brother - mum) visit and then leave without taking me along. I bark and bark because I'm afraid I'll be left behind forever and I'll never see them again... (~*huggles* Oh Pogo, we'd never leave you behind!)

Last week, though, they told me they'd be back one last time to empty the place, and that I'd be coming along! I can't wait to join my new mum! (~Pogo will be living with my sister - mum) Mum told me they had a puppy before, and when a burglar entered the house, the puppy just lay there quietly (someone was asleep in another room so she'd have heard the puppy barking). I'll show any bad people to mess around with me! I'll be the best guard dog they'd ever see!


be moving soon! ^_^

September 7th 2005 8:02 pm
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I hope my mum and aunt will come and get me soon...
They're moving out and now only my mum's cousin is seeing to me.
I'll have to travel like two hours to get to my mum's aunt's house. But that's cool. Soon I'll get to see Pig and Bill! Maybe I can play with them, too! It gets pretty boring here when there are no people or cats to bark at...
Soon my mum will have a new guard dog at their house! Woof! ^_^


Cat! *snarl*

July 17th 2005 9:22 am
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There's a stray cat that comes into my garage sometimes... I bark at her but my mummy tells me to be quiet, that it's just a cat...
My mummy feeds her when she hears the cat outside. I don't like sharing my food, so mummy feeds me first. I don't mind that the cat gets fed as long as I go first ^_^
Three days ago my mum put me on a leash to take me with her to the village store. I kept bucking (I hate leashes!), so my mum just put me back in the garage before I was able to remove my collar. I maded the neighbour's turkeys lose some feathers haha...

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