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Rainbow Bridge

April 16th 2011 1:42 pm
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I crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. My family is sad, and I am watching them with love from here. I can breathe now! No pain. I can jump again! And I see Vinny, and Teddy Bear, and Emma Peel,and Gus and Pookie and Bear and Checkers and so many others! I sure had a wonderful life, and wonderful dear friends here on Dogster. Sending love to my husband, Max, in Missouri, and my brother Bobby in NC, and to all the MPMM sweet doggies.



March 7th 2010 5:50 pm
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We just got back from a weekend in Charleston, SC. I was worried to travel but it was fun! We stayed in a bed and breakfast next door to the carriage rides stables, and I got to smell the horses!


Happy Birthday to Me

August 28th 2009 7:49 am
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I had a great 14th birthday this week! Lots of wonderful greetings and gifties from my Dogster friends---thanks so much, everydoggie! My pawrents came home from vacation to celebrate with me, and my hooman grandma has been spoiling me all week. It's a great life for a little old dog...


Merry Christmas!

December 24th 2008 7:58 am
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Seasons Greetings, Everydoggie! Just a quick shout out to my dear husband Max, by brother in law Pistol Pete, and all my dear doggie friends. Hope you all have wonderful holidays....all the MPMM doggies and the TPCL2 doggies and Saradevi and Alex and Sadie and Emma and everyone.....MERRY CHRISTMAS!



November 27th 2008 3:08 am
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Happy Thanksgiving, all. Remember to be grateful for your loving homes, your people, your dog and cat siblings, your DINNER, and to say a little prayer for all the doggies who don't have all these blessings. I'm grateful for Dogster, and all my pals here. Have a wonderful holiday.


My birthday!

August 25th 2008 5:11 pm
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Hi, Everydoggie! Thanks for the birthday wishes and cards! I've had a great celebration (although i'm sorry I missed the MPMM party!). Mom and Dad took Bobby and I to Charleston, SC for the weekend an we just got back today. My Dad's birthday was Saturday, so we all celebrated together! We got to walk along the marina, and see boats and birds and fish! I got to lay in the big bed and watch TV while Mom and Dad were out sightseeing! It was SO fun. I love to travel. It was hard on Bobby, though...his eye got infected and he's been a little bit sick. He gets disoriented when he is anywhere but home. Poor little bro...


Dog wedding

June 23rd 2008 10:12 am
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Well, we did it! Max and I tied the knot June 21 on the Tiny Paws Cruisline II ship. What an amazing day it was! Our wedding planner Georgie outdid herself with fantastic decorations, flowers, a wonderful garden, wardrobe for the wedding party, was amazing! Gibbon and Toby co-officiated beautifully. The reception was great fun. Many thanks to all my doggie buddies for making it such a wonderful event.


I ate my dinner!

January 10th 2008 5:46 pm
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I ate all my dinner!! Even the dry food! I can swallow again, and I am jumping up and down and running and playing with toys. I have to go back to the vet soon for another xray, but I feel normal now. Wheeeeeee


Running! Wheeeee!

January 9th 2008 5:25 pm
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This evening I have been outside RUNNING along the fence, barking! I feel so good! The vet told my mom that my bloodwork was fine, so no problems with my kidneys or liver or any of that stuff. Just my heart and lungs, and the medicine seems to be fixing that....well, I know it won't FIX it completely, but it controls it and lets me feel good again. YEAH!!!!I have to go back in a few days to get another xray......I'll keep everydoggie posted, but I am sure relieved to be feeling better. THANK YOU all my pals for your love and prayers and support. That has helped me more than anything!


So sick

January 7th 2008 3:23 pm
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Well, my heart disease has moved into early heart failure and I have been so sick. Now I am on new medicine and it is helping. So are the prayers of all my dear doggie much love. My boyfriend, Max, has been such a support to me. So have all my MPMM friends, and my family, and Sadie and Emma and Martha and everydog. Bobby is taking good care of me. The medicine is drying some of the fluid in my lungs so now I can breathe easier and not cough so much. I am trying to be strong, lifted by all the love around me!

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