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Home:Quezon City, Philippines  [I have a diary!]  
Sex: Male   Weight: 100+ lbs

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Piggy, Baby, Piggy, Piggy Pig-Pig, Piglitt, ^_^

Doggie Dynamics:
not playfulvery playful

Rainbow Bridge
Quick Bio:

running, bones, getting cuddled, hurdling Bill, sniffing Bill, licking Bill, annoying Pogo, slobbering on people ^^

nail-clipping, teeth-brushing, being ignored and left alone, not being let out to run

Favorite Toy:
a small squeaking soccer ball. also, plastic bottles, chewed-up bones, my hand *ow!*

Favorite Food:
beef marrow and some meat and fat mixed with rice and beef stock and dog food, big meaty bones, ice cream, ice blocks, Kamias leaves, rags, towels, slippers...

Favorite Walk:
all around the yard, on the streets (suburbs)

Best Tricks:
sit, down, heel (while on a leash), stay (still needs mastering!). He can also play dead, but most of the time he doesn't stay dead haha. And he can roll over ^^ I'm trying to make him master the commands he already knows while he's off-leash ^^

Arrival Story:
A breeder friend of my uncle's gave him Pierce because of his white marks. My uncle just arrived one day with Pierce (then about 2 months) and asked us to take care of him since he couldn't (they had just moved to a small apartment). Pierce could fit on my lap back then... I don't even have pictures of him when he first arrived! His earliest pictures were taken when he was abour 4 1/2 months old *cries*

According to my uncle who's seen Pierce's siblings, he's the biggest of them all, and he said Pierce's colouring is the nicest. Pierce's sire is a Philippine champion. Maybe he got his faults from his mother? But I don't care that Pierce is substandard! I love him all the same ^_^ Even if he does live up to his nickname... He's never learned to poo anywhere else except his crate. It makes for a difficult cleaning and scrubbing. I had to bathe him everyday, and the only reason he doesn't get bathed everyday now is because I'm home irregularly and Pig's gotten too big and strong for my aunts to handle. So now he just gets hosed down when his crate is. I taught him to sit at around three months, without doggie treats. When I got around to buying them, I taught him to heel, around 5 months. When he was about 7 months old we got a trainer for him because whenever we take him out for a walk, it would take two of us to pull back on his leash! Now he's a very well-behaved doggy. (He still doesn't like staying though... he'll only stay when he's tired hehe.) He doesn't pull on the leash anymore and knows Sit, Down, Play dead (but sometimes he won't stay 'dead'), Roll over, Shake (and Other paw). My boyfriend and I took him on his first real car ride last March. We went to UP and walked him around the oval. On our way back to the car a campus policeman approached us and told us that dogs weren't allowed inside the academic oval anymore! We were kinda embarrassed ^^;; Last April we took him to Tiendesitas, which is kinda far from our house, to meet other bullies at a dog show. I think my baby is small for a bullmastiff! Well anyway we had fun even though it was sooo hot. He was already panting before we even got halfway to Tiendesitas. We are planning to take him somewhere again soon. Stay tuned for more pictures! :)

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run. eat. play. slobber.

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July 15th 2005 More than 11 years!

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Hi! =P - - *slobber*

Pierce's passing

June 30th 2009 6:13 am
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Two weeks ago, June 19, 2009, Pierce left us.
Sad to say, we don't even know why he died. I just think that he might have gotten leptospirosis. It's the most likely culprit because the week before there was a huge rat outside and quiet Pierce would bark at it at night. Also because I read in a book that death could come in as short as 36 hours.
He just lost his appetite and my aunt tried to coax him to eat but he wouldn't. My aunt mixed dextrose powder into his water and gave him oral rehydration salts. He drank them, but water is not enoug, he needs food! She also noticed that he was panting even though it wasn't hot. She gave him ice cubes and he ate them all like he was so thirsty.
I thought it was just a stomach bug or something. My boyfriend thought he might have a toothache because I told him he kept licking his 'lips', and because a toothache might prevent him from eating.
It makes me guilty thinking that I neglected him, that I didn't bring him to the vet as soon as he stopped eating, but Saturday is my only free day as I have to be at work at 2pm and I get home midnight. In the morning I only have time to eat and shower then I'm off. But who ever thought that he would die because he didn't eat his dinner?
I cry almost everyday when I check dogster, maybe I should stop checking it...
Pierce's passing has left such a big hole in my heart and it won't be easy to heal. Pierce was our baby, and he's THE dog! Very sweet, affectionate like an overgrown lapdog, naughty but smart, he's the dog that made me want to be a breeder!
Other Bully friends have told me not to blame myself and that I should just think about the happy times we had together. I should follow their good advice, but it's hard. It's so hard to accept that he's gone. We haven't gone swimming yet or been to the beach, we haven't been to High Street, and we don't even have a family picture! So many things left to do T_T
I don't think I'll ever stop blaming myself, but I know I shouldn't brood on it. Just take each day as it comes and take care of Hunter.
I can't say thank you enough for the hugs, prayers, and support from our Bodacious Bully friends.
I shall miss my Piggy so much.


Pierce's adventures continued

June 23rd 2009 11:05 am
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I know it's late but here they are in chronological order:

April 25, 2009
Earth Day celebration at Alexandra

Every year there's a dog contest at Papi's place. This year it was removed from the program altogether. We were devastated because we had been waiting for a year and preparing for it because we were going to enter Pierce instead of selling at the bazaar. Luckily they brought it back when we asked about it.
Papi made a 'signboard costume' that goes around his neck. It's a tuxedo with a nametag saying 'Hello! My name is Pierce." He did his tricks, 'sit', 'down', and 'wait... wait... eat!' Wouldn't do his 'shake' trick cos he was so tired. It was a hot day.
We had a 'callback' in an hour, so in the meantime as we ate, we let him meet the other bullmastiff, who turned out to be his nephew or something. The other bully was related to Pierce's dad.
Anyway to make it short, Pierce won Best in Costume and surprise! He was also the Overall Champion! We were surprised and overjoyed because he was a champion in the only contest he would ever join!

May 24, 2009
Summer Pet Fair at SM City

There was a pet fair at a nearby mall, and we went because it was near and we hoped we would see other bullies there. Pierce almost got heat stroke because it was such a hot day and the guards wouldn't let us inside the mall so we had to walk around outside for about 10 minutes to the Sky Dome at the other side of the mall. When we got inside the venue it was a good thing a vet saw him and attended to him right away. He fed Pierce ice and gave us an ice bag to rub over his body. Good thing he got better right away and it was cool inside the venue. After a while we decided to check out the free dog buffet where people made a fuss over him and took some pictures of him and with him.
He was the only big dog outside walking. There was a pit bull conformation show and every dog was in its crate. People were curious and slightly afraid but when they saw that it was a girl holding him and how gentle he was, they starting coming closer. The people manning the buffet were scared at first, but when we went by to say goodbye, they had pictures taken with him and they even gave him two bags of dog food! We were so happy ^_^
He also got to sniff some turtles in a cage. He was so curious but then he would jump back like a scaredy-cat! The Sky Dome was designed like a coliseum with seats going up, so the people sitting saw him, a huge dog, jump back in fear of some turtles :D
By the way, we were the unofficial representative of the Philippine Bullmastiff Federation only because the others were busy so we were the only ones there.
He was so tired when he got home he promptly went so sleep. ^_^


Pierce's travels (so far)

May 15th 2008 1:12 am
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Hello all! It's been a long time since my mum and I wrote an entry.
Here's what's new in my boring old life:

March 1
My mum had recently been active in a local doggy forum. She met other bully owners there and also in person when she and her boyfriend went to a dog show at Tiendesitas. So they were talking about a dog-walk meet at UP, so one night mum just got into her head to take me to UP, and on the next day! Of course we weren't able to ask the other bully owners to go cos it was on such short notice. So the next morning mum's boyfriend went to the house (with his camera, of course! Such a milestone should not go undocumented!) They got me to ride in the back of the SUV, and tested first if I would go wild when the door was closed. (Of course I didn't cos I'm a good boy!) We took pictures before leaving hehe then we left for UP. Traffic was light so we were there in less than 30 minutes. We walked while 'papi' took pictures of me and mummy. My favourite one is my solo picture with Oble! I look so good. I shall post that picture one day so that others may admire my beauty. (Mummy: Hehehe).

April 29 (?)
There was an all-breed dog show at Tiendesitas and mum got to talking to the other bully owners. They were going to join the show, so mummy and papi decided to take me along. It was soooo hot even though there was air-conditioning in the car. (A few days later my mum found out that day was one of the hottest so far.) Traffic was a bit heavy, and that plus the fact that the site was pretty far, the trip took about 45 minutes. We arrived around 2.30pm and there were so many cars we couldn't find a parking slot that was near the site. We had to walk a bit and the ground was so hot! Inside Tiendesitas we paused so mum and papi could relieve themselves and I took the opportunity to lie down on a cool floor and rest. I didn't want to stand up anymore! But we had to walk some more to go to the show ring. And there I met my first bully friend, Ruppert! Papi took pictures of us sniffing each other hehe. He might be a relative of mine, we don't really know for sure. After a bit we looked for the others. They were outside relaxing on the grass. I met Zee and Macho and of course papi took pictures. These two are younger than me ( I think they're over one year old) but already about my size. I'm sure they'll be really big when they stop growing! So there we stayed for more than an hour then went home. What a day! Papi said they might bring me to Tiendesitas again next time there's a show and the other bullies are there. I'll be sure to write about that again!

Until next entry!

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