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The Kinsey Report by Buddy, Phd-Perfectly happy dog

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Been Really Sick, and out of it

March 9th 2007 9:47 pm
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Greetings from Buddy to all you Beautiful Dogs!!!!!
My first entry in a long time.

1) My mom retired and is on a limited income, therefore she couldn't subscribe to Dogster Plus. Booooo, I miss giving out all those neat Zealies, stars, hearts, rosettes, rainbows.

2) I got real sick, still am on antibidotics. My mom was so worried because I had a horrible cough, didn't feel like eating and would cough up undigested food. She was worried I ate a rock or something. Thankfully it wasn't that serious, if she only asked me I would have told her. I'm not that DUMB to eat rocks, puwee that taste icky. I had a temperature of 104 - 107. I'm getting better, eating and not coughing so much.

3) Ahhhhhhh how could I ever thank Rita and Rosita for giving me zealies. They are the MOST sweetest Senioritas in the WORLD.

Well, rrfn for now.


Dog Heaven - The Dog Park

December 17th 2005 10:33 pm
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Buddy Kinsey here reporting on ......... the Dog Park

But first I must say: "Thank you" to Dogster for selecting me in the Today's Picks for the Journals. What an honor.

Weeeee I finally was taken to the dog park. It's located in Union City, California and was it wonderful. I met so many beautiful dogs there. I must say the smells were great too.

My mom didn't like it, but for some reason I just couldn't help but want to get on top of this Jack Russell girl dog. I mean if felt so natural and the smell was great, tho her mom says she was spayed, whatever that means. Everytime I went for her, my mom would scold me. I thought that was the right thing to do because these other boy dogs tried getting on top of me. I had to teach them the right thing to do, but mom says "no," just play. Then my mom saw this beautiful dog, her name was Serena and she was a Bellington Terrier and she looked like a lamb. So darling and she was so sweet, but she only wanted to stay around people. So, I just had to keep going after the Jack Russell girl.

Oh well, I sniffed everywhere and that day when we went to the car I got sick and all this white foaming stuff came up out of my stomach. My mom felt sorry for me, she said I must have been overwhelmed with all those smells.

And guess what she did: She told everyone there at the small dog park all about "Dogster!" In the future she'll need to bring that flyer about Dogster and take my picture there.

I'm so glad mom didn't stay mad at me for going after that girl dog because she took me again to the "Dog Park!" Oh what fun. We saw a minature pincher named Maraduke, for some reason he kept going after me and so did a Wippet boy dog. Ugh, they kept trying to get on top of me, shame shame shame. But they're still little pups so they're just learning. Again I couldn't help it I kept going after this Bichon girl, whew she was cute. Here name was Olivia, wow what a doll err I mean dog. I got to stay for 2 hours. And there weren't very many big dogs and I just wanted to checked out those smells, so mom opened the gate and took me there.

Wouldn't you know it, a Greyhound chick was so excited to see me see kept chasing me and I got real scared, so Mom picked me up and had to take me back to where I belonged.

I was exhausted that day, but I can't wait until we return.

Buddy out for now and until next time RRFN


Hmmm Hmmm Good Hmmm Hmmm Good .... Mommies food is hmmm hmmm- good

December 10th 2005 3:07 pm
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Buddy here reporting on being mischievous and the rewards for it.

My mom can't remember but she left her leftover burrito where I could get it. She told everyone that she only ate about 1/4 of the super burrito when she went shopping. Then when she got home she didn't realize she left it somewhere where I could reach. Ahhhh, while her and her girlfriend were having their dinner they didn't even thinking of me. hahaha They were so busy talking and enjoying a feast. Well, I had a feast too!

The next morning my mom went to her computer, and lo and behold she saw something on the floor near the computer chair. She thought ... what's that ... "Oh Buddy how could you," is what she said. She told everyone how I ate right through the brown paper bag, the foil, the tortilla and then to get to the good stuff shredded beef, beans, cheese and rice. Oo0o lala, Oooo lala and hmmm hmmm good.

My mom was worried because I ate allot of foil. She looked at my disposable jobs and couldn't find anything that looked like foil. She's thinking of taking me in to the Vet, because maybe it's still in my tummy. Oh no! I hope I don't go to the Vet.

Buddy over and out and until next time RRFN


Congratulations to the “Winners!”

December 8th 2005 11:01 am
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Buddy here reporting on the Contest Winners.

Wow, how great it was to be part of the “World’s Coolest Dog Show.” And Congratulations to the “Best in Show:” Kiara. You must feel sooooooooooooooo loved!

All of us other dogs that were able to be part of this, it’s been Great! Regarding the Category: Craziest Tail – Congratulations to Pretty Boy Floyd. You deserved it because as for me – you’d never find me swimming in water. And your tail, boy that was a great pictures.

Regarding all the other categories: Congratulations to you All. This was a wonderful experience.

Until later RRFN, over and out!


Wow! How can I ever say "Thank you!"

November 21st 2005 8:18 am
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Buddy Kinsey here reporting on becoming a finalist in the "World's Coolest Dog Contest."

Wow, I am overwhelmed with appreciate on becoming a finalist! I love it - I love it - I love it.

I was pretty selfish to post on some of the forums to vote for me "Best of Show," when there are just so many other great pictures. And just to be a finalist is such an Honor!

I truly wish I could somehow tell everyone that voted for me "Thanks a Million!" This is the best I can do is post it on my journal. And if I could I'd give each an everyone of you a milllions kisses: So here it is electonically - Swhish, Swhish, Swhish, Swhish!!!!

Buddy over and out until next ... I have to go drink water I swhished so much it made me thirsty. pant pant pant


And the Freedom Bell Rings

November 11th 2005 4:02 pm
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Buddy here reporting on Freedom!

Yap, I love it. On some mornings, mind you quite early in the morning when the birds are still sleeping but it's a bit light to see - my mom takes me on a short walk without a leash. I love it. I have to say it again - I L-O-V-E it !!!

Normally when I get to go on a walk I sniff and smell everything. But without the leash I run way ahead of my mom. It's fun. She says she's glad that she taught me the word "Wait!" hehehe that's what she thinks. But to please her, when I run too far ahead she calls out Wait! I know she's not as fast as me so I just hang around near a bush to sniff until she catchs up to me.

Then she says okay let's go. Zzzzzziiiiipppp I'm off and running. It's so much fun. She says it's okay to walk without the leash because there's no cars around so that I won't get hurt. Ahhhhh Freedom, did I say I love it!

When we round the corner and she says let's go home, she gets so proud of me. Because I go right to the door. Actually I only do this because I want her to never stop taking me out on those pleasant walks without a leash.

Buddy out for now until next time RRFN rrrufff rrrufff :D


I'm a hero and very courageous too

October 26th 2005 7:58 am
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Buddy Kinsey here reporting on being a Hero:

Yep, my mom doesn't realize it but I save her quite often. I can't understand why she doesn't know that the vacuum cleaner is a "Killer!" So, when that vacuum comes out and it always seems to attack my mom, it grabs hold of her hand and drags her all over the place.

So, Buddy Kinsey to the rescue. I run after it and bark and growl. I let it know don't you dare hurt my Mom. It works everytime and my mom doesn't even know that I saved her once again.

It's a tuff job but my mom deserves to live, I love her so much. I mean I'm scare of it, so don't get me wrong. But, to be a Hero it takes courage, and it's worth it. After all that's one of our jobs to protect and defend those we love.

Buddy out until next time. RRFN Rrrufff Rrrufff


More Pictures - want my autograph?

October 8th 2005 4:53 pm
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Buddy here reporting on a neat new tool to help us pups add pictures to our webpage. It's called: Easy Thumbnails by Fookes Software. The great thing about this is - that it's FREE! We learned about it when entering some of my pictures on the: World's Coolest Dog and Cat Show (link to this site found at Home page of Dogster).

We interrupt this journal to announce: "Please vote for me (a BIG 5), my pics are found in the following categories: Sleeping, Car dog, Tonguerr and Tail." I'm sure you'll notice me (good look pup that I am, oops not being modest)

Well, back to the journal: My mom was having problems downloading pictures but with this software she can add more pictures of me. See the one with my family and my girly bedroom (sorry, but my mom loves roses and it's found all over my bedroom - I'm a guy but I don't look too tuff being around girly things)

Now, with this new tool you'll begin seeing more pictures on my webpage. For now Buddy signing off and have a good dog gone day!

Rrrrufff Rrrrufff "RRFN"


Them Bones them bones them goooooooood bones

October 2nd 2005 9:35 pm
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Hmmmm Hmmmm Good!

Buddy, here reporting on some delicious bones! Yup, my family and some friends went to this place called "House of Prime Rib," located in San Francisco on Vanness. This is the place to go for Prime Rib, that is all they serve there. And it is rated with all the other Top Restaurants in the Bay Area.

Well, her friend asked if he could take his bone home for his pup, Chuckee (he is on my webpage with Alexis). Well, the very nice lady asked him if he wanted more bones. Dah, but of course. So I'm so happy my mom spoke up and asked for some Bones for me. Yeah!

Prime Rib Bones, can you believe it! And they were big and filled with meat and FAT. My mom removed some of the FAT, bummer. Well, I was in 7th heaven.

When my Tia Rose called and asked how I like the bones. My mom said I looked so content, happy, and a big round belly. That's why I have a Phd, Perfectly Happy Dog, yup that's me.

Until next time Buddy Kinsey signing off. RRFN


September is "Dog Month!"

September 14th 2005 9:50 am
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"The American Kennel Club is pleased to be celebrating the third annual "AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day" (AKC RDO Day) on September 17, 2005. We have invited and encouraged all AKC dog clubs and other pet-related organizations to take part by holding a community event that publicly promotes responsible dog ownership anytime during the month of September. "

"Some suggestions to help commemorate AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day include:

ID clinic (offer microchipping, etc)
Hold an AKC CAR microchip clinic
Rescue information booth
Health clinic/health screen testing/First Aid for dogs
Meet the breeds/Find the right dog for you
Obedience/Agility/Rally/Performance demonstrations
Therapy/SAR Dog or Police K9 Unit demonstrations "
and More

My mom had a microchip put in me. At first I didn't like it, because going to the Vet is "scary," for me. Now that it is over, I'm glad I had it done. Cuz what happened in Louisana "Katrina Hurricane," at least someone would be able to identify me if I'm lost. Also, I wear a dog tag with my microchip #, address and contact phone numbers. I sure hope all those lost pups and pets are found for their families.

"Responsible dog ownership not only involves taking top-notch care of your pet but also being considerate of those around you," said Lisa Peterson, AKC's Director of Club Communications. "

I agree our owners need to clean up after our job is done. One suggestion: everyone has plenty of those plastic bags that they bring home groceries in, just tuck one in your pocket when you take us out for a walk. Then when you get home just drop it in the garbage container outside. Happy neighbor, happy owner and happy pup! Or as for me “Perfectly happy dog,” Phd. ;) :P

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