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Life of a T Oy hOG

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Rip Enny

October 13th 2014 11:02 am
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RIP Lenny crossed to the Rainbow Bridge Oct 10, 2014 to be with his brother forever -


I have started!!!

June 2nd 2010 3:16 pm
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My countdown!!!!!!!!!!

To our birthday!!!! I dont think mom ordered us a cake yet.......gotta get into her email to check it out....

Harrison & I will be 12 years old on June 14th!!!!

And I hafta say I think we look mighty handsome still for 2 old tzus :)

Out & Over

Enny....gotta go and get my eye drops


update on leg

April 5th 2010 3:23 pm
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So today I was getting carried everywhere I went.... I am kinda liking this :)

Mom came home and she thinks I am still limping but not as bad...she has totally restricted me on jumping and playing for now...which is ok...maybe I can sneak more belly rubs?

Off to get my face washed, eye drops and bed time for this old man :)

Out & Over



Sore leg.......

April 4th 2010 3:23 pm
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Oops...looks like I was having too much fun and now I am isnt sure if it my leg that I broke many years ago jumping off a bed.....she thinks I slipped on the ceramic floor down stairs while she was cooking in the kitchen and BBQ'ing. She has felt up and down my leg and I dont cry when she touches it so mom will watch and make sure that I am carried if I need to go out or upstairs. If anything else appears looks like I will be visiting my vet sooner than my Sept checkup......

Crossing all my paws that my backleg feels better over the next couple of days:)

PS Been missing all of my pals. I am always thinking about you guys :)

Out & Over


PPS Some good news since the warmer weather has appeared guess what left me!! my scabs!!! Gone baby like the wind! mom thinks that we should move somewhere it will be warmer all the time :)


Sorry ;-)

February 19th 2010 4:25 am
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It has been a long time since both Harrison & I have written here.....between mom being busy and other things going on......just hasnt been enough time in the day.

But I thought I would sneak in a little time before everyone else wakes up :)

Not much has been going on.....still NO SNOW!! You know I can actually say I am missing da snow....nothing to tzu 500 in the backyard! Some days it has been quite mild....other days just bone chilling to the point I refuse to go out to pee! or even POO! It would freeze coming out :)

On the other has been bringing us a groomer cause her back has been hurting, so to take the pressure off her.....she has been giving it to someone else....thats where we got our last pics! I must say I think I looked pretty darn good for 11 years...going on 12 soon :)

But ugly friends have noticed the other day my lower back and my SCABS! Geez.....I think they missed me....this time they are showing up later than last mom is now back to bathing me every week.....since last Monday was Family Day , I got a bath and Harrison didnt......he was upset...with mom...

You see Harrison LOVES to be clean....if he has poopy bum it must be cleaned properly or he sulks around the house all day until it is done properly, he loves having his face washed.....he falls asleep while mom is doing it.....only one thing you can say F R E A K !!!! BOL

So mom is taking another 1/2 day off coming home to bath me and my scabs....if she feels like it Harrison will also get a bath today.

Ohhh....there is a girl at moms work, that got a big puppy and she has been making treats and sending some our way! They are G O O D! We cant get enough of them, they have banana & carrots and something else , but super duper 4 tzu paws up for these treats!

Anyway I must crawl back into da bed.....

Out & Over

Enny :)


oHH nO!

December 29th 2009 2:32 pm
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Yes another eye issue! I have been so good!! It was almost a complete year with no problems, till the other day....I think Harrison wrote about it the other day. So mom did get me in....which is good it was the dogtor from Guelph! He was in Mississauga, and I went to see him.

So he says he doesnt really know what my issue is...just that my eye is now completly cloudy and very red......but no uclers and he said everything else looks fine...once again...I present a problem that no eye specialst can figure out!

Now I cant have any steriods in my drops as it effects others issues with my eyes...and my dogtor is trying out a different drop along with all my other ones and I go back next Tuesday a little for the pain.....

Ohhh and I got myself so upset today, I kinds had bad poopy pants before I seen mom...and I didnt tell she had to go back to work with a present on her clothes from me today :(

Anyway waiting for mom to get home......cross your paws we can clear this issue up before next year at least :)

Out & Over



smoke alarms ~~~ in my life ~~~

October 4th 2009 11:56 am
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So this is a story about moi ~ and smoke alarms....

All my life I could not care about them....loud noises, thunder it didnt bother me at all. I always watched Harrison totally freak out and mom could not control him when loud noises happened.

About 3 weeks ago the smoke alarm went of in the house and I totally being Lenny ran up the stairs so fast mom thought I flew up them. You see I dont run up the stairs...I dont like the stairs...I had fallen down them before so I really refuse to go up and down, I must be carried. Until that day....when I flew.....:(

After the smoke alarm stopped all because someone didnt put the fan above the stove on...I think we have a super sensitve alarm......I was still freaking out and Harrison was already calming has never seen me this scared before, I have never felt so scared before...

Maybe this is payback for all those times I was making fun of I understand him.

So in order for mom to calm me down she decided to take us out for a it was a nice cool day which is great for a walk...and it worked. I went around da corner saw the poodle that I am friends with. Everytime she sees me she drops and rolls over!!! mom says it is because she likes me!! BOL!

After that I did feel better and I didnt think about the alarm again that night, I was sleeping so deep that I didnt even hear mom get up the next day!

Did you ever think something like a loud noise could tire you out so much?

Mom said it is with us getting older that we are getting more senstive to things, and that it will be ok.

As long as we have mom everything will be ok :)

Out & over

Enny minus the smoke alarm ~


uPDAtE ON tuMMy....

August 23rd 2009 1:12 pm
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Thanks everyone....

After I updated my diary....I was up for about 10mins and mom noticed that I was shaking....I was shaking like mom had just bathed me and left me outside in -20C weather!! Mom had me wrapped in my favourite blankie and too the hair dryer and I feel asleep for a bit and woke up about 20 mins later and I was sick again.....almost throwing up on my moshi quickly took them out of da way...and they are safe....I then walked in a took a pee on da pee pee pad took a drink (mom was feeling better that I finally took a drink) and then she put me back in bed.....

But mom was up most of da night watching me...and making sure I wasnt shaking anymore...and about 8am mom brought me outside and I went pee again...and mom carried me up the stairs and I started eating my dinner from last night.....I can tell you it was YUMMY this morning!!! and now I am in the puter window counting da people and cars that go by with a nice cooler breeze even though it is cloudy it is a perfect day!

Ohh and I got an email saying I was one of the diary picks for today!!!

Thank dog for the POTP and mom who knows what to do!

Off to count cars



tUmmY uPSeT

August 22nd 2009 3:37 pm
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Ohhh was in the bathroom, I wanted in, I started to howl, and , no open da door.....I gotta come in......then the door opens and I threw up said I turned green.....I dont feel washed my face, made me a bed surrounded by my lions on top of a towel just in case I get sick again......I have slept for 3 hrs....not interested in dinner....maybe later...I was so cited fo dinner tonight too!

not sure what mom's sister feed me....but I thought I liked it...but my tummy said NO! Harrison is worried cause I am just sleeping....and I was suppose to get a feels bad for me so no bath till I feel better......

Out & over


Its been a while.......

July 14th 2009 3:47 pm
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but with the warmer friends have LEFT ME!!!

well not really my scabs! BOL!

Mom is still bathing me every 2 weeks along with big boy....and I am still sensitive in my lower back...but no mom thinks we need to move to a warmer place that has no snow or really cold weather!! I put my paw up and said OK!

But as we all know that wont happen but I have my paws crossed that my friends dont come back anytime soon!

Mom has been really busy with work and stuff....a few weekends ago she stubbed her big toe twice within 5 mins....and the result wasnt good.....she lost her toe nail..and it looks GROSS!!!

See mom has this thing...she likes to tease me...and she comes over and smells my feet...and she says I have stinky feet! well wouldnt you if you had to walk on the floor and outside with no shoes! Geezz...

So I did the same thing to mom....I went to smell her feet and I gave her this look and she started to laugh!! She laughed so hard Harrison left the room, and mom and me played!! :)

Last weekend mom took us for a walk with the stroller to the we started to walk..then mom put us in the stroller and pushed us to the park..we walked through the covered trail it was NICE!! we havent been to that park in a long time...cause the walk is too far unless the stoller comes with mom was tired she forgot the way we came back was all uphill! sorry mom but we had fun!!

I think we are going to try and go out this weekend again....but just as long as it is not too hot out for all of us.

Big boy is good....he had some dreams the other night....he was kicking, barking, growling.....this time mom didnt wake him up...she watched him for about 20 mins...straight!! geez some pups need sleep you know?

Ohhhhhhh I gotta tell you this....just this past weekend we all slept in on Sunday....and mom knew one of us wre stuck to her she felt feet and kicking...well mom carefully got up to see who was there...nope is wasnt me! It was HARRISON! She just about peed herself laughing at was on his back sitting up looking like a big fat old man teddy bear...sound asleep!!! not sure how he ended up that way...but boy he must have been couldnt get the camera quick enough in between her laughing...that would have been a good picture!

Almost forgot....Tuesday sent Harrison a gift certificate so we finally ordered some pressies....hopeing we get them next week or the week after?

Also please remember our good friend Tiffany, her anniversary is coming up oh July 28th.

May you rest in peace forever sweet girl. We always think about you now and forever.

out & over


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