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July 5th 2008 6:57 am
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I was SNOGGED by FLIPPY BLOSSOM! I'm passing it on! Here's what they said:

6TH July national kissing day!!!

July 5th 2008 5:40 am [link to this entry]

The Jewsbury tzus are celebrating national kissing day and hoping to spread some snogs your way! As all of us are footloose and fancy free (none of us are courting anyone) we thought we would spread this tradition to EVERYONE!

So if your one of the lucky ones to recieve our snogs (we're only allowed to give out five each) we would love it if you could spread the snogs to other dogsters....LETS HAVE A SNOG FEST!!!!

Happy kissing day everyone and remember to give your mum, dad and siblings a whole load of snogs!!!



May 12th 2008 9:11 pm
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Our guard frog is dead. Flat as a pancake.

Let me back up and explain. When mom first came to look at this house 7 years ago, she loved it. As she was leaving, she noticed a small but deep hole by the front door and looked in it and FREAKED OUT thinking there was a snake in there. Turns out it was a frog. Our guard frog. He hung out by the front door pretty much all summer.

Sometimes he would hang out with me in the back and just lay in my water bowl and keep me company. Okay, maybe it was a different frog, but I like to think it was the same guard frog. Same thing each summer. Out by the front door, out in the back in the water bowl.

Well, one day this week as the painters were leaving, mom noticed our guard frog... FLAT as a PANCAKE on the asphalt in front of our house! Who's gonna help me watch the back door now? Oh the HUMANITY!...

~A bereft Mosey



December 12th 2007 5:24 am
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I've been tagged by ZEKE
Here are the Rules:

Each player must write a short note to Santa Paws and list 5 things on their Christmas list this year, then choose 5 pups to tag, and let them know by pawmail or rosette that they have been tagged and to read your diary for the instructions on how to play. AND... since it's Christmastime give them each 5 bones or other treats.

DEAR SANTA, here are the things on my CHRISTMAS WISH LIST:

i) More belly rubs and mommy time!
ii) a new bed
iii) maybe some boots to keep the mud off my paws!
iv) roast chicken!
v) for all my pals to have a very Merry Christmas

☞ Wuf, Mosey!☜

I have tagged:

1) The Boyzz
2) Sissy
4) Midas
5) Suzy Q Austin



December 5th 2007 10:48 pm
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Mom has been frantic because she waited until the last minute to find a dogsitter and EVERYONE was booked. She found a service where the girl will spend the nite with Willie and me while mom and Abigail go to Tennessee. We interviewed her and the owner of the franchise and they seemed very nice.

I was very excited to see them and jumped up and gave them kisses. Willie Mae and Abigail got into it and Willie Mae accidentally bit mom while she was breaking up the fight, but it didn't break the skin. They still agreed to come back!

We'll have to see how this works out! I don't want mom and Abigail to go, but I am glad we have someone who will be staying with us.



November 21st 2007 11:33 am
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I've been THANKSGIVING tagged by the beautiful Gracie Marie! Here are the rules:

Each player needs to make a diary entry listing da rules & seven Thankful Thoughts! Choose 7 pups to tag & let them know, by pawmail or rosette, that they have been THANKSGIVING tagged and to read your diary for the instructions :)

Seven Things I’m Thankful For this Holiday Season~

1. I'm thankful for my grandpawrents and my friends and family!
2. I'm thankful for the squirrel tree that Willie lets me play with!
3. Im thankful for bones!
4. I'm thankful that I don't have to go to the groomers as much as Abigail!
5. I'm thankful for cool weather!
6. I’m thankful that Abigail doesn't bite hard.
7. I'm thankful for the fun times on Dogster and our STAFU family!

Now I'm off to tag 7 friends.

Happy Thanksgiving!


I've been TAGGED!!!

October 17th 2007 7:42 pm
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I've been tagged by my good buddy Schitzo, and the beauties ♥Molly♥ and Autumn

Here is how you play the game!

Each PUP starts with seven random facts about themselves. Pups who are Tagged need to post in their Diary the Rules and their SEVEN random facts. Then choose 7 pups to tag. Then let them know by pmail or a rosette that they have been Tagged and to read your Diary for instructions on how to play.

7 FUN FACTS about Mosey Wosey

1. My name is Moses by I go by Mosey, but I was originally a Harley. I have no middle name.
2. Some of my fur is actually apricot!
3. I am a rescue from Dallas, Texas.I was told I was a bichon terrier mix but mom thinks I am a Tibetan Terrier!
4. I have the softest fur of all of my sibs. It's like buttah!
5. I love to chase water coming out of the hose.
6. Automatic sprinklers also make me nuts!For some reason ours are set on 2:30 a.m.! Mom, why can't you reset that?
7. I love to hang out outside. I love to chase squirrels!

Now I'm OFF to tag 7 more pals!



August 7th 2007 5:37 pm
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Today Willie Mae and I went to Doggy Daycare while Abigail was at the groomer's and mom was at work. Mom was looking for a substitute dogsitter for us when she goes out of town and has been searching all over Austin for a good kennel or dogsitter.

Well, today she found one! We drove out past the Austin Zoo toward Johnson City (home of the LBJ Wildflower Center) to a place called The Happy Mailman! We had an interview and play date to make sure that we got along with the other dogs in our play group.

It was so much fun! We drove up to a cedar cabin set back almost in the country. The cabin was nice and clean and the grounds were well landscaped. There was a friendly border collie in the lobby. We went to the backyard past a little natural stone fountain with a waterfall past a large cedar gazebo with lots of dog beds to the separated, airconditioned play areas with access to the backyard and lots of toys. The other dogs were all separated and eating breakfast. We had our membership interview with Justin to decide what playgroup would be best for us.

When mom came to pick us up, they had a report card for us. Let me read you a little excerpt from our report:

Human Interaction" a little shy at first by warmed up to us after a little while."
Response to Kennel: "they went right in with no problems."
Single Dog Interaction: They were a bit timid, but polite when meeting a new dog."
Group Play Interaction: Moses and Willie Mae were very friendly in their play group and played a lot.
New Friends Made: "had a blast with Tex, Coco and Daisy."
They said we are sweet loving dogs and are welcome back any time!

Hooray! We had so much fun! We are going back on Thursday!



August 1st 2007 10:41 pm
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My good friend SNICKERS has tagged me for SUMMER TAG! Thanks!

Here are the rules of the game. Make a diary entry, giving 5 pawsome facts about yourself! Choose 5 pals to tag, and list them last! Post the rules of the game. Send your pals a pawmail or rosette telling them they have been tagged to play the game! Write 5 facts and tag 5 friends.

1. I LOVE WATER, BUT I ESPECIALLY LOVE MUD! I was a self-made brindle for a while with the Texas rain.

2. ILike Abigail, I LOVE to go for RIDES. If the garage is open, I will wait by the car, and JUMP IN, if I can!

3. I gained 6 pounds this year! I LOVE to EAT! BOL!

4. I HOWL when I am happy!

5. I love to chase ABIGAIL around the house, but she likes to CHASE me too!

Now'I'm off to tag five friends... . HAVE A HAPPY , FUN, SAFE, SUMMER!



July 18th 2007 5:13 pm
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Here is the newest Dogster tag-being loved! My fun world traveler friend, VERONICA has TAGGED ME... so...

All u have to do after u have been "Love Tagged" is share some love.....
by tagging 3 Friends! That's all! Tell your friends they have been love-tagged and to read your diary! You will submit an entry telling who u are tagging and why!

I am tagging:

1. RAJ because he is so much FUN and devilishly CLEVER!!
2. WINSTON because he is my CUTE and CUDDLY LOCAL BUD!
3. CINNAMON because he is my COOL NEW Dogster friend.

Watch out for the Love bug...........



Crime Doesn't Pay- Watermelon Epilogue

July 8th 2007 11:01 am
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Dear Diary,

Well, the Watermelon Culprit has been apprehended, and it was Sophie Tzu all along! BOL! It was a relief to finally get to the B.O.B. (big 'ole bottom) of all of this!

My sister is no Babe in the Woods either! She went down for the crime as well. Check her page out for the full story!

Check ya!


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