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I Have the Most Interesting Life

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FREE SHIPPING at Flecken's Flea Market!

November 15th 2009 4:47 pm
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The holiday shopping season is here! If you're looking for a gift to give, that also "gives back," may I suggest a warm and cozy fleece blankie or all-cotton quilt from Flecken's Flea Market? If you purchase an item from the Flea Market between now and January 15, 2010, I will donate 100% of the proceeds to our local animal shelter, the SPCA of Central Florida.

PLUS....only for the pups at Dogster (OK....the cats at Catster too), from now until December 15, 2009, I'm offering FREE SHIPPING within the U.S. and 50% off shipping to international destinations! When you place an order, just put the word "Dogster" in the message area...and your blankie or quilt will be sent anywhere in the United States for FREE! International shipping is 50% off! If you are an international Dogster and want to place an order, p-mail me before you order, and I'll let you know how much the shipping will be.

This is a great way to get a get a wonderful gift for someone you love, and help house, feed and provide medical care to the pups and kitties that make the SPCA of Central Florida their temporary home.


My New Favorite "Rag"

August 10th 2009 7:27 am
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Right now, you're reading my diary.

But WHY?? When you COULD be reading THIS diary:

The Gossip Hound

It's way more funny. And coming from someone who takes a little bit of pride in being somewhat funny, that's a pretty big compliment. But even I know when I've been out-funnied.

Better than any supermarket tabloid, "The Gossip Hound" is a must-read for anyone who needs to know the dirty little secrets behind Hollywood's most happening hipsters. Everyone loves a trainwreck...and let's face it...Hollywood is full of them!

Now you can see Hollyweird from a whole new perpective, because there's no better view than the view from the Bridge. Let "Jermajesty" (formerly known as just plain "Daisy") take you on an E-ticket ride to the best of the best of what you need to know, to be "in the know!"


Fooled Ya!

April 2nd 2009 12:20 pm
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Ummmm.....change of plans. April Fool's!

After much deliberation, I realize that I can't possibly be a cat. They're way too independent...and's no secret that I am a big mama's boy. Apparently, it was just another case of "the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence." So, I'm staying on my own side of the fence, even though the grass seems less green. I've never been much of a grass connessuier anyway. Thanks for all the support though! It really makes a dog who thought he was a cat feel loved.

To those of my pals (and siblings) who were looking forward to my transformation for less-than-honorable sincerest apologies for ruining your dinner plans!


Time For A Change...

April 1st 2009 8:12 am
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Today, I am five years old! OMD! How did THAT happen?!

Now that I am all grown up, it is time to make some grown up decisions about my life. And I have been thinking about my life a lot lately. And I think that the occassion of the celebration of my fifth year is a good time to make an announcement about a big, life-changing decision that I have made.

For five years now, I have felt that something was not "right" about the way I was living. I struggled to figure out why I was constantly confused and depressed...wondering what was my purpose in life. Sure, I had a good life...a good home...a reasonably decent human...good friends...and I was part of the most most feared Gang on the block...but I still felt like something was missing. I'd go out in the yard with the rest of the Gang, and bark at the neighbor dogs, bark at passing strangers, bark at cats in the yard next door. And then it hit me. I gazed at those cats, and I knew. There they were, living a life of freedom....going where they want, when they want, foraging for their next meal....answering to no one but themselves...."lone wolves" so to speak. And suddenly, I realized what had been confusing me all these years. I was a cat, living in a dog's body!

That's right. I know it comes as a shock to you. It came as a shock to me at first, too. But, I can no longer deny it. My true destiny is to be a cat.

And so it is with a great sense of personal self-revelation and relief that I announce that for the past few months, I have been undergoing the necessary preliminary treatments leading up to a species-change operation....which is taking place today. When I come back from the clinic, I will still be the same Flecken you know and love....just in a different form. My TRUE form. I thank you all in advance, as I know you will support me in this decision. You are the best dog pals a cat could ask for. Thanks again....and from here on out, I'll be seeing you on Catster!


Shameless Begging By Proxy

March 4th 2009 6:41 am
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My good pal, Lyle (of the Lyle, Spring, Maebe and formerly Little Bit clan) has a boss man who takes pretty good pictures with his camera, and some of his pretty good pictures are in a contest, and Lyle is too shy to ask for some votes for his boss man, so I am trying to help him out by doing some shameless begging for him.

So, if you know Lyle, and like Lyle, or any of his fur family, or even if you like (or kinda like) his bosses, you would be doing a really nice thing if you went to this site and placed a vote for one of the boss man's pretty good pictures:

Oh , and if you are a friend of Lyle (or Spring or Maebe or the bosses) you probably already know who the boss man is...but in case you are not THAT intimately familiar with the Lyle family, what you want to do is vote for a photo of a dog, taken by a guy named "Kloth." That's the name the boss man goes by, so as not to be too overly associated with Lyle. Sometimes a guy just likes to be known for who he really is, and not as the boss of his dog.


Support the WDG!

January 12th 2009 12:54 pm
[ Leave A Comment ]'s that time again....time for me and the Gang to do our annual fundraising for our local animal shelter, the SPCA of Central Florida. We do this every year....and every year we have to bark a big huge Thanks! to our Dogster pals for helping us exceed our fundraising goals. We hope this year will be no different.

So, if you'd like to support four cute little wiener dogs on our quest for Doxie World Domination.....ooops....I mean, on our quest to help the homeless dogs and cats of Central Florida, there are a few things you could do to help out.

1. Make a donation by credit card or check. We have an online fundraising page where you can donate by credit card : 78

or, if you want to donate by check, just make it payable to "SPCA of Central Florida" and send it to the Gang house:

Weiner Dog Gang
7206 Boice St.
Orlando, FL 32809

2. Even if you can't can do us a huge favor just by spreading the word about our fundraiser. The more dogs and people who know about it, the more likely we are to reach our goals. If you have a MySpace, Facebook or other page....let your friends know about this worthy cause. Tell your co-workers. Send e-mails to all the animal lovers in your address book. It's quick, it's easy, it's fun!

So, that's it. We need money...and we need your help to get it. We thank each and every one of you in advance, for whatever help you can give us.



November 4th 2008 12:27 pm
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So today, I casually go to check my p-mail, and what do I find, but a p-mail from fellow Yappy Hour comrade, Ernie George. And what does EG want with me? He wants to engage me in a game of "tag"....that's what! Which, I guess is an OK thing under normal circumstances....but these are no ordinary circumstances.

You see, now I am conflicted. It appears that Ernie George considers me to be a "friend"....or else he wouldn't have tagged me, right? And herein lies the problem with that.....up until I found out the EG thinks I am his friend, I kinda had him labeled as "arch-nemesis".....mostly because he is always kicking my heinie at the Yappy Hour Trivia game! Dog knows I hate to have my heinie kicked....let alone by the same dog every day! Now, don't get me every other way, EG is probably a terrific dog....aside from the fact that he thinks he is the center of universe....he's smart (too smart!), funny, has a great family, and he looks good in plaid. But, I digress. How in good conscience can I consider him an arch-nemesis, when he has extended the paw of friendship?

Which brings me to my second point. What if this isn't really the paw of friendship, but a veiled attempt to lure me into a false sense of security? What if I accept that extended paw, and it turns out that concealed underneath all of that Scotty-dog fur, is a weapon of mass destruction (so THAT"S where they've been hidden all these years!). What if EG is so jealous of my own good looks and suave sophistication, that he considers me a threat, and has extended a faux paw, in an attempt to assassinate the one dog who could conceivably undermine his plan to take over the world?! It could happen, you know!? Ernie George IS kinda delusional in his thinking (not that there's anything wrong with that). Sheesh!

But again....I digress. The whole point of being tagged is to post seven interesting facts about yourself and then tag seven of your own pals. So, I guess I better go ahead and post some interesting stuff, just in case EG really does have it out for me....I don't want to be assassinated before I have a chance to present some of my own propaganda, so here goes:

1. I am the Top Banana in my pack....leader of the Weiner Dog Gang, the Banana Dog Gang, and most recently, the Corndog Gang.

2. I am the world's best secret-keeper. If you ever have something you want to tell someone, but aren't supposed to tell anyone....tell me.

3. I'm a big baby, and a mama's boy (but that's just between you and me....OK?)

4. I've been to Canada....twice!

5. I've met quite a few of my Dogster pals in real life, including my Dogster twin, Allie Gator...and I'm gonna meet a lot more!

6. I refuse to beg for food. I'll take it if you offer it to me...but I'm not gonna ask.

7. I am a very sound sleeper, and have given my mama more than one good scare, from not waking up when she wanted me to. Hellloooo! I'm trying to sleep! I gotta tag seven more pups, and I've decided to tag a few Second Bananas. Make 'em feel important, ya know? Even if they really aren't. They'll think they are....and that's all that really matters....right? I'm not gonna tell you who they's a secret. And as I've already stated, I AM the world's best secret-keeper. So, if you happen to find yourself tagged by me, just allow yourself to feel important or a few minutes, and be grateful for the opportunity. If you don't happen to find yourself tagged by me...don't take it pawsonally. It doesn't mean that you are any less important than the tagged ones. All of you Second Bananas are equally important. About a "6" on a scale from 1 to things COULD be worse!


Has the Whole World Gone Mad???

August 1st 2008 6:47 pm
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So, today....I come onto Dogster, and notice that I have a new pal request! WooHoo! New pal request! I LOVE getting those! So, I open it up, to see who wants to be my friend....and you will never beleive it....but the pal request wasn't for me! It was for my sisters Glinda and Gabby! How can that be?? Clearly, it's gotta be a mistake, right? Who would want to be pals with my sisters....and not be pals with me??!! It's craziness! Lunacy! Beyond the realm of comprehension! Totally unthinkable! Ludicrous!

*whimper* Oh, it's so one wants to be my pal....Why? WHY??

Do I stink?


I Stink....

August 1st 2008 6:39 pm
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Apparently, I stink. All of my pals keep sending me these Febreze collars. And, you know that Febreze is for making things smell good. So, if I my pals think I need a collar to smell good...that can only mean that right now...I smell bad! So far, I have 11 new collars. I'm taking it in stride, though. Smelling fresh and clean does have it's "up" maybe if I wear this collar all the time, mama will smell my clean freshness, and never realize that I need a bath! Humans are so easily fooled!

Each collar lasts a right now, I have almost a year's supply. However, I'm pretty sure that the clean fresh smell will start to wear off before the month is, if I had enough collars so that I could put on a new collar, say......once a week.....that would be pawsome! Of course, now that I'm wearing a clean and fresh collar, my pals won't think that I stink anymore....and they might stop sending me new collars. Hmmmm....I gotta work on a plan that will allow me to retain the appearance of smelling clean and fresh, while at the same time, not discouraging my pals from sending me more free collars.

OK....I saw your ears perk up when I said "free." And I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that the only reason my pals are sending me so many fresh clean collars is because they are free! You think that they don't really think that I stink at all! But you are wrong! You are ALL wrong! My pals are not the sort of pals who would send me things just because they are free! My pals are the sort of pals who are nice enough to let a fella know when he stinks....without coming right out and saying, "Hey, stink!"

The bottom line is, I stink! You know it, my pals know it, and now...I know it! So, thanks pals for all the fresh clean collars! Keep 'em coming....and I may never have to have a bath again! WooHoo!!!


In Memory....Shawn Shreeve...beloved Dogster dad

July 1st 2008 1:18 pm
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Dang! I really never thought I would finally get back to writing my diary with something sad...but I felt compelled to do this, so it must be done.

A few days ago, there was a terrible helicopter crash in Flagstaff, Arizona. Perhaps you heard about it. Six people died. soon as we heard it on the news, we thought, "OMD! We have pals in Flagstaff!" But of course, there must be millions of people and dogs in what are the chances that the ONE family we know would be involved in something so horrible?

And yet, we found out this morning that the unthinkable was really true. Two of our Dogster pals, Ranger and Kito, lost their dad in that accident. He was a rescue-type guy. Just doing his job. Of course, their mom is devastated. I know that "the boys" will take good care of her...snuggles and kisses and an understanding ear. It's just really hard right now. We hardly know what to say, or do.

We really just wanted to make a little WDG memorial for Ranger and Kito's dad. He was a good man, and a good dad. He will be missed.

If you happen to know Ranger and Kito, please stop by their pages, leave a bone, a rosette, or just a kind thought. They could really use some paw power right now.

If you happen to be at the Bridge, please keep an eye out for the new guy. I know Ranger, Kito and their mom will appreciate it.

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