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My Tail of Devotion for Babydog Poop(Loved Angel)

July 21st 2006 7:04 am
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When we arrived home from work one day in 1992 a ball of yellow fluff came running to greet us from the apartment unit next door. We looked at her and said "Your a cutie but you need to go home. Go on now go home" Neither my husband or I dare pet the cute little ball of fluff. We knew we would just fall in love with her and we also knew that the 6 apartments next door to us had a constantly changing resident log. No one seemed to stay for more than 8 or 9 months...we didn't need to get attached to a cutie that would soon be gone and we already had two dogs and two cats controling our household.

Months went by and the little ball of fluff grew. When ever she ran to greet us we would firmly tell her to go home. When she was about 11 months old as we were driving down our street she raced out in front of our car and I darn near hit her! I was irrate as I parked and stormed over to the apartment building to talk to the fluff balls owner. I told her she had to keep her leashed or penned when she was outside or she was going to end up getting hit by a car and I didn't want to be the unfortunate driver of that car! IF she didn't want to keep the dog and take proper care of her she needed to find it a good home. The woman's reply was "well we are trying to move and I can't find a place to rent because of the dog. "

"You mean you don't want the dog anymore?" I asked

"Oh she's a great dog but I can't find a place that will allow me to keep her" was her reply.

"Well if you don't want her I'll take her" said I

"Okay thanks I have a bag of food for her. I'll go get it. Oh by the way her name is Baby" was her reply.

So I called Baby dog and yelled into my door to my husband "Honey could you bring me that dog collar thats in the upper left drawer of the desk please?"

Soon my husband came with the collar kind of shaking his head as he asked me what was going on. He kind of already knew but he wanted to hear it.

"We have a new member of the family" says I "Her name is Baby"

"Oh Hi Baby" he said and went to the shed to get a cable run and leash.

Soon he had the run secured between two trees and we had Baby hooked up and settled in Doghouse, food, water and safely secured from wandering into the street.

"Well sweetie welcome to your new home. Tomorrow we will give you a bath and you can come inside and see your new digs. And meet your new family"

The next day Baby's ex owner brought over a bag of dog food which I just set on the back porch. Luckily becuase the next day I opened the bag to find it was full of cockroaches..Yuck.

Things went well except we would come home from work and Baby would be running loose!!! I couldn't figure it out for about two weeks when on a sunny saturday afternoon as I was washing dishes I heard a small voice storm past my kitchen window "THAT LADY'S got my DOG TIED UP AGAIN!!!!!"

Well I raced outside to see the neighbors 5 year old son releasing Baby from her run. I was standing behind him when he turned around.
I introduced myself and told him his mom had said it was ok for Baby to live with us and for me to take care of her. He promptly told me that Baby doesn't like being tied up. I explained to him that it was only for her safety when she was outside ...I didn't want her to get hit by a car. He told me she wouldn't get hit if she stayed on the grass. I told him that was true but we both knew that she didn't stay on the grass...she liked to get off it and run in the street. I also told him he was welcome to come play with Baby anytime he wanted but he couldn't take her off her leash until she learned to stay on the grass! ALL THE TIME. He said ok...I went back to my dishes and he played with his dog.

The next Monday when we came home the little boy and his mom were gone ...I guess she'd found that new place she wanted to move to. I wouldn't have wanted to be there when that little boy found out that his Babydog wasn't going with him.

Babydog stayed with us and was soon my shadow. She would accompany me everywhere I went. She did a wonderful front paw two step when she was excited or wanting a treat. She was a wonderful foot warmer when the weather was cold ..and she loved having her belly rubbed.

Ahh we had some wonderful times walking the beach and swimming. Baby never was a fetcher but she would accompany you to anything you threw and stand by watchfully as you picked it up.
Often I'd find her curled up on the chair with Ricky Doodles our cat curled up on her back and Lucky Ducky our other cat curled up by her tummy.

We sent her to Rainbow Bridge when she was 14 years old. And I just know that one day when I cross the bridge she will be there to greet me and doing her wonderful front paw two step! We love ya Babydog!

The picture is her and Junior at about 6months old. Junior is our Daddy Cisco and Mommy Penny Poop's son.

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