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Little Orphan Annie Dog! I am loved! WOOF.

Mommy Meets Little John and Big John too!

December 20th 2007 7:12 pm
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Heck Monday Mommy rescued a little pup named Little John...a Yorkie just running down the street..we all barked to alert mom he was there. Anyhow mommy could get the little guy to come to her but she checked at the local store where the coffee club meets and they said that a man named BIG John had called in missing his dog. So mom called him and found out the little Yorkies name was Little John ...she went again in search of him...spotted him and when she called his name he looked at her like "Who da heck are you and how do you know my name?" but mom parked and sat out side the truck calling sweetly and offering a treat ...Finally Little John came over and let mommy put him in da car. She went back to the store and they called Big John who sent his son-in-law down to pick up Little John and mom went home...Well about 20 minutes after she got home BIG John...88 years old was in front of the house blowing his horn till mom came out ...with tears in his eyes he pressed $10 into moms hand for finding his Little John. Mom really really didn't want to take it. But she did and figured she'd send little John some Christmas Treats till a friend of hers yelled at her ...she told mom "don't you dare do that ...that man was so happy to have Little John back he just had to do something for the person that found him. He will be hurt if you return that money...and ya know I think she was right. So she's gonna buy us some treats and send Little and Big John a christmas card thanking them for the wonderful treats.


The Poop Family Name!

August 7th 2007 1:56 pm
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Several have asked about our family name..POOP.
So here is how it came about.

When mom brought Penny home to join our family her full name was
Penelope ..quickly shortened to Penny well actually Lucky Penny and mom would give Penny hugs and belly rubs and call her Penny Poopy Dawg..then she got to where she'd cuddle her and kind of sing Penny Poop Penny Poop Penny Poop PooP Poop. Mom has always had a tendency to call us all poopy dogs so it wasn't long before she was calling us the Poop Family. Even our Vet has us on record as the POOP Family.. so while it may not be real exciting that is it the story to the best of our memory of why we are called the POOP Family ...there ya go the Poop the Whole Poop and Nothing but the POOP!



June 4th 2007 5:47 pm
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Well I went back to the vet for a check up and the right side of my heart has decreased in size dramaticly. Not to normal size but enough to show the pills are working. I also lost 8# !

Anyhow they are gonna keep me on the current dosage for two more weeks then try reducing it a bit. Now HERE IS THE GOOOD PART!

Mommy chops off a small piece of HOT DOG and sticks my pills in it. She does this 2 times a day I gits HOTDOGS two times a day! YAHOOOOOOOO I loves hot dogs! and ya know I eats that little piece so fast I don't even taste dem pills! BOL!


No more Racing for me...bummer.

May 10th 2007 12:19 pm
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Mom had to take me to the vet this morning and xrays showed the right side of my heart is enlarged. this is sometimes caused by has me on monthly treatments but they aren't 100% ...anyhow its the first time mom ever hoped a heart worm test would come out possitive..but alas it didn't ...I've got heart problems.

Vet gave mom two kinds of pills fact they are the same pills Penny takes...Lasix and Encard. Penny gits 1/4 tablet of Lasix and 1/2 tablet of Encard a day...I'm gonna git 3 encard tabs 2x a day and 2 lasix tabs 2x a day...NANNER NANNER....BOL and we are all gonna go on Heart Healthy diet food from the vet.

I'll have to go back and have my heart checked again in two weeks to see how its going.

Worse part is mom would drive me down to the lake parking lot early in the morning ...when no one was there and her and I would RACE ...her in the pick up truck and me runnin' says she don't recommend I do that any more ..bummer ... I been racing that truck since I first came to live with long we gots to just walk!

Oh well I'll get used to it. Just wanted ya all ta know why mommys a little quiet. We are gonna just kick back for a bit and then they are off on thier trip next week..not sure about internet connection while they are gone. Gonna miss em...but they'll be back on the 21st or 22nd...till then my aunt Izzy is gonna take us for walks..but mom said that she'll know I can't race the truck...bummer.


WOW What a day!

May 6th 2007 6:01 pm
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We romped and raced and walked and chased each other round and round. And then had Birfday cake and weinies! HMMMMMMM I wuvs wiennies
Mom cuts em up and gives us little pieces as treats but today I gots a WHOLE ONE for my birfday!

Oh its been a wonderful day!

Yawn stretch ! Nighters!

*rolls on her back and starts snoring*


Well the day isn't starting out so good!!

March 2nd 2007 4:25 pm
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We went to the beach...its only 5 blocks from us...anyhow there was lots and lots of wind and waves and I ran in and out of the water then WONDER OF WONDERS>..I found a dead fish...I rolled and rolled and rolled in it using it to make the most wonderful purfume so this fishy died for something make me smell wonderful and mom laughed and laughed ...little did I know she was laughing because she knew the very second we got home she made me jump in the tub and she washed all that nice perfume off of me......MOMS! sometimes they just don't understand!



My Tail of Devotion for Annie Dog

September 22nd 2006 6:54 am
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We live in a little sister and I went for a ride about town in her golf cart at about 6AM one Saturday morning. As we were passing one of the local resturants we saw a young black dog carring an empty beer can. She looked about 6 or 7 months old. We said "Hi Cutie" as we drove past her. She followed us. On our way back we stopped at the just opening resturant and asked if they knew who's dog she was? They told us she'd been around for about a week ..they'd been trying to find her a home and feeding her scraps.

My sis said ...lets take her home and find her a home YOU have enough room in YOUR yard to put her on a run and she can use Babydogs dog house. I started to protest I already had 3 dogs and didn't need another one. But she was awfully cute and my sister insisted she'd take care of her and find her a home. So we called this little black dog over and she jumped in my lap for her 1st ride in a golf cart.

When we got to the house I reminded my sister that this dog was her responsibility and she needed to find her a home. My sister lived next door to me so taking care of this pup would not be a big chore for her.

Well I refused to call this black dog by name...soon it was I that feed her, watered her, gave her some play time and love'n while we look for a new home for her. I took to calling her Little Orphan Annie....Annie for short.

I also took Annie to my vet for a check up. I had 3 other dogs I had to be concerned about. Had to make sure she was healthy and not in anyway a danger to them. She also had extra dew claws on her. The vet said she was healthy ...gave her her 1st shots and told me that whoever adopted her would have to have those dew claws removed because in the long run they would cause problems. So back to my house Annie went.

I posted a sign in the yard "LOOKING FOR A HOME" and ran an ad in the local paper. My sister also looked for a new home for Annie.

One Saturday afternoon a nice looking van pulled up and out jumped a Mom, Dad and 3 kids ranging in age from 5 to 13. They wanted to meet the dog looking for a home. Annie greeted them and all seemed fairly well till the oldest child turn to mom and said "Hey we could call her DEFORMITY!"(in reference to her extra dewclaws) I waited for the mom to shun that idea but when she more or less said the kids could call her anything they wanted. I just couldn't handle it anymore.

I told them I'd changed my mind I was going to keep the dog and sent them and thier "Lets call her DEFORMITY" kids packing.

I took Annie off the leash and into the house to introduce her to her new home and she has been my wonderful Annie dog ever since! We had her dew claws removed and added her to my account at the vet as a fur family member.

We love our Annie and I'm so glad we spotted her carring that beer can.

She doesn't get to carry beer cans anymore but she loves fetching balls and sticks and running and swiming on the beach! I don't think she misses those old cans at all.

I love ya Annie your my sweetie.

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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Happy Birthday to MEEEEEE!!!

May 6th 2006 5:22 pm
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WOW what a wonderful day!
Chico, Cisco and Penny's pup came to visit and we all romped around the house. Had chew bones and treats Mom even gave me a tiny piece of cake.

Junior and Chico ran around and chomped on my tail so I growled and rolled them round and round. Then layed down and wiggled my tail to tease them into chomping on it again...ROOOOOOOOFFFF it was fun.

Well its off for my walk then to bed early cause Mom's taking me to visit a beach tomorrrow...Love visiting the beach cause I get to splash and romp in the water.

Have a great night
Annie Dog

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