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Blossoming Daisy

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2 years have gone by...

November 3rd 2013 9:23 am
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...and I miss you still.
I love you Daisy.


One year.....

November 3rd 2012 8:35 am
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Spent this morning looking at old pics of Daisy.
What a wonderful friend she was.
I miss you Daisy.
I miss you so very much.


I almost forgot

January 6th 2012 8:11 pm
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Awww would have been your 7th birthday.
I almost didn't remember.
I'm sitting here feeling so badly because I miss you.
The last two days have been medically hard on me.
You remember those awful days. You were the best medicine that didn't come from the doctors.
You were the best.
And I almost missed your birthday.
I love you Daze.
I miss you and love you so much.
I hope you know how much I love you.
I did.
I do.
Happy Birthday Daisy.
I love you.


RIP Daisy - 11/03/2011

November 6th 2011 11:14 am
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On Thursday, 11/3/2011, we helped Daisy leave us. Cancer had eaten away part of her cervical vertebre (neck bone) and entered her spinal canal. She couldn't walk. We were able to say goodbye to her as she lay wagging at us. It was the hardest thing I have ever done. I love you Daisy. You made these past 6 years so much better for me. I hope I did the same for you. I miss you. - Wendy, Daisy's mom.


Drive up vet visit.

October 22nd 2011 6:49 am
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I've been a bit lame lately. Not all the time but intermittently. Mom said it was happening too often and time to go see the vet.

As some of you know, I am NOT a fan of getting in the car and with my legs aching it was no better. Dad backed the car up to the rock wall in our front yard so I would have a level entry into the back of the car but this was new and different and it scared the poop out of me.....literally. UGH! It took a half hour to get me into the car. Abby went too and that helped me feel a bit better.

By the time we got to the vet I had found my strong hold by burrowing into the back of the front seat. I wouldn't move. The smell of poo and anal gland scent filled the air.....I admitted it....I WAS SCARED!!!

Luckily we have the nicest vet. She understands me and is not afraid of me in the least. She came out to the car and climbed in through the back. She did the exam right there. She even put ointment in my eye and clipped all of my nails (my mom has a phobia about nail clipping).

Looks like I have arthritis in my front legs. We are trying Dermaxx (sp?) for a week to see how I do. Mom has to call the vet next week and report on my progress.

You'd think the adventure would be over at this point, right? Nope. When we got home, I was so stressed that I wouldn't get out of the car. Dad thought I needed a ramp to walk down and tried to create things that I had never seen before. Mom thought that only scared me more.

Mom said, "Leave her in the car, let her calm down and as it gets dark outside she may change her mind about wanting to come inside."

Mom was right. It got dark and I got scared. I started to cry from the back of the car. Mom and Dad came back out and pulle my 150 pound body out of the car, making sure I had all 4 legs under me before letting go. Then I walked into the house.


I hope I get better and don't have to go to the vet again.
Mom says that is unlikely but she hopes it goes smoother AND she is very thankful for our very understanding, loving vet.



Happy St. Scratchy mean St Patty's Day!

March 17th 2011 7:40 am
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It's 3/17/2011 and I'm taking antibiotics again. Mom spotted a few scabs on my belly. She did expected to see them this early in the season but there they are on my belly. We still have piles of snow and I'm having a seasonal allergy flare.

My vet, Dr. A., is so good to me. She didn't even make me come into the office since my scab/rash is the same as I get every year. Dr. A and mom have given up hope of me outgrowing it.

So....3 giant antibiotic pills 2X a day. Mom crams each pill into a piece of hotdog. Sometimes I chew the hotdog and a pill pops out. I won't eat it if I know it's there....bluck! It doesn't make mom happy when this happens. She grabs the slimey old pill and quickly crams it into another hotdog piece. So far so good. :)

Mom says I'm an overachiever but only at the bad allergies and anal glands problems. Good thing she loves me anyway. :)



More antibiotics

November 14th 2010 9:13 am
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I finished 4 weeks of antibiotics. I look so much better. No more crusties. My fur is growing back in the bald spots. We've been having unseasonably warm weather so we are opting to do another 2 weeks of antibiotics. Ok with me! Mom figured out that hotbog chunks are a great place to hide my antibiotic pills. She slides a pill in a hotdog chunk and tosses it to me. Works like a charm. :)
My weight was down to 145 at the last appt but it's definitely gone back up. I look SO much better. I'm at least back to 150 if not a bit higher. I cry when I go to the vet so mom isn't likely to take me just for a jump on the scale.
I am getting along well with my cousin, Macaroni (1151172). He is a nice guy.


yikes! I am gross.

October 16th 2010 6:05 am
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Well....I didn't make it through the season. I am so rashy and gross. Mom tried very hard but just couldn't keep the rashies away with just benadryl and bathes. I am now taking antibiotics, ear flush and nose ointment (my nose is SO crusty).
I really don't like the antibiotic. Mom tries to hide it in food but isn't having much luck. I can smell it through anything. I heard her talking about resorting to smelly cat food. I do like wet cat food. YUMMY! Maybe being on antibiotics isn't so bad if I get TREATY FOOD! WOOHOO!!!!!
One thing hasn't mom still loves me and I love her. When she has a seizure I am right by her side. We are buddies.


Almost another year has gone by???

August 18th 2010 9:32 am
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I can't believe that another year (almost) has passed!

My mom got much more ill before she got better.
She ended up having 4 more brain surgeries for a total of 7 in the past year. She better be fine now because I missed her sooooooo very much. I don't let her away from me for long. If she is gone from the room I am in for 5 minutes then I go find her.

Oh...and I almost ate an EMT who came to the house to help her. Well....luckily my mom's friend arrived first to find me standing over mom's body and whining as loud as I could. I didn't want to move. I just wanted to help mom. Luckily ( I guess) mom's friend was smart and herded me away with a baby gate. Then she closed me in another room until the EMTs took mom away. I wasn't happy but it was best for all. I was so glad when mom came back. She better not try a trick like that again!!

I'm all rashy again due to my seasonal allergies. Mom still loves me. :)

Mom is working on getting my cousin here from Alaska. Alaska???? I thought that place was just a legend. I hope mom gets Mac (macaroni) here because we are a great family. Mac will love to be here with us while Kaylee is here.

Hope I can write again before another year goes by.



It's been a year since my last entry.

September 5th 2009 8:39 pm
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I haven't written since last year.

In some ways it has been a rough year. My mom was in the hospital a lot. She had 3 brain surgeries so she was gone a lot. I hated that. I was thrilled whenever she was allowed to come home. I love her so much and she loves me.

This summer I lost my best buddy Jack. He was getting old and sick. He made it until Mom returned from the hospital. He had to leave us 2 days after she came home. It was a sad time for us all.

On a good note I got a new baby sister. Her name is Abby. At first I didn't like her at all. I spent a lot of time curling my lip and growling at her. Mom calls this my "Elvis move". Now I enjoy her and play with her all the time. She rough and tumbly...just my type.

My skin is looking pretty good. Mom continues to avoid frontline and gives me antibacterial baths. I'm currently on an oral antibiotic as well. I look good and mom says I'm soft. Yea me!


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